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Terrible Things Global Warming Will Apparently Cause

Contributors: 2
Items: 12
Summary Date Source
Suicide 07/31/2017 The Guardian
The Internet going offline 07/16/2018 University of Oregon
Make us look different 09/07/2018 NBC News
Mental health issues 10/09/2018 The Daily Mail
No more beer 10/15/2018 The Hill
Global conflicts 10/20/2018 The Guardian
Miscarriages in Bangladesh 11/26/2018 BBC
'Thermostat gender bias' 01/14/2019 Forbes
The ratio of male-to-female babies 01/23/2019 CNN
Different colored oceans 02/04/2019 CNN
An end to walking in the woods 03/11/2019 CNN
Child sex trafficking 04/05/2019 Associated Press
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