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50 Pieces of Evidence Directly Implicating Joe Biden in Corruption Scandals

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Summary Date Source
Hunter's money guy says he was taking Joe Biden's tax refund & giving it to Hunter because "he owes it to you" 04/09/2010 Fox News
Joe Biden wrote Hunter's business partner a personal note expressing excitement for their partnership 01/20/2011 Twitter
Joe Biden dined at D.C. Cafe Milano with Hunter's Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani business partners 04/01/2015 NY Post
Obama Admin officials caught unawares after Biden demanded the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma 10/01/2015 Just the News
The Bidens received more than $1 million from corrupt Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu while VP Biden was campaigning against corruption in Romania; Hunter contacted FBI Director Louis Freeh to try helping 11/01/2015 NY Post
When Sarah & Jim Biden faced a large debt, a Biden donor gave them $900,000; then VP Biden thereafter awared the donor a lucrative contract in Ukraine 12/16/2015 RealClearInvestigations
VP Biden's office generated 3,735 emails with his brother's business, which is accused of laundering Biden's bribes 10/31/2016 RealClearInvestigations
Bidens' money guy had Hunter refill his bank account so Joe's AT&T bill could be paid 12/09/2016 Fox News
Biden wrote college recommendation letters for two of Hunter's Chinese business partner's children 01/03/2017 Fox News
Biden, aka 'The Big Guy,' received a 10 percent cut in a venture with CCP-linked CEFC China Energy, earning $6 million 03/01/2017 House Oversight Committee
Hunter threatened his Chinese business partner via WhatsApp, saying he was sitting next to his dad; photos from his laptop confirm he was indeed at his dad's Wilmington home that day 07/30/2017 NY Post
Hunter transferred $40K to his father, through his uncle's bank account, exactly 10% of the $400k he'd made from the Chinese CEFC venture (texts had referenced "10 percent for the Big Guy") 08/14/2017 RealClearInvestigations
President's brother told FBI family tried to help Chinese firm buy US energy assets 08/31/2017 FBI
Sara Biden sent Joe Biden $200K on the same day she and Jim Biden received $600K from Americore on the promise Joe Biden would help the company 03/01/2018 RealClearInvestigations
Hunter text says he's been paying his dad's bills for 11 years 04/12/2018 Fox News
Hunter Biden text says he only kept 15 percent of his paychecks 05/10/2018 Twitter
Emails show Hunter & Joe Biden shared a bank account 05/15/2018 The Daily Mail
When Hunter accidentally paid a prostitute w/ money from his dad's account, the Secret Service arrived at his hotel to remedy 05/19/2018 NY Post
A Hunter Biden text to his daughter complained his dad took half his salary 01/03/2019 Fox News
Member of the CCP wired Hunter Biden $260K after Joe announced run for presidency; beneficiary addressed listed was Joe Biden's Del. residence 07/26/2019 Oversight Committee
The FBI informant has additionally confirmed 'The Big Guy' refers to Joe Biden 06/01/2020 House Oversight Committee
Hunter Biden used 411 government flights while his dad was VP, seemingly all overlapping with business 06/29/2020 Judicial Watch
Del. assistant U.S. attorney Lesley Wolf prevented agents from investigating Joe Biden as part of FARA probe 08/07/2020 Overight Committee
Hunter's former business partner verified that "the Big Guy" absolutely refers to Joe Biden 12/22/2020 The Washington Examiner
Biden received $1 million from UPenn despite not having to do work; the same university, home of the Biden Center, received $54 million in gifts from China 02/19/2021 NY Post
After Biden left the vice presidency, Hunter's Burisma salary was cut in half 05/26/2021 NY Post
Hunter's Chinese investment fund, BHR, helped China acquire cobalt mines that Pres. Biden is making increasingly profitable through the Inflation Reduction Act 11/20/2021 NY Post
Biden routed more than $10 million in income through s-corps, but refuses to release those entities' tax returns 04/06/2022 The Federalist
10 days after Hunter threatened his Chinese business partner, the Bidens received two payments from China totaling $5.2 million; Joe Biden would later have a $5.2 million discrepancy between his govt transparency reports & federal tax return 04/22/2022 The Daily Mail
Joe Biden personally met with Hunter's finance guy more than 2 dozen times as VP 04/30/2022 NY Post
Banks filed more than 150 Suspicious Activity Reports related to the Bidens' money laundering schemes 11/17/2022 Newsweek
A Russian oligarch, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who had business dealings with the Bidens, has escaped sanctions under the Biden Admin 03/13/2023 NY Post
Foreign funds were routed through shell companies to nine different Biden family members, including grandchildren 05/10/2023 NY Post
An FBI informant says there are two tape recordings of Biden and a Ukrainian businessman discussing bribes 06/13/2023 NY Post
Hunter text says his dad was sitting nearby as he was demanding payment on a Chinese bribe 06/22/2023 NY Post
Joe Biden repeatedly lied while denying for years he never discussed business with his son 06/23/2023 Breitbart
An IRS whistleblower said he was prevented from investigating crimes leading toward Joe Biden 07/01/2023 USA Today
FBI memo from their confidential human source at Burisma reports Joe Biden orchestrated a bribe in exchange for his own legal help 07/20/2023 Sen. Chuck Grassley
Joe Biden attended more than two dozen meetings with Hunter's business partners, per Devon Archer 07/23/2023 NY Post
Joe Biden interacted with Hunter's clients more than 200 times 07/25/2023 The Federalist
Hunter business partner: "Categorically false" Biden had "no role" in Hunter's business dealings 08/04/2023 Tucker on Twitter
Text messages given to FBI: Chinese wanted Biden family name to help acquire U.S. energy assets 08/04/2023 Just the News
Bank records show the Bidens received more than $20 million from Russian, Kazach oligarchs; VP Biden met contacts 08/09/2023 Fox News
A Russian oligarch who sent the Bidens $3.5 million, Yelena Baturina, has avoided sanctions under Pres. Biden's sanctions regime 08/12/2023 NY Post
Joe Biden had two fake government email identities during Obama Admin, which he used to coordinate Hunter's business dealings 08/17/2023 NY Post
The National Archives has 5,400 Biden emails in which he uses fake names to dish govt info to Hunter, others 08/28/2023 NY Post
Biden refuses to produce his bank records during the time he was reportedly receiving bribes 08/31/2023 NY Post
Hunter Biden prosecutor ignored evidence for months 09/27/2023 NY Post
Biden’s brother Frank reportedly called him ‘the big guy’ when he called 09/29/2023 NY Post
FBI received 'criminal information' from over 40 confidential sources on Joe Biden, Hunter, James: Grassley 10/25/2023 Fox News
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