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Tom Elliott Press Clips

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Media Acknowledged Ukrainian Election Meddling Until It Hurt Their Impeachment Efforts 11/21/2019 The Federalist
Robert De Niro and Stephen Colbert Agree: Trump Is a Mob Boss 11/26/2019 PJ Media
Julian Castro and MSNBC Agree: Media Held Kamala Harris to a Different Standard 12/04/2019 Legal Insurrection
CNN takes a beating after it’s called out by ‘Daily Show’ for cutting ‘to the wrong black guy’ 12/06/2019 BizPac Review
CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage, Has It Removed From YouTube (But We Have It) 12/07/2019 RedState
Damning montage of ‘smug’ journos defending debunked dossier renews call for media accountability 12/14/2019 BizPac Review
Joe Biden Says He’ll End Standardized Testing In Public Schools After Questioner Calls Them ‘Rooted In A History Of Racism’ 12/14/2019 The Daily Caller
WATCH: Biden Commits To Ending ‘Racist’ Standardized Testing, Calls Out ‘Lousy’ Teachers 12/16/2019 The Daily Wire
SAY WHAT? Warren Says Congress Must Eliminate the Filibuster to Stop Climate Change 12/16/2019 Hannity
Eric Swalwell, An Attorney, Claims: Innocent Men Are ‘Forthcoming And Cooperative’ 12/18/2019 The Daily Wire
‘IT’S YOUR FUNERAL’: New York Post Shreds ‘Swamp Mistress’ Pelosi In Brutal Cover 12/19/2019 The Daily Wire
Investigation: Cadets weren’t making white supremacist hand gestures during the Army/Navy game, they were … playing the circle game 12/20/2019 Hot Air
Warns MSNBC if Trump Is Exonerated “He’s Going to Bring Putin into the White House for a Meeting” 12/21/2019 The Union Journal
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Says U.S. Not an ‘Advanced Society’ at Bernie Rally: ‘It Is Fascism’ 12/23/2019 Mediaite
Texas Pastor Thanks God His Congregants Had The Right To Defend Themselves 12/29/2019 The Daily Caller
Multiple armed church members stop Texas shooter in seconds; citizens thankful for chance to protect selves 12/30/2019 BizPac Review
Texas AG drops truth bomb on gun laws and ‘heroes’ during CNN segment following church shooting 12/30/2019 BizPac Review
TX Pastor Thanks Government for Allowing Armed Parishioners 12/30/2019 Breitbart
WATCH: Joe Biden Accidentally Makes Argument To Potentially Jail Own Son 12/30/2019 The Daily Wire
Texas Pastor Demolishes Joe Biden’s Desire To Disarm Churchgoers; Top Official: Hero Saved Hundreds 12/30/2019 The Daily Wire
Biden Channels AOC: ‘We’re All Dead’ If We Don’t Jail Fossil Fuel Execs 01/01/2020 The Union Journal
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Trump Is ‘An Assassin’ For Ordering Lawful Military Strike On Soleimani 01/06/2020 The Daily Wire
Elizabeth Warren shuts down Meghan McCain in heated discussion on 'The View' 01/07/2020 Yahoo!
