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Things Democrats Have Said Trump Could Be Impeached For

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Summary Date Source Accuser
For banning transgenders from serving in the military 10/11/2017 Grabien Al Green
For "disrespecting and disparaging women" 10/11/2017 CSPAN AL Green
For saying NFL athletes should stand for the national anthem 10/19/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For being "friends" with Putin 10/24/2017 CNN Maxine Waters
For being "a clear and present danger" to Americans 10/25/2017 MSNBC Tom Steyer
For "putting the health and safety of Americans at risk" 10/28/2017 MSNBC Tom Steyer
For being an "inciter" of "ethnocentrism" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For promoting "xenophobia" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For inciting "bigotry" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For being an "inciter" of "hatred" 11/08/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For "undermining the federal judiciary" 11/15/2017 Grabien Steve Cohen
For mocking a disabled journalist 11/16/2017 Bloomberg Maxine Waters
For the "Access Hollywood" tape 11/16/2017 Bloomberg Maxine Waters
For "threatening the media" 11/18/2017 MSNBC John Yarmuth
For "taking money from foreign governments" 11/26/2017 CNN Tom Steyer
For "dereliction of duty" 12/03/2017 MSNBC Ted Lieu
For being incompetent 12/04/2017 MSNBC Ezra Klein
For bringing "dishonor" upon the United States 12/06/2017 CSPAN Al Green
For being "psychologically deranged" 12/16/2017 MSNBC Richard Painter
For being "racist, sexist, and Islamaphobic" 12/30/2017 MSNBC Anushay Hossain
For not believing in the Constitution 12/30/2017 MSNBC Karine Jean-Pierre
For being "unfit" for office 01/08/2018 MSNBC Tom Steyer
For saying some countries are "shitholes" 01/14/2018 MSNBC Al Green
For his aides talking to Russians 01/26/2018 CNN Cory Booker
For urging Sessions to investigate Hillary 02/28/2018 MSNBC Chris Hayes
For not being respectful 03/04/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
For being "the most dangerous president in American history" 03/05/2018 MSNBC Tom Perez
For name calling 03/12/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
A.G. Sessions firing Andrew McCabe 03/16/2018 MSNBC Danny Cevallos
For violating the "emoluments clause" 03/20/2018 MSNBC Tom Steyer
If he were to fire Robert Mueller 03/23/2018 CNN Ted Lieu
For being "unwilling to make it clear" Russians can't hack America's "critical infrastructure" 03/26/2018 MSNBC John Garamendi
For being "unworthy" and "despicable" 03/27/2018 MSNBC Maxine Waters
Because the Virginia governor wore blackface 02/08/2019 CSPAN Al Green
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