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The FBI: Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments

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Summary Date Source
The FBI spied on the Barry Goldwater campaign at Pres. Johnson's direction 01/01/1964 The Wall Street Journal
FBI Special Agent Convicted for Dealings with Criminals Agency Investigating 06/18/2012 Newsweek
FBI forced the Pulse club killer's wife into a confession, but the case was dropped over the FBI forcing her to lie 04/03/2018 The American Conservative
The FBI was caught overhyping the threat of encrypted phones 05/23/2018 Axios
The FBI's mismanaged surveillance of the New Mexico terror compound case resulted in a delayed raid 09/14/2018 The Federalist
An FBI agent was sentenced to 4 years in jail for leaking documents 10/18/2018 KSTP
Nashville bomber's girlfriend alerted FBI he was building bombs 12/30/2020 WSMV
The FBI refuses to abide guidelines for recording interviews with witnesses 03/13/2021 The American Conservative
FBI personnel conducted queries of data troves containing Americans’ emails & other communications without proper justification in 2019 & 2020, the FISA court ruled 04/27/2021 The Washington Post
FBI demands USA today hand over data on its readers 06/03/2021 Politico
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