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Tom Elliott Press Clips

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Media Acknowledged Ukrainian Election Meddling Until It Hurt Their Impeachment Efforts 11/21/2019 The Federalist
Robert De Niro and Stephen Colbert Agree: Trump Is a Mob Boss 11/26/2019 PJ Media
Julian Castro and MSNBC Agree: Media Held Kamala Harris to a Different Standard 12/04/2019 Legal Insurrection
CNN takes a beating after it’s called out by ‘Daily Show’ for cutting ‘to the wrong black guy’ 12/06/2019 BizPac Review
CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage, Has It Removed From YouTube (But We Have It) 12/07/2019 RedState
Damning montage of ‘smug’ journos defending debunked dossier renews call for media accountability 12/14/2019 BizPac Review
Joe Biden Says He’ll End Standardized Testing In Public Schools After Questioner Calls Them ‘Rooted In A History Of Racism’ 12/14/2019 The Daily Caller
WATCH: Biden Commits To Ending ‘Racist’ Standardized Testing, Calls Out ‘Lousy’ Teachers 12/16/2019 The Daily Wire
SAY WHAT? Warren Says Congress Must Eliminate the Filibuster to Stop Climate Change 12/16/2019 Hannity
Eric Swalwell, An Attorney, Claims: Innocent Men Are ‘Forthcoming And Cooperative’ 12/18/2019 The Daily Wire
‘IT’S YOUR FUNERAL’: New York Post Shreds ‘Swamp Mistress’ Pelosi In Brutal Cover 12/19/2019 The Daily Wire
Investigation: Cadets weren’t making white supremacist hand gestures during the Army/Navy game, they were … playing the circle game 12/20/2019 Hot Air
Warns MSNBC if Trump Is Exonerated “He’s Going to Bring Putin into the White House for a Meeting” 12/21/2019 The Union Journal
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Says U.S. Not an ‘Advanced Society’ at Bernie Rally: ‘It Is Fascism’ 12/23/2019 Mediaite
Texas Pastor Thanks God His Congregants Had The Right To Defend Themselves 12/29/2019 The Daily Caller
Multiple armed church members stop Texas shooter in seconds; citizens thankful for chance to protect selves 12/30/2019 BizPac Review
Texas AG drops truth bomb on gun laws and ‘heroes’ during CNN segment following church shooting 12/30/2019 BizPac Review
TX Pastor Thanks Government for Allowing Armed Parishioners 12/30/2019 Breitbart
WATCH: Joe Biden Accidentally Makes Argument To Potentially Jail Own Son 12/30/2019 The Daily Wire
Texas Pastor Demolishes Joe Biden’s Desire To Disarm Churchgoers; Top Official: Hero Saved Hundreds 12/30/2019 The Daily Wire
Biden Channels AOC: ‘We’re All Dead’ If We Don’t Jail Fossil Fuel Execs 01/01/2020 The Union Journal
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Trump Is ‘An Assassin’ For Ordering Lawful Military Strike On Soleimani 01/06/2020 The Daily Wire
Elizabeth Warren shuts down Meghan McCain in heated discussion on 'The View' 01/07/2020 Yahoo!
Meghan McCain Presses Elizabeth Warren to Acknowledge Qasem Soleimani is a Terrorist: 'Of Course He Is' 01/07/2020 Newsweek
WATCH: Ilhan Omar Laughs While Colleague Talks About U.S. Casualties In Iraq 01/08/2020 The Daily Wire
For Republicans, the Vilification of Enemies Is All That Matters 01/08/2020 Washington Monthly
Child Porn Linked to Leftist Economist’s Personal IP Address 01/08/2020 Big League Politics
Ilhan Omar Says Trump Admin Triggering Her ‘PTSD,’ Internet Explodes 01/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Matthews: Soleimani’s death was just like Elvis’ and Princess Diana’s for Iranians, or something 01/09/2020 Hot Air
New Book Details How Biden Family Took ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’—Makes Claim that Hunter Biden Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ 01/10/2020 The Union Journal
California Dem: Aircraft Down Over Iran “Collateral Damage” of Trump 01/10/2020 The Union Journal
Iran Admits It Shot Down Passenger Plane Killing 176 People 01/10/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Dark psychic forces win again’: Marianne Williamson campaign comes to an end, and makes for Twitter gold 01/10/2020 BizPac Review
WATCH: Iranian Protesters Refuse To Walk On U.S., Israel Flags; Attack Soleimani Posters 01/12/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Absolutely Correct’: Obama’s National Security Adviser Praises Trump For Killing Soleimani 01/14/2020 The Daily Wire
‘MEDIA MALPRACTICE’: CNN Blasted For Question Siding With Warren Over Bernie 01/14/2020 The Daily Wire
#NeverWarren Trending After Debate Meltdown With Bernie, Biased CNN Question 01/15/2020 The Daily Wire
NADLER EXPLODES: Rep. Nadler Says McConnell Perpetrating an ‘Unconstitutional and Disgusting Cover-Up’ 01/15/2020 Hannity
CNN Releases Audio Of Post Debate Confrontation Between Warren, Sanders 01/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Ocasio-Cortez Calls The Democratic Party ‘Center-Conservative’ 01/20/2020 The Federalist
AOC blames racism for lack of 'police in riot gear' at Virginia gun-rights rally 01/20/2020 The Washington Times
AOC GASLIGHTS: Democrats Are ‘Conservative’; Virginia Gun Protesters Had ‘Confederate Flags’ 01/21/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary Attacks Bernie: ‘No One Likes Him’ Or ‘His Prominent Supporters,’ Has ‘Culture’ Problem 01/21/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: Business Owners Are Just Slave Owners, Employees Literally Dying Because of Their Greed 01/22/2020 The Union Journal
Trump Gives Greta Powerful Life Lesson 01/22/2020 American Action News
AOC Demonizes Business Owners: They’re Lazy Slave Owners, Employees ‘Literally Dying’ 01/22/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: Trump Administration ‘Now Targeting Pregnant Women,’ Calls on Officials to ‘Abolish ICE’ 01/23/2020 Hannity
Ocasio-Cortez’s War on Wealth Is a War on All of Us 01/24/2020 The Libertarian Republic
The Media's Sick Obsession With Adam Schiff 01/24/2020 Townhall
MSNBC Anchor Says “N*ggers” Instead of “Lakers” While Reporting Kobe Bryant’s Death (VIDEO) 01/26/2020 The Union Journal
MSNBC’s Ari Melber: Democrats didn’t provide ‘overwhelming evidence’ in impeachment trial 01/27/2020 Accuracy in Media
Tongue-tied MSNBC anchor accused of using N-word while covering Kobe Bryant’s death a bizarre scandal 01/27/2020 BizPac Review
Elizabeth Warren: To Deal With Chinese Coronavirus We Must Fight Climate Change 01/28/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden: My VP Pick Needs To Be Able To Be President ‘Because I’m An Old Guy’ 01/29/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN’S VERY BAD DAY: Joe Says His VP ‘Must be Capable’ Because He’s ‘An Old Guy’ Who May Die in Office 01/29/2020 Hannity
WATCH: Biden Won’t Accept Economy Is Good, Suggests Non-Citizen Could Run For Office, Mixes Up Countries 01/29/2020 The Daily Wire
Michael Moore Unloads On DNC Over New Rules That Could Help Bloomberg 01/31/2020 The Daily Caller
WATCH: Michael Moore Explodes At DNC While Speaking At Bernie Campaign Rally 01/31/2020 The Daily Wire
WATCH: NFL Airs Patriotic Tribute To The American Flag During Super Bowl 02/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Pete Buttigieg promises US employers endless overseas jobs 02/04/2020 Daily Gaming World