Meghan McCain Presses Elizabeth Warren to Acknowledge Qasem Soleimani is a Terrorist: 'Of Course He Is' 01/07/2020 Newsweek
WATCH: Ilhan Omar Laughs While Colleague Talks About U.S. Casualties In Iraq 01/08/2020 The Daily Wire
For Republicans, the Vilification of Enemies Is All That Matters 01/08/2020 Washington Monthly
Child Porn Linked to Leftist Economist’s Personal IP Address 01/08/2020 Big League Politics
Ilhan Omar Says Trump Admin Triggering Her ‘PTSD,’ Internet Explodes 01/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Matthews: Soleimani’s death was just like Elvis’ and Princess Diana’s for Iranians, or something 01/09/2020 Hot Air
New Book Details How Biden Family Took ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’—Makes Claim that Hunter Biden Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ 01/10/2020 The Union Journal
California Dem: Aircraft Down Over Iran “Collateral Damage” of Trump 01/10/2020 The Union Journal
Iran Admits It Shot Down Passenger Plane Killing 176 People 01/10/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Dark psychic forces win again’: Marianne Williamson campaign comes to an end, and makes for Twitter gold 01/10/2020 BizPac Review
WATCH: Iranian Protesters Refuse To Walk On U.S., Israel Flags; Attack Soleimani Posters 01/12/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Absolutely Correct’: Obama’s National Security Adviser Praises Trump For Killing Soleimani 01/14/2020 The Daily Wire
‘MEDIA MALPRACTICE’: CNN Blasted For Question Siding With Warren Over Bernie 01/14/2020 The Daily Wire
#NeverWarren Trending After Debate Meltdown With Bernie, Biased CNN Question 01/15/2020 The Daily Wire
NADLER EXPLODES: Rep. Nadler Says McConnell Perpetrating an ‘Unconstitutional and Disgusting Cover-Up’ 01/15/2020 Hannity
CNN Releases Audio Of Post Debate Confrontation Between Warren, Sanders 01/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Ocasio-Cortez Calls The Democratic Party ‘Center-Conservative’ 01/20/2020 The Federalist
AOC blames racism for lack of 'police in riot gear' at Virginia gun-rights rally 01/20/2020 The Washington Times
AOC GASLIGHTS: Democrats Are ‘Conservative’; Virginia Gun Protesters Had ‘Confederate Flags’ 01/21/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary Attacks Bernie: ‘No One Likes Him’ Or ‘His Prominent Supporters,’ Has ‘Culture’ Problem 01/21/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: Business Owners Are Just Slave Owners, Employees Literally Dying Because of Their Greed 01/22/2020 The Union Journal
Trump Gives Greta Powerful Life Lesson 01/22/2020 American Action News
AOC Demonizes Business Owners: They’re Lazy Slave Owners, Employees ‘Literally Dying’ 01/22/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: Trump Administration ‘Now Targeting Pregnant Women,’ Calls on Officials to ‘Abolish ICE’ 01/23/2020 Hannity
Ocasio-Cortez’s War on Wealth Is a War on All of Us 01/24/2020 The Libertarian Republic
The Media's Sick Obsession With Adam Schiff 01/24/2020 Townhall
MSNBC Anchor Says “N*ggers” Instead of “Lakers” While Reporting Kobe Bryant’s Death (VIDEO) 01/26/2020 The Union Journal
MSNBC’s Ari Melber: Democrats didn’t provide ‘overwhelming evidence’ in impeachment trial 01/27/2020 Accuracy in Media
Tongue-tied MSNBC anchor accused of using N-word while covering Kobe Bryant’s death a bizarre scandal 01/27/2020 BizPac Review
Elizabeth Warren: To Deal With Chinese Coronavirus We Must Fight Climate Change 01/28/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden: My VP Pick Needs To Be Able To Be President ‘Because I’m An Old Guy’ 01/29/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN’S VERY BAD DAY: Joe Says His VP ‘Must be Capable’ Because He’s ‘An Old Guy’ Who May Die in Office 01/29/2020 Hannity
WATCH: Biden Won’t Accept Economy Is Good, Suggests Non-Citizen Could Run For Office, Mixes Up Countries 01/29/2020 The Daily Wire
Michael Moore Unloads On DNC Over New Rules That Could Help Bloomberg 01/31/2020 The Daily Caller
WATCH: Michael Moore Explodes At DNC While Speaking At Bernie Campaign Rally 01/31/2020 The Daily Wire
WATCH: NFL Airs Patriotic Tribute To The American Flag During Super Bowl 02/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Pete Buttigieg promises US employers endless overseas jobs 02/04/2020 Daily Gaming World
