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90 Terrible Things Global Warming Will Apparently Cause

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Summary Date Source
'Making mountaineering riskier' 11/01/2019 BBC
'Thermostat gender bias' 01/14/2019 Forbes
25 percent of bridges to collapse 10/23/2019 New Scientist
Acne 07/03/2009 Indian Journal of Dermatology
AIDS 01/10/2017 The Conversation
Airplane Turbulence 12/19/2022 CBS News
Airplane turbulence 03/11/2019 Forbes
All aspects of life in Asia worsening 03/18/2014 The Third Pole
Allergies 06/10/2013 Newsweek
An end to walking in the woods 03/11/2019 CNN
Asthma 07/02/2013 Medscape
British Apples to Die Out 02/11/2023 The Guardian
Bumpier airplane rides 04/08/2013 HuffPost
Cannibalism 04/01/2008 PBS
Child sex trafficking 04/05/2019 Associated Press
Chocolate shortages 02/14/2012 Los Angeles Times
Coffee that tastes bad 06/21/2017 CNN
Death of 100 million people by 2030 09/25/2012 Reuters
Death of farm animals 04/11/2013 U.S. News & World Report
Death of thousands of Brits -- by 2018 02/12/2008 The Guardian
Different colored oceans 02/04/2019 CNN
Disrupting ratio of male-to-female babies 01/23/2019 CNN
Dogs to be 'bridge food' for unemployed masses 05/01/2014 The Guardian
Earth looking like Venus 07/05/2017 BBC
Elder death 07/23/2012 Climate Central
End of snow in Tahoe 01/26/2021 SF Gate
End of the Jersey Shore by 2030 03/15/2012 CBS News
Extinction of 1,000,000 species 05/06/2019 The New York Times
Extinction of humanity 08/11/2008 The Guardian
Fewer circumcisions in Africa 11/03/2007 The Age
Fewer wolverines 02/01/2013 The Guardian
Flesh-eating bacteria 07/30/2014 CBS News
Food tasting bad 03/20/2015 Vice
Football sized horses 11/06/2013 Yahoo!
Genocide in Darfur 04/01/2007 The Atlantic
Global catastrophe -- by 2020 03/26/2012 Reuters
Global conflicts 10/20/2018 The Guardian
Heart Health 09/25/2021 USA Today
Heat-related illnesses 01/30/2020 CNN
Hurricanes 10/23/2001 Salon
Internet going offline 07/16/2018 University of Oregon
Large accumulations of 'rock snot' 05/10/2014 Charleston Gazette-Mail
Less productive workdays 04/23/2014 The Tico Times
Less sex 11/02/2015 Bloomberg
Locust invasion 01/24/2020 Associated Press
Make us look different 09/07/2018 NBC News
Mental health issues 10/09/2018 The Daily Mail
Migraines, Stokes, and Dementia 11/16/2022 Daily Mail, UK
Miscarriages in Bangladesh 11/26/2018 BBC
More kidney stones 07/10/2014 Science Daily
More man-eating tigers 05/17/2019 Newsweek
More murder in Chicago 01/30/2013 The Daily Caller
More prostitution 04/29/2013 The Hill
More rats 05/22/2019 Axios
More shark attacks 10/19/2020 CNN
New diseases 01/30/2020 CNN
No more air travel 06/20/2017 The New York Times
No more almonds 06/25/2019 Vox
No more avocados 06/25/2019 Vox
No more beer 10/15/2018 The Hill
No more berries 06/25/2019 Vox
No more coffee 06/25/2019 Vox
No more ice cream 07/25/2022 CBS News
No more ice hockey 07/25/2014 Bleacher Report
No more ice in the arctic -- by 2013 12/12/2017 BBC
No more ice in the arctic -- by 2018 06/23/2008 USA Today
No more Joshua trees 08/31/2019 CBS News
No more rain 07/01/1988 Portsmouth Daily Times
No more redheads 08/21/2014 The Daily Record
No more wine 06/25/2019 Vox
Old people getting sick 12/03/2013 Medscape
Organs in your body not working 07/25/2017 Climate Depot
Police shootings like in Ferguson 09/17/2014 National Review
Return of bus-sized snakes 11/06/2013 Yahoo! News
Rise, expansion of Boko Haram 05/09/2014 The Guardian
Rising Childhood Obesity Rates 08/14/2022 Fox News
Russia to control world's food supply 03/12/2014 Los Angeles Times
Shrinking Penises 03/24/2021 Sky News
Shrinking salamanders 03/25/2014 Watts Up With That?
Ski seasons 03/02/2024 The Guardian
Smaller reindeer 12/11/2016 AFP
Stonehenge being topped by moles 05/27/2016 The Daily Mail
Suicide 07/31/2017 The Guardian
Superbugs 05/23/2014 Medscape
Too Many Home Runs 04/12/2023 The Honest Broker by Roger Pielke Jr.
Too many homeruns 04/30/2012 Scientific American
Too much Antarctic ice 10/10/2012 Associated Press
UK weather too wet, dry, hot, & cold 03/25/2014 The Guardian
Vaccine spoilage 06/24/2014 Reuters
Webbed feet in humans 01/13/2016 The Daily Mail
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