MSNBC's Zerlina Maxwell Explains Iowa Caucus Chaos: 'Systemic Racism' 02/04/2020 PJMedia
AOC Smears Rush Limbaugh: ‘Truly Nauseating’ that a ‘Virulent Racist’ Received Medal of Freedom 02/05/2020 Breitbart
WATCH: AOC Says It’s ‘Physically Impossible’ To Pull Yourself Up By Your BootstrapsWATCH: AOC Says It’s ‘Physically Impossible’ To Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps 02/06/2020 The Daily Wire
Warren: The Racism And Oppression On My Campaign Is Kinda America’s Fault, You Know 02/07/2020 Hot Air
AOC Gave Her Own Version Of Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That.’ The Backlash Triggered These Damage Control Tweets. 02/07/2020 The Daily Wire
Rep. Omar to Americans: You should feel guilt that your policies are destroying lives around the globe 02/08/2020 BizPac Review
Hillary Clinton on Becoming Vice President: ‘Never Say Never’ 02/08/2020 The Union Journal
Watch Joe Biden Call a Voter a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ in Bizarre Campaign Moment 02/09/2020 Mediaite
Biden, in New Hampshire, jokingly calls student 'a lying, dog-faced pony soldier' 02/09/2020 Fox News
Biden: ‘Rational’ Gun ‘Policy’ Is Banning ‘50 Clips In A Weapon’; AK-47 Won’t Protect You From Government 02/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Chris Rock, Steve Martin Mock Democrats Over Iowa Caucuses, L.A. Homeless Problem 02/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden’s “lying dog-faced pony soldier” moment, explained 02/10/2020 Vox
It's okay, Joe Biden was just quoting John Wayne when he called a woman "dog-faced" 02/10/2020 The Onion AV Club
Joe Biden calls Mercer student a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ at New Hampshire event 02/10/2020 The Telegraph
Joe Biden’s Incoherent Second Amendment Rant 02/10/2020 National Review
WARREN in NH: ‘Abortion Rights are Human Rights, Abortion Rights are Economic Rights’ 02/10/2020 Hannity
Ocasio-Cortez Has New ‘D*mn’ Message For Those Mocking Her For ‘Bootstrap’ Comment 02/10/2020 The Daily Wire
Woman That Biden Called ‘Dog-Faced’ Liar Fires Back In Statement 02/10/2020 The Daily Wire
MSNBC's Chuck Todd uses 'journalistic sleights of hand' to insult Trump, Sanders voters, critics say 02/11/2020 Fox News
Don Jr. Calls Out Biden After He Tells Voter She’s a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ 02/11/2020 The Union Journal
CNN reporter accused of 'dismissing' Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk remarks previously worked at Bloomberg Television 02/12/2020 FOX News
Warren Faces Blowback Over Cringe Story She Tells To Promote Campaign 02/12/2020 The Daily Wire
MSNBC's Chuck Todd criticized by Anti-Defamation League over Sanders 'brownshirt brigade' remark 02/12/2020 FOX News
Ayanna Pressley: ‘American Constitution Is Sexist By Its Very Design,’ Women ‘Still Shackled’ 02/12/2020 The Daily Wire
Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student’s ‘last few dollars’ for her campaign 02/12/2020 ABC 14 News
ZERO SENSE: Bernie Claims Americans Already Living in ‘Socialist Society Under President Trump’ 02/14/2020 Hannity
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Going On On ‘Drag Race’, And Right-Wing Trolls Are Furious About It 02/15/2020 Junkee
Andrew McCabe Responds To DOJ Dropping Criminal Investigation Into His Lying 02/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden says ‘no one needs AR-15s; weapons of war’ 02/17/2020 American Military News
Why Was Andrew McCabe Let off the Hook? 02/17/2020 Townhall
Sorry, Bernie—America will never be a Socialist country 02/18/2020 The Union Journal
Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom: Doctors Should Be Able To Prescribe Housing Like Medication 02/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Democrat James Clyburn Attacks Trump: Black Unemployment Better When We Were Slaves 02/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Commie Bernie Sanders Supporter AOC: “Billionaires Should Not Exist” 02/20/2020 The Union Journal
Why we should be wary of blaming ‘overpopulation’ for the climate crisis 02/20/2020 The Chicago Reporter
Bloomberg Declares Trump Winner Of Debate; Warren Has Brutal Message For Bloomberg 02/20/2020 The Daily Wire
Stacey Abrams: Sure, I’ll Take the VP Slot in 2020, but I Really Want to be President One Day 02/20/2020 Legal Insurrection
Media Scramble to Fact Check Whether There Were Actual Crickets on Debate Stage 02/20/2020 The Washington Free Beacon
Elizabeth Warren Smears Law Enforcement 02/21/2020 WIBC
CA governor: No really, let’s allow doctors to write prescriptions for houses 02/21/2020 Hot Air
Fake controversy over Bloomberg’s jokey ad somehow turns stupider 02/21/2020 Hot Air
WATCH: MSNBC’s Matthews Compares Rise Of Bernie To WWII ‘Fall Of France’ To Nazi Germany 02/22/2020 The Daily Wire
‘He is a Hack and a Shill’ 02/22/2020 The Union Journal
Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion 02/23/2020 The Hill
MSNBC anchors keep comparing Sanders’ campaign and its supporters to Nazis, and they’re being called to resign 02/23/2020 Business Insider
‘Totally sane’: Dems can’t make up their minds about who is a supposed ‘Russian agent’. Trump? Bernie? Or… both? 02/23/2020 Infosurhoy
‘This thing is going very well for Vladimir Putin’: Cable news hosts and pundits freak out at Bernie Sanders as he clinches a big win in Nevada 02/23/2020 Business Insider
Democrat Pramila Jayapal Promotes Debunked Talking Point On Private Insurance 02/24/2020 The Daily Wire
CRUZ MISSILE: Ted Tells Gavin Newsom You Can’t Write a Prescription and a ‘House Will Magically Appear’ 02/24/2020 Hannity
Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Comparing Nevada Win to Nazi Invasion of France 02/25/2020 The Union Journal
BIDEN in CAROLINA: ‘150 Million People Have Been Killed’ By Gun Violence Since 2007 (45% of US Population) 02/25/2020 Hannity
The Old Media Presses Facebook to the Left 02/26/2020 Creators Syndicate
Over 200 Native Americans Sign Letter Demanding Elizabeth Warren Formally Retract Heritage Claims 02/29/2020 The Union Journal
Biden's Desperation Means Increased Threats to Gun Rights 03/01/2020 AmmoLand
Chris Matthews, MSNBC's Least Woke Host, Retires Amid #MeToo Allegations 03/02/2020 Reason
Chris Matthews Announces Retirement After Comparing Bernie Sanders’ Win To Nazi Invasion: Apologizes For Comments He Has Made About Women 03/02/2020 ET Canada
'Maybe you shouldn't even want to have sex with me!' Rashida Tlaib declares in bizarre pro-abortion rant 03/04/2020 The Blaze
Actress Busy Philipps Claims She Owes Her Success to an Abortion at Age 15 03/05/2020 Breitbart
Rep. Rashida Tlaib to Pro-Life Men: ‘Maybe You Shouldn’t Even Want to Have Sex with Me!’ 03/06/2020 WIBC 93.1 FM
Chernobyl to Katrina: Pundits scramble to compare Trump’s handling of coronavirus to previous catastrophes 03/09/2020 Infosurhoy
Biden Appears to Forget Which Office He's Running For During Victory Speech 03/11/2020 TownHall
If only America had this one thing, say Democrats, we'd be safe from coronavirus 03/11/2020 American Thinker