MSNBC's Zerlina Maxwell Explains Iowa Caucus Chaos: 'Systemic Racism' 02/04/2020 PJMedia
AOC Smears Rush Limbaugh: ‘Truly Nauseating’ that a ‘Virulent Racist’ Received Medal of Freedom 02/05/2020 Breitbart
WATCH: AOC Says It’s ‘Physically Impossible’ To Pull Yourself Up By Your BootstrapsWATCH: AOC Says It’s ‘Physically Impossible’ To Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps 02/06/2020 The Daily Wire
Warren: The Racism And Oppression On My Campaign Is Kinda America’s Fault, You Know 02/07/2020 Hot Air
AOC Gave Her Own Version Of Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That.’ The Backlash Triggered These Damage Control Tweets. 02/07/2020 The Daily Wire
Rep. Omar to Americans: You should feel guilt that your policies are destroying lives around the globe 02/08/2020 BizPac Review
Hillary Clinton on Becoming Vice President: ‘Never Say Never’ 02/08/2020 The Union Journal
Watch Joe Biden Call a Voter a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ in Bizarre Campaign Moment 02/09/2020 Mediaite
Biden, in New Hampshire, jokingly calls student 'a lying, dog-faced pony soldier' 02/09/2020 Fox News
Biden: ‘Rational’ Gun ‘Policy’ Is Banning ‘50 Clips In A Weapon’; AK-47 Won’t Protect You From Government 02/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Chris Rock, Steve Martin Mock Democrats Over Iowa Caucuses, L.A. Homeless Problem 02/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden’s “lying dog-faced pony soldier” moment, explained 02/10/2020 Vox
It's okay, Joe Biden was just quoting John Wayne when he called a woman "dog-faced" 02/10/2020 The Onion AV Club
Joe Biden calls Mercer student a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’ at New Hampshire event 02/10/2020 The Telegraph
Joe Biden’s Incoherent Second Amendment Rant 02/10/2020 National Review
WARREN in NH: ‘Abortion Rights are Human Rights, Abortion Rights are Economic Rights’ 02/10/2020 Hannity
Ocasio-Cortez Has New ‘D*mn’ Message For Those Mocking Her For ‘Bootstrap’ Comment 02/10/2020 The Daily Wire
Woman That Biden Called ‘Dog-Faced’ Liar Fires Back In Statement 02/10/2020 The Daily Wire
MSNBC's Chuck Todd uses 'journalistic sleights of hand' to insult Trump, Sanders voters, critics say 02/11/2020 Fox News
Don Jr. Calls Out Biden After He Tells Voter She’s a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ 02/11/2020 The Union Journal
CNN reporter accused of 'dismissing' Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk remarks previously worked at Bloomberg Television 02/12/2020 FOX News
Warren Faces Blowback Over Cringe Story She Tells To Promote Campaign 02/12/2020 The Daily Wire
MSNBC's Chuck Todd criticized by Anti-Defamation League over Sanders 'brownshirt brigade' remark 02/12/2020 FOX News
Ayanna Pressley: ‘American Constitution Is Sexist By Its Very Design,’ Women ‘Still Shackled’ 02/12/2020 The Daily Wire
Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student’s ‘last few dollars’ for her campaign 02/12/2020 ABC 14 News
ZERO SENSE: Bernie Claims Americans Already Living in ‘Socialist Society Under President Trump’ 02/14/2020 Hannity
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Going On On ‘Drag Race’, And Right-Wing Trolls Are Furious About It 02/15/2020 Junkee
Andrew McCabe Responds To DOJ Dropping Criminal Investigation Into His Lying 02/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden says ‘no one needs AR-15s; weapons of war’ 02/17/2020 American Military News
Why Was Andrew McCabe Let off the Hook? 02/17/2020 Townhall
Sorry, Bernie—America will never be a Socialist country 02/18/2020 The Union Journal
Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom: Doctors Should Be Able To Prescribe Housing Like Medication 02/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Democrat James Clyburn Attacks Trump: Black Unemployment Better When We Were Slaves 02/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Commie Bernie Sanders Supporter AOC: “Billionaires Should Not Exist” 02/20/2020 The Union Journal
Why we should be wary of blaming ‘overpopulation’ for the climate crisis 02/20/2020 The Chicago Reporter
