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Rules For Thee But Not For Me: 23 Examples of Politicians Defying Their Own Covid Restrictions

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De Blasio Goes To The Gym Before New York Gov Cuomo Shuts All Of Them Down 03/16/2020 Daily Caller
De Blasio defends going to the gym amid outbreak: 'I need exercise to be able to stay healthy and make decisions' 03/16/2020 The Hill
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends getting a haircut amid coronavirus outbreak, says stylist wore ‘a mask and gloves’ 04/06/2020 Chicago Tribune
Reporter Asks Illinois Governor About His Wife Allegedly Leaving Town During Stay-At-Home Order 04/30/2020 Daily Caller
Gov. Northam facing criticism for not wearing mask 05/23/2020 NBC Richmond
Virginia Gov. Northam Faces Backlash For Not Wearing Mask on Public Beach 05/24/2020 The Daily Beast
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Joins George Floyd Protesters Despite Stay at Home Order 06/02/2020 Fox News
Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker Joins Protesters on Juneteenth 06/19/2020 Daily Caller
NY Gov. Cuomo Travels to Georgia, Doesn't Quarantine Because He's 'Essential' 07/20/2020 Democrat & Chronicle
Gov. Andrew Cuomo hugged Georgia mayor — and didn't wear a mask. Now he won't self-quarantine. 07/28/2020 The Blaze
'I take responsibility': Nancy Pelosi believes she was 'set up' by San Francisco hair salon 09/03/2020 ABC San Francisco
Pa. mayor who banned indoor dining caught dining inside in Maryland, and chefs are roasting him 09/04/2020 Penn Live
Newsom sends his children back to private school classrooms in California 10/30/2020 Politico
Trump-bashing Sen. Chuck Schumer removes mask to celebrate Biden’s reported win 11/07/2020 Law Enforcement Today
DC Mayor Doubles Down On Attending Biden Celebration, Calls It Essential 11/10/2020 Daily Caller
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends joining crowd celebrating Biden-Harris win as COVID-19 cases surge 11/13/2020 Chicago Tribune
Pelosi Cancels Dinner For New Democrats After Blowback Over Coronavirus Risk 11/13/2020 Daily Caller
California Lawmakers Travel To Conference In Hawaii Despite New Coronavirus Restrictions 11/16/2020 Daily Caller
Feinstein, Who Pushed For Nationwide Mask Mandate, Seen Maskless In Public 11/17/2020 Daily Caller
Gavin Newsom apologises for breaking lockdown to go to a dinner party as California put under new rules 11/17/2020 Independent
Brooklyn Dems spotted at crowded birthday bash amid coronavirus surge 11/20/2020 FOX News
After warnings to avoid travel, Denver Mayor Hancock flies to visit family for Thanksgiving 11/25/2020 NBC Denver
Illinois mayor’s niece admonishes him for attending wedding without mask 11/25/2020 NY Post
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