Democrat Ayanna Pressley Seems To Claim ‘Racism’ Responsible For People Not Eating At Chinese Restaurants 03/12/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC Insinuates Bernie Lost Michigan By Wide Margin Due to ‘Voter Suppression’ 03/13/2020 The Union Journal
‘Nationalize factories & industries!’ De Blasio kicks panic up to 11 calling coronavirus ‘war-like situation’ 03/14/2020 Infosurhoy
Inmate Michael Cohen calling for Trump admin to let prisoners out of jail over coronavirus fears 03/15/2020 BizPac Review
The Biggest Threat From Coronavirus Isn’t Racism 03/16/2020 The Daily Signal
Sanders Adviser: Having Elections When Black Colleges Are On Spring Break Is ‘Voter Suppression’ 03/16/2020
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio ‘Resisted Drastic Steps’ On Coronavirus, Doesn’t Understand Outrage Over Gym Visits 03/17/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary and Chinese Gov’t Reading From Same Script In Calling Trump Racist Over “Chinese Virus” 03/22/2020 Legal Insurrection
Senator Highlights Pelosi’s ‘Absurd’ Coronavirus Bill That Is ‘Unrelated To The Crisis’ 03/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden Adviser Slams Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus but Claimed ‘No Reason’ to Panic Last Month 03/23/2020 Breitbart
Don’t blame over-population for the climate crisis 03/24/2020 City Metric
Trump Squashes Democrats’ Partisan Demands For Funding Not Related To Coronavirus 03/24/2020 The Daily Wire
Obama Has Been Discussing VP Picks With Biden 03/24/2020 The Union Journal
AOC Calls For Older Criminals to Be Released From Rikers 03/24/2020 The Union Journal
WATCH: Biden Repeatedly Coughs, Gets Confused During Tuesday Interviews 03/25/2020 The Daily Wire
Cash Crisis: National Currencies Plunge in the Wake of Coronavirus 03/25/2020 Bitcoin.com
WATCH: Joe Biden Has To Be Taught How To Properly Cough During Live CNN Interview 03/25/2020 The Daily Wire
SEIU: We found 39 million N95 masks — and they’ll cost you five bucks a pop 03/26/2020 Hot Air
Jake Tapper: As People Die, Remember That Trump 'Lied' 'Downplayed' Coronavirus 03/26/2020 NewsBusters
James Comey says he's 'unsure how to use Twitter now' amid virus outbreak, shares 'social distance selfie' 03/27/2020 FOX News
PASSING THE BUCK: New Orleans Mayor Blames TRUMP for Not Canceling Mardi Gras During Virus Outbreak 03/27/2020 Hannity
Watch Tucker Do the Work CNN WON’T DO, Showing NYC Officials Dismissing Coronavirus 03/27/2020 NewsBusters
Biden: It’s ‘Too Harsh’ To Claim ‘Blood’ On Trump’s Hands For Coronavirus Deaths In U.S. 03/29/2020 The Daily Wire
WHO accused of ‘Chinese propaganda’ after official refuses to acknowledge Taiwan in bizarre interview 03/30/2020 News.com.au
WATCH: Pelosi Attacks Trump: ‘Don’t Fiddle While People Die’ 03/30/2020 The Daily Wire
Coronavirus timeline: How to find the actual truth 03/30/2020 NOQ Report
Joe Scarborough on Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘Everybody Saw This Coming in Early January’ 04/01/2020 National Review
Supercut: Democrats give dangerous Chi-Com virus advice 04/01/2020 NOQ Report
Joe Scarborough Says Everyone Except Trump ‘Saw This Coming In Early January,’ But ‘Morning Joe’ Didn’t Mention It Until The 24th 04/01/2020 The Union Journal
Gavin Newsom: Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Opportunity’ To Implement Leftist Agenda 04/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Even as Democrats blame Trump, their own words come back to haunt them 04/02/2020 American Thinker
Joe Scarborough Says Everyone Except Trump ‘Saw This Coming In Early January,’ But ‘Morning Joe’ Didn’t Mention It Until The 24th 04/04/2020 The Armenian Reporter
Democrats Using Crisis to Advance Progressive Agenda 04/04/2020 Legal Insurrection
False Media Narrative of Red State Negligence In Wuhan Virus Response 04/05/2020 Legal Insurrection
Asia Analyst: There’s A Major Indicator That China Is Having Another ‘Big’ Outbreak 04/06/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: The United States is a ‘Brutal, Barbarian Society’ for Most Working Americans 04/06/2020 Hannity
WHO Slams Those Who Are ‘Pointing Fingers’ At Them: If You ‘Politicize This Virus,’ Then You’ll Have ‘Many More Body Bags’ 04/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Coronavirus Crisis: Systemic Racism Makes Black & Brown People More Susceptible to Illness 04/08/2020 HipLatina
CNN's 'straight news' anchors using coronavirus to 'flaunt their utter disdain' for Trump, critics say 04/09/2020 FOX News
Ocasio-Cortez On Coronavirus: ‘Environmental Racism’ Is A ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ 04/11/2020 The Daily Wire
Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Has ‘Not Earned The Right’ To Call Itself A ‘Humane Society’ 04/11/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden skates through TV interviews as anchors avoid questions about Tara Reade's assault claim 04/17/2020 FOX News
WATCH: Leftist Journalists Rip Americans Protesting Lockdowns: ‘Nazi, Confederate Death-Cult … Want More Black And Brown People To Die’ 04/20/2020 The Daily Wire
China Expert On CNN: ‘Trump Is Absolutely Right On China’, They’re Costing Us Lives 04/20/2020 The Daily Wire
CNN Reporter Claims Coronavirus Has ‘Helped Humanity’ Buy Time To Address Global Warming 04/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Mike Pompeo: ‘Very Confident’ China ‘Will Pay A Price For What They Did’ 04/24/2020 The Daily Wire
50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed 04/26/2020 ABC 14 News
Adam Schiff: 50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed 04/26/2020 Breitbart
A NEW LOW: Schiff Says ’50,000 Americans Are Dead’ Because Trump Wasn’t Impeached and Removed 04/27/2020 Hannity.com
Brian Stelter Quotes ‘Breaking Bad’ Actor To Back His Theory That Trump Is Mentally Insane 04/27/2020 The Daily Caller
Joe Biden: We Need More ‘Economic Intercourse Around The World’ 04/28/2020 The Daily Wire
Ears perk when Joe Biden argues for more ‘economic intercourse’ around the world 04/28/2020 BizPac Review
GAVIN NEWSOM: The Trump Administration ‘Has Delivered’ for California During Coronavirus 04/29/2020 Hannity.com
WATCH: Joe Biden On Kavanaugh and Sexual Assault Allegations (Against People Who Are Not Joe Biden) 05/01/2020 PJ Media
Joe Biden adamant he’s innocent, but claim on sexual allegation complaint archives already hits a snag 05/01/2020 BizPac Review
Flashback – Biden on Blasey Ford: Women Should Be Given ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ 05/02/2020 Breitbart
The Nursing Home Scandal 05/06/2020 Ricochet
SICK: De Blasio Blames Profit-Seeking Nursing Homes For COVID Outbreaks, Not NY Law 05/06/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC on BIDEN ACCUSER: ‘She Has Never Explicitly Said: ‘Don’t Support Joe Biden!’ 05/07/2020 Hannity
De Niro: Cuomo Is a 'Very Capable Backup' If 'Something Would Change' with Biden, 'God Forbid' 05/07/2020 PJ Media
Supercut Highlights Media Calling Claim That Michael Flynn Was Set Up By FBI A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 05/09/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN on ALLEGATIONS: ‘I Think Women Should Be Believed… BUT This Never Happened’ 05/12/2020 Hannity.com