Bloomberg Declares Trump Winner Of Debate; Warren Has Brutal Message For Bloomberg 02/20/2020 The Daily Wire
Stacey Abrams: Sure, I’ll Take the VP Slot in 2020, but I Really Want to be President One Day 02/20/2020 Legal Insurrection
Media Scramble to Fact Check Whether There Were Actual Crickets on Debate Stage 02/20/2020 The Washington Free Beacon
Elizabeth Warren Smears Law Enforcement 02/21/2020 WIBC
CA governor: No really, let’s allow doctors to write prescriptions for houses 02/21/2020 Hot Air
Fake controversy over Bloomberg’s jokey ad somehow turns stupider 02/21/2020 Hot Air
WATCH: MSNBC’s Matthews Compares Rise Of Bernie To WWII ‘Fall Of France’ To Nazi Germany 02/22/2020 The Daily Wire
‘He is a Hack and a Shill’ 02/22/2020 The Union Journal
Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion 02/23/2020 The Hill
MSNBC anchors keep comparing Sanders’ campaign and its supporters to Nazis, and they’re being called to resign 02/23/2020 Business Insider
‘Totally sane’: Dems can’t make up their minds about who is a supposed ‘Russian agent’. Trump? Bernie? Or… both? 02/23/2020 Infosurhoy
‘This thing is going very well for Vladimir Putin’: Cable news hosts and pundits freak out at Bernie Sanders as he clinches a big win in Nevada 02/23/2020 Business Insider
Democrat Pramila Jayapal Promotes Debunked Talking Point On Private Insurance 02/24/2020 The Daily Wire
CRUZ MISSILE: Ted Tells Gavin Newsom You Can’t Write a Prescription and a ‘House Will Magically Appear’ 02/24/2020 Hannity
Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders for Comparing Nevada Win to Nazi Invasion of France 02/25/2020 The Union Journal
BIDEN in CAROLINA: ‘150 Million People Have Been Killed’ By Gun Violence Since 2007 (45% of US Population) 02/25/2020 Hannity
The Old Media Presses Facebook to the Left 02/26/2020 Creators Syndicate
Over 200 Native Americans Sign Letter Demanding Elizabeth Warren Formally Retract Heritage Claims 02/29/2020 The Union Journal
Biden's Desperation Means Increased Threats to Gun Rights 03/01/2020 AmmoLand
Chris Matthews, MSNBC's Least Woke Host, Retires Amid #MeToo Allegations 03/02/2020 Reason
Chris Matthews Announces Retirement After Comparing Bernie Sanders’ Win To Nazi Invasion: Apologizes For Comments He Has Made About Women 03/02/2020 ET Canada
'Maybe you shouldn't even want to have sex with me!' Rashida Tlaib declares in bizarre pro-abortion rant 03/04/2020 The Blaze
Actress Busy Philipps Claims She Owes Her Success to an Abortion at Age 15 03/05/2020 Breitbart
Rep. Rashida Tlaib to Pro-Life Men: ‘Maybe You Shouldn’t Even Want to Have Sex with Me!’ 03/06/2020 WIBC 93.1 FM
Chernobyl to Katrina: Pundits scramble to compare Trump’s handling of coronavirus to previous catastrophes 03/09/2020 Infosurhoy
Biden Appears to Forget Which Office He's Running For During Victory Speech 03/11/2020 TownHall
If only America had this one thing, say Democrats, we'd be safe from coronavirus 03/11/2020 American Thinker
Democrat Ayanna Pressley Seems To Claim ‘Racism’ Responsible For People Not Eating At Chinese Restaurants 03/12/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC Insinuates Bernie Lost Michigan By Wide Margin Due to ‘Voter Suppression’ 03/13/2020 The Union Journal
‘Nationalize factories & industries!’ De Blasio kicks panic up to 11 calling coronavirus ‘war-like situation’ 03/14/2020 Infosurhoy
Inmate Michael Cohen calling for Trump admin to let prisoners out of jail over coronavirus fears 03/15/2020 BizPac Review
The Biggest Threat From Coronavirus Isn’t Racism 03/16/2020 The Daily Signal
Sanders Adviser: Having Elections When Black Colleges Are On Spring Break Is ‘Voter Suppression’ 03/16/2020
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio ‘Resisted Drastic Steps’ On Coronavirus, Doesn’t Understand Outrage Over Gym Visits 03/17/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary and Chinese Gov’t Reading From Same Script In Calling Trump Racist Over “Chinese Virus” 03/22/2020 Legal Insurrection
Senator Highlights Pelosi’s ‘Absurd’ Coronavirus Bill That Is ‘Unrelated To The Crisis’ 03/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden Adviser Slams Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus but Claimed ‘No Reason’ to Panic Last Month 03/23/2020 Breitbart
