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Hate Crime Hoaxes

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An Alaska-based Muslim destroyed his own print shop, defacing the equipment with anti-Muslim graffiti 09/21/2001 Michelle Malkin
An ASU student Ahmad Saad Nasim claimed he was assaulted, with the perps shouting "Die Muslim, Die!" but confessed to making it up. 10/01/2001 Michelle Malkin
A Nashville Iraqi-American torched his own Chevy truck, blaming a hate crime (it was actually insurance fraud) 05/30/2003 Michelle Malkin
A Muslim Utah hotel owned burned down his own lodge, falsely blaming local white supremacists 07/01/2003 Michelle Malkin
A Texas-based Muslim set his own meat market on fire and spray painted "Go Home" on his door; he was later charged with arson 09/30/2004 The New York Times
A Cleveland-based Muslim hired an arsonist to burn down his meat store; he blamed bigots but was convicted of insurance fraud 02/06/2005 Daniel Pipes
A Muslim father-son due blamed anti-Islam bigotry for being put on a terror watch list (but the story was concocted) 03/23/2005 The Oregonian
A Calif. high school student "faked a series of gay bashing incidents" against herself 05/09/2005 The Los Angeles Times
A Muslim Ohio-based dad-son duo set their own restaurant on fire, blaming anti-Islam bigots (they were later charged with arson) 08/31/2006 Patrick Poole
Ada, Okla. woman confesses anti-LGBT hate crime was faked 03/02/2007 Ada News
A GWU student journalist faked an anti-Semitic hate crime against herself 11/05/2007 MyFoxDC
John McCain staffer Ashley Todd claimed she was beat up by an Obama supporter, but later admitted making it up 10/25/2008 Huffington Post
A Democratic activist, trying to create a Tea Party-driven hate crime, smashed the windows at the Colo. Democratic Party headquarters 12/22/2009 Michelle Malkin
A British Muslim faked his own abduction, blaming racists 06/11/2010 The Daily Mail
A Ga.-based Muslim set fire to his own mosque in an attempt to create a fake hate crime 07/08/2010 Associated Press
Two British Muslims claimed bigotry explained being denied entry on a bus, but CCTV footage revealed they were berating the driver 07/28/2010 Daniel Pipes
An Australian Muslim pulled over for irregular license plates blamed bigotry; police footage showed the cop behaved professionally 11/18/2010 The Daily Telegraph
A black South Carolina woman wrote "KKK" on the hood of her car and set herself on fire, blaming it on others 10/23/2012 The Monroe Morning Star
Austrian-Albanians torched their own pizzeria, but tried pinning the blame on racists 02/02/2013 Kurier
An Asian American Oberlin student defaced a memorial arch with anti-Asian graffiti ("Death to Ch*nks") 03/06/2013 Michelle Malkin
A liberal blogger at the University of Wyoming threatened herself with rape, framed conservatives 05/01/2013 Campus Reform
An Iraqi immigrant in San Diego killed his wife, putting an anti-Muslim note next to her body; he was charged with first degree murder 07/25/2013 The San Diego Reader
'Progressive pranksters' organized a series of fake hate crimes at Oberlin College including anti-gay graffiti and swastikas 08/23/2013 Michelle Malkin
An imam in the south of France defaced his own mosque with anti-Muslim graffiti 11/14/2013 La Rep des Pyrenees
A New Jersey waitress wrote an anti-gay note in lieu of a tip on a receipt, blaming hateful customers 11/27/2013 The Blaze
Report: Man Who Claimed Anti-Gay Beat Down Arrested for Filing False Police Report 12/27/2013 The Daily Caller
Two Muslim bloggers filmed themselves ostensibly being harassed by the NYPD in a video that went viral; however, it was staged 10/21/2014 The Smoking Gun
A Fresno, Calif.-based Muslim torched his own mosque, blaming bigots; he was later arrested for arson 12/27/2014 PJ Media
Gay rights activist's faked his own kidnapping, leading to arrest 03/03/2015 WLWT NBC 5
Man Who Claimed Ant-Gay Attackers Carved 'Die Fag' into His Arm Made up Story 07/01/2015 The Daily Caller
A gay man who claimed to have been the victim of a hate crime at a Univ. of N. Dakota fraternity party fabricated his entire stor 10/13/2015 The Daily Caller
A black Saginaw Valley State Univ. student made a threat to "shoot every black person I can" 11/18/2015 The Washington Times
A Houston Muslim set fire to his own mosque, prompting a hate-crime investigation 12/30/2015 The Houston Chronicle
New York Students Fabricated Hate Crime, Police Say 02/27/2016 Time
Lesbian Professor Cold-Cocked Her Own Face then Swore Random Guy Beat Her up at Tobey Keith Concert 03/11/2016 The Daily Caller
A Palestinian reported a Jewish terrorists attacked his family, defacing their house with anti-Arab graffiti; he fabricated the entire incident 03/29/2016 Arutz Sheva
An Austin man purchased a cake from Whole Foods and falsely claimed it contained a homophobic slur 08/13/2016 The American Statesman
A 58-year-old black New Jersey man painted anti-black, pro-Trump graffiti in his neighborhood after Election Day 12/01/2016 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Arab student at University of Michigan falsely claims someone threatened to set her on fire 12/21/2016 Michigan Radio
Miss. black church fire was called a hate crime. Now parishioner has been arrested for it. 12/22/2016 The Washington Post
College ‘Diversity Council’ Admits to Posting Fake Racist Flyers On Campus 03/23/2017 National Review
Jackson LGBTQ rights activist charged with arson 08/01/2017 Fox News
A Des Moines Muslim started a fire at a mosque, sparking a fake hate crime 09/13/2017 Michelle Malkin
A Houston Muslim set fire to his own mosque, sparking a hate-crime investigation 09/13/2017 Michelle Malkin
A New York Muslim who killed his wife falsely blamed "a group of bigots who called the family 'terrorists'" 09/13/2017 Michelle Malkin
An Ontario Muslim faked an assault against himself, claiming his assailant shouted anti-Muslim epithets 09/13/2017 Michelle Malkin
A Muslim Indiana State University professor for "fabricating anti-Muslim threats and an assault" 09/13/2017 Michelle Malkin
A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says 11/08/2017 The Washington Post
Racist, anti-black graffiti at Easter Michigan University turns turned out to be painted by a black man 04/23/2018 Detroit News
Waiter faked story that customer wrote ‘We don’t tip terrorist’ on receipt 07/23/2018 The Washington Post
A Muslim waiter in wrote "we don't tip terrorist" and blamed a patron, who was banned 07/24/2018 BBC
Michigan children who claimed white man urinated on black girl and called her names made up story 08/24/2018 AL.com
A black college lacrosse player spray painted the N word and death threats -- against himself 12/01/2018 The Daily Mail
Shoelace mistaken for noose causes racial uproar at Michigan State University 10/06/2019 Fox News
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