SCHUMER on BIDEN ALLEGATION: ‘I’ve Heard Joe’s Explanation, I think It’s Sufficient!’ 05/13/2020 Hannity.com
New CNN Poll Shows Donald Trump Has Tied His Highest Approval Rating Ever 05/13/2020 The Armenian Reporter
WATCH: Washington Post's Sally Quinn and CNN's Alisyn Camerota Cringeworthy FANGIRLING All Over Fauci 05/13/2020 PJ Media
James Clapper’s CNN Connection Goes Dark After He Is Asked About Leaks 05/15/2020 Breitbart
Trump campaign launches faux ‘investigative’ video series on ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden’s many flubs 05/18/2020 BizPac Review
Worried Trump is trying to kill himself, laughs Jimmy Kimmel, as if suicide is a joke 05/20/2020 BizPac Review
Newsom begs for ‘moral’ fed bailout, threatens to cut first responders, as millions go to illegal immigrants 05/20/2020 BizPac Review
MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta: Make Masks Mandatory, ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Breathe Exhaled COVID-19’ 05/25/2020 Breitbart
MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta calls for lawmakers to pass laws to make wearing masks mandatory in public 05/27/2020 BizPac Review
FANTASYLAND: Minneapolis Council President Says She ‘Imagines a Future Without Police’ 06/08/2020 Hannity.com
WATCH: Ilhan Omar Struggles To Answer Who Will Enforce The Law If Police Disbanded 06/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Reporters speculate about Trump's health after his slow walk down ramp at West Point commencement 06/15/2020 FOX News
Omar Says Communities Will Still Be Safe If Police Department Is Eliminated 06/15/2020 The Union Journal
OMAR CLAMS UP: Ilhan Freezes When Asked ‘Who Investigates Crimes? Who Arrests Criminals?!’ 06/16/2020 Hannity.com
Joy Behar Slams Justice Thomas For Dissent On New SCOTUS Ruling By Saying He’s ‘Married To A Caucasian Woman’ 06/17/2020 The Armenian Reporter
New York Museum of Natural History: Teddy Roosevelt isn’t canceled but the equestrian statue of him is 06/22/2020 Hot Air
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Latinos Are Black” 06/23/2020 WIBC
Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Modern-Day Slavery, Child Welfare & More (June 23, 2020) 06/23/2020 National Review
Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Tearing Down Monuments Is Healthy Expression 06/23/2020 PJ Media
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said What About Blacks and Latinos? 06/23/2020 Townhall
AOC Faces Twitter Backlash After Claiming ‘Latinos Are Black’ 06/23/2020 The Federalist
BLM Leader Threatens to 'Burn Down the System... Literally', Calls Jesus a 'Black Radical Revolutionary' 06/25/2020 CBN News
While Claiming to be ‘Palestinian’, Rashida Tlaib now says she’s “African American” 06/30/2020 Breaking Israel News
WATCH: CNN Chyron Mocks ‘Independence’ Day, CNN Reporter At Mt. Rushmore Refers To Washington, Jefferson As ‘Slave Owners’ 07/03/2020 The Daily Wire
CNN gushed about Mt. Rushmore when Bernie Sanders was touting it 4 years ago 07/04/2020 BizPac Review
Dem Sen. Duckworth open to ripping down George Washington statues; even CNN was confused 07/05/2020 BizPac Review
CHICAGO SPIRALS: Mayor Blames Historic Spike in Murders, Shootings on ‘Coronavirus’ 07/06/2020 Hannity.com
O’Rourke Blames GOP ‘Death Cult Mentality’ For Spike In Shootings 07/09/2020 LaCorte News
VIDEO: You Will Absolutely Not Believe What Bobby 'Beto' O'Rourke Blames for Spike in Violent Crime 07/09/2020 PJ Media
Lori Lightfoot: ‘Too Many Illegal Guns on Our Street,’ That‘s Why We Need Biden 07/14/2020 Breitbart
CHICAGO MAYOR on MURDERS: President Not Really ‘Committed to Helping Us Deal with Violence’ 07/14/2020 Hannity.com
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Blasted After Massive Hack Hits Platform, Major Accounts Locked 07/15/2020 The Daily Wire
CHICAGO MAYHEM: Shootings Leave 10 People Dead Over the Weekend, 60 Injured Including 10 Children 07/20/2020 Hannity.com
OREGON REP: ‘Portland is Not Out of Control,’ Just ‘Some People Who Have Strong Feelings!’ 07/21/2020 Hannity.com
CNN skips Trump's prepared remarks at revived coronavirus briefing 07/21/2020 FOX News
After Democrat Cities Descend Into Chaos, 'Defunding the Police' Loses Support 07/21/2020 PJ Media
‘Death Cult’ GOP Wants You To Do The Dying 07/22/2020 The Union Journal
Biden confounds when he says Walter Reed nurses used to ‘breathe in his nostrils’ to keep him going 07/23/2020 BizPac Review
The Paranoid Style Gets More Paranoid 07/23/2020 National Review
Dems, media ramp up claim that Trump would use military to 'steal' 2020 election 07/23/2020 FOX News
Creepy Joe Biden, The Sequel: “I Had Nurses at Walter Reed” Who Would “Breathe in My Nostrils” 07/23/2020 WIBC-FM
NEW YORK NIGHTMARE: De Blasio Says Feds ‘Repressing the Right to Protest’ and ‘Made Things Worse!’ 07/23/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Claims Nurses Would ‘Breathe in My Nostrils to Make Me Move’ During Hospital Stay 07/23/2020 Breitbart
Tucker pokes fun at Biden, invites anyone who’s ever ‘blown air into his nostrils’ on the show 07/24/2020 BizPac Review
Will the Nurse Who Allegedly Blew Into Joe Biden's Nose Please Stand Up? 07/24/2020 PJ Media
Pelosi Falsely Suggests She Never Called Federal Officers ‘Stormtroopers’, Appears To Mock Barr’s Weight 07/28/2020 The Daily Wire
‘You Were President Obama’s Right-Hand!’ 07/28/2020 The Armenian Reporter
Barr Shreds Democrats During Hostile Questioning: Democrats Won’t Condemn ‘Mob Violence,’ ‘Attacks On Federal Courts’ 07/29/2020 The Daily Wire
‘It Has To Be The Money’: MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill Floats Trump-Putin Hydroxychloroquine Conspiracy Theory 07/29/2020 The Daily Wire
DEM REP: ‘Right Wing Protests’ Banned, BLM Protests Different Because ‘They’re Observing the Rules’ 07/31/2020 Hannity.com
SEN HIRONO: ‘Factual Evidence’ from Minneapolis Shows ‘White Supremacists’ Have ‘Hijacked Peaceful Protests’ 08/04/2020 Hannity.com
WORST MAYOR EVER: De Blasio Threatens to Fire 22,000 City Workers if Feds Don’t Bail Out NYC 08/05/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden: ‘Unlike the African American Community … the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community’ 08/06/2020 Breitbart
New York AG lets down Leftists with ‘big’ announcement she’s suing the NRA, not producing Trump’s taxes 08/06/2020 BizPacReview
Insanity Wrap #22: Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1699 08/06/2020 PJ Media
WATCH: Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Praises Diversity Among Latinos ‘Unlike the African American Community’ 08/06/2020 Space Coast Daily
Crazy as a Soup Sandwich: A Celebration of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline 08/06/2020 WIBC
PELOSI PUZZLES: ‘We Have on Authority, Documents, Virtual, Actual and Hybrid Education, Within Range!’ 08/06/2020 Hannity.com
Biden’s lead over Trump drops, now almost identical to Hillary’s at this point in 2016 08/06/2020 Hot Air