Don’t blame over-population for the climate crisis 03/24/2020 City Metric
Trump Squashes Democrats’ Partisan Demands For Funding Not Related To Coronavirus 03/24/2020 The Daily Wire
Obama Has Been Discussing VP Picks With Biden 03/24/2020 The Union Journal
AOC Calls For Older Criminals to Be Released From Rikers 03/24/2020 The Union Journal
WATCH: Biden Repeatedly Coughs, Gets Confused During Tuesday Interviews 03/25/2020 The Daily Wire
Cash Crisis: National Currencies Plunge in the Wake of Coronavirus 03/25/2020 Bitcoin.com
WATCH: Joe Biden Has To Be Taught How To Properly Cough During Live CNN Interview 03/25/2020 The Daily Wire
SEIU: We found 39 million N95 masks — and they’ll cost you five bucks a pop 03/26/2020 Hot Air
Jake Tapper: As People Die, Remember That Trump 'Lied' 'Downplayed' Coronavirus 03/26/2020 NewsBusters
James Comey says he's 'unsure how to use Twitter now' amid virus outbreak, shares 'social distance selfie' 03/27/2020 FOX News
PASSING THE BUCK: New Orleans Mayor Blames TRUMP for Not Canceling Mardi Gras During Virus Outbreak 03/27/2020 Hannity
Watch Tucker Do the Work CNN WON’T DO, Showing NYC Officials Dismissing Coronavirus 03/27/2020 NewsBusters
Biden: It’s ‘Too Harsh’ To Claim ‘Blood’ On Trump’s Hands For Coronavirus Deaths In U.S. 03/29/2020 The Daily Wire
WHO accused of ‘Chinese propaganda’ after official refuses to acknowledge Taiwan in bizarre interview 03/30/2020 News.com.au
WATCH: Pelosi Attacks Trump: ‘Don’t Fiddle While People Die’ 03/30/2020 The Daily Wire
Coronavirus timeline: How to find the actual truth 03/30/2020 NOQ Report
Joe Scarborough on Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘Everybody Saw This Coming in Early January’ 04/01/2020 National Review
Supercut: Democrats give dangerous Chi-Com virus advice 04/01/2020 NOQ Report
Joe Scarborough Says Everyone Except Trump ‘Saw This Coming In Early January,’ But ‘Morning Joe’ Didn’t Mention It Until The 24th 04/01/2020 The Union Journal
Gavin Newsom: Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Opportunity’ To Implement Leftist Agenda 04/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Even as Democrats blame Trump, their own words come back to haunt them 04/02/2020 American Thinker
Joe Scarborough Says Everyone Except Trump ‘Saw This Coming In Early January,’ But ‘Morning Joe’ Didn’t Mention It Until The 24th 04/04/2020 The Armenian Reporter
Democrats Using Crisis to Advance Progressive Agenda 04/04/2020 Legal Insurrection
False Media Narrative of Red State Negligence In Wuhan Virus Response 04/05/2020 Legal Insurrection
Asia Analyst: There’s A Major Indicator That China Is Having Another ‘Big’ Outbreak 04/06/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC: The United States is a ‘Brutal, Barbarian Society’ for Most Working Americans 04/06/2020 Hannity
WHO Slams Those Who Are ‘Pointing Fingers’ At Them: If You ‘Politicize This Virus,’ Then You’ll Have ‘Many More Body Bags’ 04/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Coronavirus Crisis: Systemic Racism Makes Black & Brown People More Susceptible to Illness 04/08/2020 HipLatina
CNN's 'straight news' anchors using coronavirus to 'flaunt their utter disdain' for Trump, critics say 04/09/2020 FOX News
Ocasio-Cortez On Coronavirus: ‘Environmental Racism’ Is A ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ 04/11/2020 The Daily Wire
Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Has ‘Not Earned The Right’ To Call Itself A ‘Humane Society’ 04/11/2020 The Daily Wire
Biden skates through TV interviews as anchors avoid questions about Tara Reade's assault claim 04/17/2020 FOX News
WATCH: Leftist Journalists Rip Americans Protesting Lockdowns: ‘Nazi, Confederate Death-Cult … Want More Black And Brown People To Die’ 04/20/2020 The Daily Wire
China Expert On CNN: ‘Trump Is Absolutely Right On China’, They’re Costing Us Lives 04/20/2020 The Daily Wire
CNN Reporter Claims Coronavirus Has ‘Helped Humanity’ Buy Time To Address Global Warming 04/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Mike Pompeo: ‘Very Confident’ China ‘Will Pay A Price For What They Did’ 04/24/2020 The Daily Wire
