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44 Democratic Sex Scandals

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Items: 44
Summary Date Source Political Occupation Accusation(s)
Brock Adams 03/02/1992 The New York Times Former congressman Sexual harassment, abuse, rape
Bill Clinton 01/01/1993 Wikipedia Rape, sexual misconduct Former president
Mel Reynolds 08/01/1994 Wikipedia Former congressman Raped a 16-year-old girl
Paul E. Patton 09/21/2002 The New York Times Former governor After his mistress broke off an affair, Kentucky filed numerous violations against her business
Neil Goldschmidt 05/01/2004 Wikipedia Former governor Sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl
Al Gore 10/01/2006 The Orange County Register Former vice president Sexual assault
Keith Ellison 10/11/2006 Alpha News Congressman Sexual assault
Eliot Spitzer 03/10/2008 CNN Former governor Patronizing prostitutes
John Edwards 08/09/2008 The New York Times Vice presidential candidate Encouraging his mistress to abort their love child
Anthony Weiner 06/16/2011 Wikipedia Former congressman, mayoral candidate Sexting underage girls
David Wu 07/22/2011 Oregon Live Former congressman Sexual harassment
Mayor sexually assaulted 3 women and pled guilty 12/09/2013 CBS News Sexual Assualt Sexual Assualt
Robert Menendez 08/25/2015 The New York Daily News Senator Sex with underage prostitute(s)
Damien Jones 10/01/2015 BuzzFeed Congressional Black Caucus intern coordinator Rape
Harvey Weinstein 10/05/2017 The New York Times Democratic mega donor, activist Rape, sexual assault, harassment
Lockhart Steele 10/20/2017 Variety Democratic writer, donor Sexual harassment, misconduct
Leon Wieseltier 10/24/2017 The New York Times Progressive writer Sexual harassment
Rick Najera 10/26/2017 Variety Democratic donor Sexual harassment
Andy Dick 10/31/2017 The Hollywood Reporter Democratic donor Groping, sexual harassment
Knight Landesman 10/31/2017 The Guardian Democratic donor Groping, sexual harassment
Brett Ratner 11/01/2017 Los Angeles Times Democratic donor Rape, sexual assault, harassment
Hamilton Fish 11/03/2017 The New York Times Progressive publisher Sexual harassment
Louis C.K. 11/09/2017 The New York Times Activist Sexual misconduct
Steve Jurvetson 11/13/2017 Recode Democratic donor Sexual misconduct
John Conyers 11/20/2017 BuzzFeed Former congressman Fired staffer after she wouldn't sleep with him
Bob Filner 11/20/2017 The Denver Post Former mayor Groping, sexual harassment
Raul Bocanegra 11/20/2017 The Los Angeles Times State representative Sexual harassment
Andrew Kreisberg 11/29/2017 Deadline Democratic donor Sexual harassment
Eric Massa 11/30/2017 ABC News Former state representative (N.Y.) Sexual misconduct
Al Franken 12/07/2017 The Guardian Former senator Sexual misconduct, groping
Harold Ford Jr. 12/07/2017 The Huffington Post Former congressman Sexual harassment
John Besh 12/29/2017 Eater New Orleans Sexual harassment Democratic donor
Kevin Spacey 04/11/2018 CNN Democratic donor Sexual assault
Gil Cisneros 05/03/2018 NTK Network Calif. congressional candidate Sexual misconduct
Clay Johnson 05/04/2018 The Huffington Post Progressive activist/tech leader Rape
Eric Schneiderman 05/07/2018 The New Yorker New York attorney general Physically assaulting, harassing women
Archie Parnell 05/22/2018 The Post and Courier Democratic congressional candidate Domestic abuse
Sal James Rivera 10/09/2018 The Washington Free Beacon Donor Groping, sexual harassment
Sherrod Brown 10/19/2018 Cincinnati.com U.S. Senator Sexual assault
Daylin Leach 01/24/2019 Penn Live State senator Sexual assault
Katie Hill 10/24/2019 Daily Mail Calif. Congresswoman Sexual relations with staffers
Joe Morrissey 11/06/2019 WJLA State Senator Sexual Misconduct
Andrew Gillum 03/14/2020 NY Post Fla. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sex with male escort
Cal Cunningham 10/09/2020 Politico N.C. Democratic Senate Candidate Sexual misconduct
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