Facebook to suspend pro-Trump super PAC from advertising, committee vows to fight on 08/07/2020 BizPac Review
Media pay for Joe Biden over genetic reviews, keep ‘online power outage’ of most up-to-date dispute 08/08/2020 Writeup 24
MSNBC Virtually Silent Over Biden Gaffes 08/09/2020 PJ Media
COLLEGE ATHLETE: ‘There’s a Risk with Football and Driving a Car, With Faith I Live My Life Without Fear’ 08/12/2020 Hannity.com
Dr. Scott Atlas Should Provide Hopeful Insight on These COVID-19 Topics—Now 08/12/2020 PJ Media
MIKA MELTDOWN: MSNBC Host Loses It On Show While Repeatedly Berating Trump 08/14/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Very Strange’: Trump Slams Biden And Harris For Nixing Questions — And Reporters For Letting Them 08/15/2020 Daily Caller
Eureka! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Plan to Save The USPS! 08/18/2020 WIBC 93.1 FM
Obama Campaign Manager Claims a Second Trump Term ‘Will Be Moscow’s for the Taking’; MSNBC Host Suggests ‘We’ll All Be Speaking Russian’ 08/19/2020 National Review
NO POWER? NO PROBLEM! Governor Newsom Releases List of Tips to Avoid Electricity in California 08/19/2020 Hannity.com
‘It’s Ridiculous’: Jill Biden Snaps When Asked If It’s Okay To Debate Joe Biden’s Cognitive Abilities 08/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Here's Yet Another Graph That Shreds the COVID Lockdown Hysteria 08/20/2020 Townhall
Leftists fume when Trump says he’ll use law enforcement to ensure a fair election at the polls 08/21/2020 BizPac Review
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Fox News' Martha MacCallum Ends Interview After BLM Leader Refuses to Condemn Looting 08/22/2020 CBN News
BLM Activist Warns: ‘You Can Listen To Us Or You Can Get Ran Over,’ ‘We’re Taking That S**t Back’ 08/22/2020 The Daily Wire
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AL’S ANSWER: Gore Blames CoVID, Hurricanes, California Wildfires, New Viruses on Climate Crisis 08/25/2020 Hannity.com
CNN Edits Out Word ‘Violent’ While Covering Protests In Wisconsin 08/25/2020 LaCorte News
AL’S ANSWER: Gore Blames CoVID, Hurricanes, California Wildfires, New Viruses on Climate Crisis 08/25/2020 Hannity.com
Jacob Blake’s Mom Blasts Rioters For Destroying Kenosha, Apologizes To Trump 08/26/2020 The Daily Wire
2 Dead, 1 Gunman Arrested In Kenosha Riots, As Family of Jacob Blake Calls for Calm 08/26/2020 Reason
‘It’s Showing Up in the Polling’: CNN Hosts Worry Dems Will Face Electoral Consequences If They Don’t Address Rioting 08/26/2020 National Review
Jacob Blake’s Mother Expresses ‘Disgust’ With Kenosha Rioters, Apologizes to Trump for Missing Phone Call 08/26/2020 American Greatness
MSNBC MELTDOWN: Melania Trump Address to RNC was a ‘CoVID Spreader Event’ Because People Cheered 08/26/2020 Hannity.com
Don Lemon: This rioting has to stop. It’s showing up in the polling now. Update: Feds going to Wisconsin 08/26/2020 Hot Air
WATCH: CNN Claims Kenosha Protests Are ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’ As City Burns Behind Reporter 08/27/2020 The Daily Wire
Jacob Blake’s Mom Apologizes to Trump on CNN and Asks Rioters To Stop 08/28/2020 WSAU
RAND’S STAND: Sen. Paul Says ‘Idiot’ Rioters ‘Would Have Killed Me’ If Not for DC Police 08/28/2020 Hannity.com
Nancy Pelosi Accuses Salon Of Setting Her Up, Suggests She’s Owed An Apology 09/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Woman At Biden Town Hall: ‘I Was Told To Go Off This Paper But I Can’t. You Need The Truth.’ 09/03/2020 The Daily Wire
Now They’re Trying To ‘Destroy’ The Salon Owner Who Embarrassed Pelosi 09/03/2020 Daily Caller
Biden: Trump’s To Blame For Empty Schools. Cruz: ‘Pssst … Joe … You’re The One Saying Shut Them All Down’ 09/03/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden's Former Stenographer: 'He's Lost a Step' 09/08/2020 PJ Media
Joe Biden: ‘Only Person Calling to Defund the Police Is Donald Trump’ 09/08/2020 Breitbart
WATCH: Al Sharpton Slams ‘Defund The Police’ Movement: Only ‘Latte Liberals’ Think We Don’t Need ‘Proper Policing’ 09/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Rev. Al Sharpton: Abuse and Attack Police at All Times, But Don’t Defund Them 09/09/2020 WIBC
Trevor Noah: Gender Reveal Parties Are ‘Outdated,’ Should Only Happen When Kids ‘Know Their Actual Gender’ 09/09/2020 Faithwire
Fake News: Biden Says Trump Will Take Away Funds From Police 09/11/2020 PanAm Post
SAME OLD PLAYBOOK: Schumer Demands New Briefings on ‘Putin’s Efforts’ to Interfere in 2020 Election 09/11/2020 Hannity.com
Ted Cruz’s scorching blow to Trevor Noah’s take on gender reveal parties ignites firestorm of liberal hate 09/12/2020 BizPac Review
BIDEN: If Trump Wins, ‘Suburbs Will Be Blown Away in Superstorms’ and Other ‘Hellish Events’ 09/14/2020 Hannity.com
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Biden Warns In Climate Change Speech: "How Many Suburbs Will Be Burned," Flooded, Blown Away? 09/14/2020 RealClear Politics
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: Biden Says US Doesn’t ‘Need Fossil Fuels’ Moments After Arriving in Private Jet 09/15/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Calls His White House Bid The ‘Harris-Biden Administration’ 09/15/2020 Daily Caller
Joe Biden condemns each and every COVID-19 fatality on Trump, states ‘all people’ would certainly live if Trump had actually performed his project 09/18/2020 Publicist Paper
DELUSIONAL DE BLASIO: NYC Has ‘Set a Gold Standard’ in Re-Opening Schools, Praises ‘Heroic’ Efforts 09/18/2020 Hannity.com
Nolte: Joe Biden Says ‘All the People Would Still Be Alive’ if Trump Handled Pandemic Differently 09/18/2020 Breitbart
Unhinged Democrats Call for Political Violence if GOP Fills Supreme Court Vacancy Before Election 09/21/2020 American Greatness
WATCH: CNN’s Jeff Toobin Calls Democrats ‘Wimps,’ Says They’ll Fail To Keep RBG Seat Empty 09/21/2020 The Daily Wire
VIDEO: The One Where Joe Biden Says 'I Lost My Line' in the Middle of a Softball Interview 09/21/2020 PJ Media
Watch Schumer Get Heckled During Live Briefing: “You ain’t doing s***!” 09/22/2020 WIBC
PRESS SEC: Dems Are On a ‘Search and Destroy’ Mission, Don Lemon Just ‘Said the Quiet Part Out Loud’ 09/22/2020 Hannity.com
Chuck Schumer Gets Heckled and Doesn't Enjoy It. But You Can. 09/22/2020 PJ Media
Schumer Heckled At Press Conference: ‘You Ain’t Doing S***!’ 09/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Nancy Pelosi Says Joe Biden Should Not Debate Donald Trump: ‘He Has No Fidelity to Fact or Truth… He and His Henchmen Are a Danger to Democracy’ 09/25/2020 Hill Reporter
McMaster Dismisses Wolf Blitzer’s Claim That Military Would Remove Trump If He Doesn’t Concede 09/25/2020 The Union Journal
Gayle King rebukes Pelosi for ‘egregious language’ when she takes comments on Trump/Biden debate too far 09/25/2020 BizPac Review
Gayle King questions Nancy Pelosi's 'insulting' and 'egregious' nickname for Trump allies 09/26/2020 Yahoo!
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Nancy Pelosi Says Republicans Are Trump's Henchmen and Gayle King Suggests the Characterization Is 'Egregious'—Is It Really Though? 09/27/2020 Yahoo!
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Joe Biden, confused, was for the Green New Deal and then against it, in the same debate. AOC chimes in. 09/30/2020 BizPac Review
Former FBI Official Proposes ‘Bipartisan Commission’ to Vet Presidential Candidates Like Trump 10/01/2020 American Greatness
SUPERCUT! Jim ‘CAN'T RECALL’ Comey Pretends He Has No Memory of Russia Probe Details 10/01/2020 Hannity.com
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Trump Released From Walter Reed Medical Center, Returning To White House 10/05/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN: Trump Should Implement a ‘Mask Mandate Nationwide’ Including ‘Interstate Travel’ 10/05/2020 Hannity.com
[VIDEO] CNN's Brian Stelter Loses It, Compares Trump to a 'Dear Leader' Dictator as He Departs Walter Reed for the White House 10/05/2020 PJ Media
Left’s Response To Trump’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ Tweet Emphasizes How Very Much They Want Fear 10/06/2020 The Federalist
Michelle Obama: “What the President is doing is patently false, morally wrong, and yes, racist” 10/06/2020 Legal Insurrection
Michelle Obama Dishonestly Claims ‘Only a Tiny Fraction’ of BLM Protests Have Been Violent 10/07/2020 Legal Insurrection
Joe Biden: ‘You’ll Know My Opinion On Court-Packing When The Election Is Over’ 10/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Steve Schmidt: That fly that landed on Pence’s head historically has been the mark of the Beast 10/08/2020 Hot Air
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BLAME GAME: NY Governor Blames ‘Staffers’ for Bringing Deadly CoVID Pandemic into Nursing Homes 10/14/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Open to Mandating Coronavirus Vaccine, Will Order Governors to Impose Mask Mandate 10/15/2020 Breitbart
Joe Biden Suggests Police Should Shoot Criminals ‘In The Leg’ Instead Of Shooting ‘To Kill’ 10/15/2020 Daily Caller
TWITTER CENSORS WHITE HOUSE COVID EXPERT—Tech Platform Doesn't Agree With Dr. Scott Atlas's View On Masks 10/18/2020 PJ Media
Andrew Cuomo: Americans ‘Should Be’ Skeptical of Coronavirus Vaccine 10/19/2020 National Review
‘I believed I was not visible’: CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker for allegedly showing penis on Zoom call 10/19/2020 RT
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CUOMO: New York Was ‘Ambushed’ by CoVID-19 Because Trump Used the Term ‘China Virus’ 10/21/2020 Hannity.com
Pelosi Refuses to Answer Reporter’s Question on Hunter Biden: ‘I Don’t Have All Day’ 10/22/2020 Yahoo!
Pelosi Refuses to Answer Reporter’s Question on Hunter Biden: ‘I Don’t Have All Day’ 10/22/2020 National Review
Pelosi When Asked About Alleged Biden Laptop Scandal: ‘I’m Not Answering Your Questions’ 10/22/2020 The Daily Wire
Tapper Grills Pelosi For Refusing To Pass COVID-19 Relief Bill: ‘You Could Take Yes For An Answer’ 10/25/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary Clinton: 'I Have No Doubt' I Would Have Handled COVID Better Than Trump 10/26/2020 PJ Media
BIDEN SNAPS: ‘I Just Told You Where I’m Going! There Hasn’t Been a Day That’s Not a 12-Hour Day Yet!’ 10/27/2020 Hannity.com
DOJ Expands Probe into Whether New York State Undercounted COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes 10/29/2020 Law & Crime
Biden Suggested Jailing Fossil Fuel Executives to Fight Climate Change in 2019 10/29/2020 Breitbart
Don-Dada Lemon Talks Cutting Trump-Supporting Friends Out of His Life: ‘They’re Too Far Gone’ 10/30/2020 Yahoo!
Dave Matthews: Trump rallies show ‘contempt’ for ‘his greatest followers’. 10/30/2020 The Washington Newsday
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Left-wing 'Young Turks' host melts down over lack of blue wave, lashes out at Democrats — and Obama 11/04/2020 The Blaze
Pelosi suggests Trump is a domestic enemy, declares Dems were given a ‘mandate’ by voters 11/06/2020 BizPac Review
Tucker Carlson will be 2024 GOP frontrunner, says Lincoln Project’s co-founder 11/07/2020 BizPac Review
Schmidt from the Lincoln Project: Carlson could be the top candidate for the GOP in 2024. 11/08/2020 The Washington Newsday
Cuomo: ‘Bad News’ that Pfizer Announced Vaccine Results before Biden Assumes Office 11/09/2020 Yahoo!
Cuomo: It’s “bad news” that Pfizer announced these vaccine results before Biden takes office 11/09/2020 Hot Air
Rhodes: ‘Foreign Leaders Already Having Phone Calls with Joe Biden,’ Same Act for Which Michael Flynn Was Investigated 11/09/2020 Breitbart
Jon Meacham 'abandoned' rules of journalism as the secret Biden speechwriter on MSNBC's payroll, experts say 11/11/2020 FOX News
Biden Covid-19 adviser pitches national lockdown, warns US will be hitting 200,000 cases a day — DHT USA News 11/11/2020 DHT News
Cable news 'commentators' reveal their true colors: TV contributors join the Biden administration - as MSNBC drops analyst Jon Meacham for failing to disclose he was writing Joe's speeches 11/11/2020 Daily Mail
CNN insiders support Jeffrey Toobin firing by New Yorker, predict network will 'dig heels in' and keep him 11/11/2020 FOX news
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightoot Issues Stay-at-Home Advisory Amid Rise in COVID Cases 11/13/2020 eurweb
Fauci Tells Americans ‘Now Is The Time To Do What You’re Told’ During Discussion On Coronavirus Pandemic 11/13/2020 Daily Caller
Disgrace: House holding dinner for new members — indoors — while urging public to sacrifice Thanksgiving; Update: Event “modified” 11/13/2020 Hot Air
The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan rips 'leftist' media, 'crying' anchors: Gotta 'suck it up,' 'be less partisan' 11/14/2020 FOX News
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Dr. Fauci to America: Time to ‘Do What You’re Told’ 11/14/2020 Legal Insurrection
Fauci: We should probably wear masks and social distance even after being vaccinated 11/16/2020 Hot Air
Seriously? John Brennan Laments Biden Will Have to 'Repair the Damage' Trump Did in the Middle East 11/18/2020 PJ Media
California Medical Association reps & maskless guests were at Newsom dinner that BROKE Covid-19 advice — DHT USA News 11/19/2020 DHT News
Joe Biden Bumbles Through Appearance, Vows to ‘Dictate’ to Companies 11/19/2020 Breitbart
Snopes Cries 'Mostly False' for Accurate Attack on Cuomo's Vaccine 'Bad News' 11/19/2020 NewsBusters
Ilhan Omar ripped for botching Bible scripture in attempt to school Marco Rubio, defend Ga. Dem candidate 11/19/2020 BizPac Review
WATCH: Biden’s Teleprompter Fails, Gaffe-O-Matic Brain System Takes Over 11/20/2020 93.1 WIBC
Biden struggles mightily in remarks following COVID meetings with governors 11/20/2020 BizPac Review
‘The Avengers’: Biden’s cabinet picks literally billed as ‘superheroes,’ Rubio and Cotton add perspective 11/25/2020 BizPac Review
Yamiche Alcindor swoons: Biden’s cabinet picks are “superheroes to come and save us all” 11/25/2020 Hot Air
USA Today mocked after 'fact check' claims calling out Dems for COVID hypocrisy is 'missing context' 12/02/2020 Fox News
Biden Compares Wearing A Mask To Sacrifices In World Wars, Korean War 12/03/2020 Daily Caller
Journalists Turn on Free Expression 12/07/2020 National Review
New York Could Mandate Coronavirus Vaccine With Proposed Legislation 12/09/2020 Daily Caller
Top Congressional Leader Calls For Swalwell To Be ‘Removed From Congress’ After Chinese Spy Bombshell Story 12/09/2020 The Daily Wire
So, Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Real After All, Huh? 12/10/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC Jerk: GOP 'Out to Make Sure the Pandemic Kills as Many People as Possible' 12/10/2020 NewsBusters
YouTube Censors a Guy for Posting Video of a Democrat's Threat of Violence 12/11/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC Host Yasmin Vossoughian: Republicans Want COVID to “Kill as Many People as Possible” 12/11/2020 Life News
PRESSLEY: CoVID Targets Minorities Due to ‘Transportation Deserts and Food Apartheid Systems’ 12/11/2020 Hannity.com
YouTube deletes reposted video of Michigan Democrat state Rep. Cynthia Johnson’s threats of violence 12/13/2020 Reclaim the Net
MSNBC medical analyst: Don't travel or stop wearing masks until summer, even after getting vaccine 12/15/2020 Fox News
Bill Gates: the worst of COVID-19 is yet to come 12/15/2020 Somag News
Doctor tells MSNBC: After you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t be traveling or taking off your mask 12/15/2020 Hot Air
Pelosi Scolds ‘Faith-Oriented’ People Who ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ 12/21/2020 Yahoo! News
Is Our Government Totally Broken? COVID 'Relief' Bill Strongly Suggests Yes. Yes, It Is Broken. 12/21/2020 PJ Media
The Only Thing Missing From This Absolute Cluster of a 'COVID Relief' Bill Is $ for Shrimp on a Treadmill. Trump Should Veto It 12/21/2020 PJ Media
Insanity Wrap #111: Kamala Harris Says Refusing to Call Fake Doctor Biden 'Doctor Biden' Is Un-American 12/21/2020 PJ Media
$10m for Pakistan ‘gender programs’? ‘America First’ trends in furious response to pork-filled Covid ‘relief’ bill 12/22/2020 BizPac Review
The COVID Relief Bill Contains What?! 12/22/2020 Ricochet
Pakistani 'gender programs,' horse-racing integrity, climate monitoring in Tibet: Just a few of the ridiculous things thrown into the COVID relief omnibus package 12/22/2020 The Blaze
‘One-horse pony’: Joe Biden continues to baselessly insist Hunter allegations are ‘Russian disinformation’ 12/22/2020 RT
Nancy Pelosi Claims ‘Faith-Oriented’ People Stalled Aid Package Because They ‘Don’t Believe In Science’ 12/22/2020 The Daily Wire
Journalists fawning over Biden tops ‘20 most mortifying media moments’ of 2020 12/23/2020 Fox News
'I Can't Believe He Would Run Me Over!' Warnock's Wife Says GA Dem Senate Candidate 'Crossed the Line' In Newly Released Police Vid 12/23/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC panel laments herd immunity talk, warns of 'decades-long battle' with COVID-19 12/24/2020 The Washington Times
Kamala Harris Pre-Election Anecdote Apparently Plagiarized from 1965 MLK Interview 01/05/2021 National Review
NY Times Blasted for Pro-China Story 01/05/2021 Newsmax
‘So Nasty’: Joy Behar Snaps At Meghan McCain, Telling Her She ‘Did Not Miss’ Her During Maternity Leave 01/05/2021 The Daily Wire
Joy Behar Tells Meghan McCain She ‘Didn’t Miss’ Her While She Was on Maternity Leave From ‘The View’ 01/05/2021 Us Magazine
Joy Behar Trends on Twitter for telling ‘The View’ Meghan McCain ‘I didn’t miss you’ on maternity leave 01/05/2021 BollyInside
Media watchdog slams Twitter 'Thought Cops' for suspending his account after anti-Cuomo tweet 01/06/2021 Fox News
Tom Elliott @tomselliott .@JoyVBehar tells @MeghanMcCain: “I did not miss you” while you were off on maternity leave. “Zero!” 01/06/2021 KOH AM 780
Shots Fired Inside Capitol, Rioters Storm Senate, Members Of Congress Don Gas Masks 01/06/2021 The Daily Wire
CNN reporter accused of pushing China propaganda by comparing Hong Kong protesters to Capitol rioters 01/07/2021 Fox News
Tucker Rails Against CNN's Description of US Capitol Riot 01/08/2021 Townhall
Supercut: Mainstream Media Downplayed Political Violence All Year 01/08/2021 RealClear Politics
10 Times Democrats Urged Violence Against Trump And His Supporters 01/08/2021 The Federalist
CNN openly trying to ban Fox News, Newsmax, OAN from airwaves with Dem stamp of approval 01/08/2021 BizPac Review
Biden, Harris Inject Race Into Non-Racial Riots at Capitol Hill, Lie About BLM Riots 01/08/2021 Legal Insurrection
Media parrots Biden’s narrative vilifying police, pushing race into to Capitol riots 01/09/2021 BizPac Review
WaPo Columnist Says ‘Cult’ Trump Supporters Need To Be ‘Deprogramed’ 01/12/2021 Daily Caller
GOP digital operatives aim to avoid "deplatforming" 01/13/2021 Axios
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Says Congress Must ‘Rein In’ Media Environment 01/13/2021 Daily Caller
Pelosi, Who Pushed Through ‘Non-Gendered Language’ Rules Change, Calls Herself ‘Wife … Mother … Grandmother …Daughter’ 01/13/2021 The Daily Wire
AOC’s suggestion of commission to 'rein in' media slammed as ‘wholly un-American’ 01/14/2021 Fox News
Andrew McCabe Says Trump’s Message Condemning Rioters Was ‘Dog Whistles’ For Supporters 01/14/2021 Daily Caller
Pelosi, Who Pushed Through ‘Non-Gendered Language’ Rules Change, Calls Herself ‘Wife … Mother … Grandmother …Daughter’ 01/14/2021 Canada Free Press
‘Wholly Un-American’: Ocasio-Cortez Slammed For Advocating Congressional Clamp Down On Media 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
‘Shut Up! Shut Up!’ How Is Don Lemon Still Employed As An Objective Journalist? 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
WATCH: Don Lemon Says Trump Supporters Are On The Side Of Nazis And The Klan 01/15/2021 WIBC
‘Ministry of Truth’: Red flags over AOC’s proposed commission to ‘rein-in’ media disinformation 01/15/2021 BizPac Review
Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue: The Left ‘Weaponized’ Pandemic To ‘Shutdown Economy’ For ‘Political Gain’ 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
Remember When Hollywood Said It Was 'Patriotic' and 'Heroic' to Overturn Trump's Election? 01/17/2021 PJ Media
Nobody Called Obama and Hillary Seditious When They Demanded Electoral College Results Be Overturned 01/17/2021 PJ Media
Dem Rep. Says Pro-Trump Guardsmen Are ‘Suspect,’ Should Be Vetted as Potential Threat 01/18/2021 Yahoo!
Was Bill Clinton 'nodding off' at Biden's inauguration? Twitter users speculate 01/20/2021 Fox News
John Brennan Says Biden Admin. ‘Moving in Laser-Like Fashion’ against Pro-Trump ‘Insurgency’ 01/21/2021 Yahoo!
SWALWELL: Senate Must Convict Trump Because ‘Country Can’t Give Him Another Chance’ to Run in 2024 01/25/2021 Hannity.com
If You Thought the First Impeachment Was a Circus, Just Wait for Impeachment 2.0 01/25/2021 PJ Media
Rule by Decree: Joe Biden Sets Record for Executive Orders in First Week 01/25/2021 Breitbart
Biden Reinstates Trump’s “Xenophobic” Travel Ban 01/26/2021 WIBC
Gov. Cuomo Says ‘Incompetent Government Killed People’ While NY Has Second Highest COVID-19 Death Rate 01/26/2021 Daily Caller
WATCH: Joe Biden Once Said Democracy Needs ‘Consensus.’ He Signed 32 Executive Orders His First Week 01/27/2021 The Daily Wire
Andrew Cuomo: Incompetent government led to a lot of unnecessary deaths from COVID, you know 01/27/2021 Hot Air
FLASHBACK: Biden Said You Don't Legislate by Executive Order 'Unless You're a Dictator' 01/27/2021 PJ Media
FLASHBACK: Candidate Biden Says ‘You Can’t Legislate by Executive Order Unless You’re a Dictator’ 01/27/2021 Hannity.com
Biden Appoints Susan Rice To Drive Racial Politics Deep Into Federal Bureaucracy 01/27/2021 Legal Insurrection
Pelosi: The ‘Enemy Is Within’ the House of Representatives 01/28/2021 Independent Journal Review
'Is This His Confession?' Cuomo's 'Incompetent Government Kills People' Comment Boomerangs Hard 01/28/2021 PJ Media
Actor George Takei Feeling ‘Smug’ About Flurry of Biden Executive Orders 01/28/2021 Breitbart
Friday Short Cuts 01/29/2021 The Patriot Post
The One Twitter Thread Shatters the Myth of Andrew Cuomo on COVID 01/29/2021 Townhall
Court-Packing First Step – Joe Biden Forming Commission to Study Supreme Court Reform 01/31/2021 Legal Insurrection
Biden’s Press Sec Mocks ‘Conservative Twitter’: ‘I Am Going To Circle Back’ 02/01/2021 The Daily Wire
Left Wing Media Is Gearing Up For An All Out War On Fox News Now That Biden Is In Office 02/01/2021 Daily Caller
Jen Psaki strikes back at 'conservative Twitter' after viral 'circle back' montage 02/01/2021 Washington Times
Here’s What Each Of Biden’s 42 Executive Orders Will Actually Do 02/01/2021 The Daily Wire
CUOMO SNAPS: Governor on Nursing Home Deaths, ‘Who Cares? They Died!’ 02/01/2021 Hannity.com
BRAIN FREEZE! CNN Blames Massive Winter Storm, 2 Feet of Snow in NYC on ‘Global Warming’ 02/01/2021 Hannity.com
Jen Psaki Faces Backlash For ‘Disgraceful’ Remark Appearing To Mock Branch Of U.S. Military 02/02/2021 The Daily Wire
Video Resurfaces Of Kerry Defending Private Travel To Iceland To Receive Environmental Award 02/03/2021 LaCorte News
Stelter Ignores Recent CNN Slump while Trying to Dunk on Fox News 02/03/2021 National Review
THIS IS CNN: Network Anchor Apologizes for Calling ‘South African’ Strain of CoVID ‘South African’ 02/03/2021 Hannity.com
Trump’s attorneys have the perfect troll tactic for the impeachment 02/07/2021 American Thinker
Maxine Waters Denies Ever Using Violent Rhetoric Toward Trump, Administration Officials 02/08/2021 Townhall
Trump’s Defense Team Will Show Clips Of Democrats Urging Violence In 2020: Senator 02/08/2021 The Daily Wire
Biden Airlifts the Goalposts on School Reopening: 1 Day a Week! 02/09/2021 Reason
OBSESSION: Clapper Says Biden Must Limit Trump’s Intel Briefs Because He May ‘Weaponize’ Them 02/09/2021 Hannity.com
Randi Weingarten Says D.C. Schools Should Close for Extra Cleaning If Anybody Catches COVID-19 02/10/2021 Reason
‘BOLD AGENDA?’ Press Sec Says Goal is to Have ‘In School Teaching’ At Least ‘One Day Per Week’ by April 02/10/2021 Hannity.com
Critics Slam Biden Over Report He Is Considering Travel Restrictions Against Florida, Other States 02/11/2021 The Daily Wire
White House Suspends Deputy Press Secretary For Allegedly Sexually Harassing, Threatening Reporter 02/12/2021 The Daily Wire
Steve Schmidt tells Bill Maher Lincoln Project is ‘most successful Super PAC’ in tame interview, as even McCain pours the hate on 02/13/2021 RT
‘God Herself’: Rep. Eric Swalwell Claims God Is Female 02/14/2021 The Daily Wire
Democrat Congresswoman: ‘Truth Commission’ Needed For ‘Common Narrative,’ ‘Look At’ Right-Wing Media 02/15/2021 The Daily Wire
Biden Administration: ‘We Don’t Know At This Point’ When Life Will ‘Return To Normal’ From Pandemic 02/17/2021 The Daily Wire
GOP Senators Demand Probe Into Cuomo's "Possibly Criminal" Handling Of COVID Death Data 02/18/2021 zerohedge.com
Watch: Biden Adviser Struggles To Explain Similar COVID Numbers In CA, FL Despite Opposite Approaches 02/18/2021 zerohedge.com
“Two Weeks To Stop The Spread” Was A Lie. It Was Better Than This. 02/18/2021 The Hayride
Biden COVID Adviser Can’t Explain Why CA And FL Have Similar Numbers Despite Different Approaches 02/18/2021 The Daily Wire
THAT’S THE PLAN? Press Sec Says Admin Can’t Say ‘When Everybody Will Feel Normal Again’ 02/18/2021 Hannity.com
Nancy Pelosi Is Stuck On Stupid, So Of Course Russel Honore Now Runs Capitol Security 02/19/2021 The Hayride
Report: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Pushing ‘Anti-Racist’ Initiative in Math 02/19/2021 Legal Insurrection
This Film Was 'a Multimillion-Dollar Contribution to Joe Biden' Meant 'to Sway the Election' 02/25/2021 CBN News
As Some Democrats Warn About Border Crisis, Biden’s DHS Head Downplays It: ‘We Are Not Saying Don’t Come, We Are Saying Don’t Come Now’ 03/01/2021 The Daily Wire
FBI Director Wray: Agency ‘Can’t Yet Disclose’ Sicknick’s Cause of Death 03/02/2021 Legal Insurrection
Stephen Colbert Finally Turns Against Andrew Cuomo 03/02/2021 PJ Media
WHITE HOUSE to MIGRANTS: ‘We’re Not Saying Don’t Come, We’re Saying Don’t Come Now!’ 03/02/2021 Hannity.com
NY Governor Cuomo Responds To Misconduct Allegations: ‘I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately’ 03/03/2021 The Daily Wire
FBI Director Wray refuses to confirm how Officer Sicknick died, but quick to deny Antifa Jan 6 role 03/03/2021 BizPac Review
‘NORMAL’ BY 2022? Biden Says Vax for All Adults in May, But Return to Normal By ‘Next Year’ 03/03/2021 Hannity.com
PRESSLEY: High School Juniors ‘Possess Wisdom and Maturity,’ Should Vote in Federal Elections 03/04/2021 Hannity.com
CA Rep. Zoe Lofgren Released Social Media Report on GOP Members Who Objected to Vote Certification 03/05/2021 Breitbart
WATCH: Biden Appears Lost, Forgets What The Pentagon Is Called And Who His Defense Secretary Is. 03/08/2021 WIBC
Critics Slam Biden After He Appears To Forget Name Of Defense Secretary, Pentagon: ‘He’s Not There’ 03/08/2021 The Daily Wire
In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon's Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name 03/09/2021 zerohedge.com
Did Biden Forget Defense Secretary Austin’s Name? 03/09/2021 Snopes
Watch: President Biden Appears To Forget The Name Of His Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin 03/09/2021 RealClear Politics
‘You’ll Get There’: Joe Manchin Says He’s Forgotten Names Too, Says Biden ‘Hasn’t Missed A Step’ 03/09/2021 Daily Caller
WATCH: Biden Aide Blocks Reporters From Asking Him Questions About His ‘Crisis At The Border’ 03/09/2021 The Daily Wire
Your Guide Todd Herman’s Stack of Stuff 03/09/2021 The Rush Limbaugh Show
CNN’s Don Lemon uses royal interview to push racism narrative 03/09/2021 Accuracy In Media
'Weekend At Biden's?' Handlers Shut Down Yet Another Q&A After Public Appearance 03/10/2021 zerohedge.com
Peak Absurdity: A ‘Fact-Checker’ Thought they Just Had to Defend Joe Biden on this Particular Stumble 03/10/2021 Townhall
No Data, No Evidence, ‘You’ve Got To Make A Judgment Call’: Fauci On Restricting Travel For Those Fully Vaccinated 03/10/2021 The Daily Wire
Fauci: We don’t have solid science yet on whether vaccinated people can travel so we’re winging it 03/10/2021 Hot Air
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