50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed 04/26/2020 ABC 14 News
Adam Schiff: 50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed 04/26/2020 Breitbart
A NEW LOW: Schiff Says ’50,000 Americans Are Dead’ Because Trump Wasn’t Impeached and Removed 04/27/2020 Hannity.com
Brian Stelter Quotes ‘Breaking Bad’ Actor To Back His Theory That Trump Is Mentally Insane 04/27/2020 The Daily Caller
Joe Biden: We Need More ‘Economic Intercourse Around The World’ 04/28/2020 The Daily Wire
Ears perk when Joe Biden argues for more ‘economic intercourse’ around the world 04/28/2020 BizPac Review
GAVIN NEWSOM: The Trump Administration ‘Has Delivered’ for California During Coronavirus 04/29/2020 Hannity.com
WATCH: Joe Biden On Kavanaugh and Sexual Assault Allegations (Against People Who Are Not Joe Biden) 05/01/2020 PJ Media
Joe Biden adamant he’s innocent, but claim on sexual allegation complaint archives already hits a snag 05/01/2020 BizPac Review
Flashback – Biden on Blasey Ford: Women Should Be Given ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ 05/02/2020 Breitbart
The Nursing Home Scandal 05/06/2020 Ricochet
SICK: De Blasio Blames Profit-Seeking Nursing Homes For COVID Outbreaks, Not NY Law 05/06/2020 The Daily Wire
AOC on BIDEN ACCUSER: ‘She Has Never Explicitly Said: ‘Don’t Support Joe Biden!’ 05/07/2020 Hannity
De Niro: Cuomo Is a 'Very Capable Backup' If 'Something Would Change' with Biden, 'God Forbid' 05/07/2020 PJ Media
Supercut Highlights Media Calling Claim That Michael Flynn Was Set Up By FBI A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 05/09/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN on ALLEGATIONS: ‘I Think Women Should Be Believed… BUT This Never Happened’ 05/12/2020 Hannity.com
SCHUMER on BIDEN ALLEGATION: ‘I’ve Heard Joe’s Explanation, I think It’s Sufficient!’ 05/13/2020 Hannity.com
New CNN Poll Shows Donald Trump Has Tied His Highest Approval Rating Ever 05/13/2020 The Armenian Reporter
WATCH: Washington Post's Sally Quinn and CNN's Alisyn Camerota Cringeworthy FANGIRLING All Over Fauci 05/13/2020 PJ Media
James Clapper’s CNN Connection Goes Dark After He Is Asked About Leaks 05/15/2020 Breitbart
Trump campaign launches faux ‘investigative’ video series on ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden’s many flubs 05/18/2020 BizPac Review
Worried Trump is trying to kill himself, laughs Jimmy Kimmel, as if suicide is a joke 05/20/2020 BizPac Review
Newsom begs for ‘moral’ fed bailout, threatens to cut first responders, as millions go to illegal immigrants 05/20/2020 BizPac Review
MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta: Make Masks Mandatory, ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Breathe Exhaled COVID-19’ 05/25/2020 Breitbart
MSNBC’s Dr. Vin Gupta calls for lawmakers to pass laws to make wearing masks mandatory in public 05/27/2020 BizPac Review
FANTASYLAND: Minneapolis Council President Says She ‘Imagines a Future Without Police’ 06/08/2020 Hannity.com
WATCH: Ilhan Omar Struggles To Answer Who Will Enforce The Law If Police Disbanded 06/15/2020 The Daily Wire
Reporters speculate about Trump's health after his slow walk down ramp at West Point commencement 06/15/2020 FOX News
Omar Says Communities Will Still Be Safe If Police Department Is Eliminated 06/15/2020 The Union Journal
OMAR CLAMS UP: Ilhan Freezes When Asked ‘Who Investigates Crimes? Who Arrests Criminals?!’ 06/16/2020 Hannity.com
Joy Behar Slams Justice Thomas For Dissent On New SCOTUS Ruling By Saying He’s ‘Married To A Caucasian Woman’ 06/17/2020 The Armenian Reporter
New York Museum of Natural History: Teddy Roosevelt isn’t canceled but the equestrian statue of him is 06/22/2020 Hot Air
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Latinos Are Black” 06/23/2020 WIBC
Twenty Things That Caught My Eye Today: Modern-Day Slavery, Child Welfare & More (June 23, 2020) 06/23/2020 National Review
Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Tearing Down Monuments Is Healthy Expression 06/23/2020 PJ Media
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said What About Blacks and Latinos? 06/23/2020 Townhall
AOC Faces Twitter Backlash After Claiming ‘Latinos Are Black’ 06/23/2020 The Federalist
BLM Leader Threatens to 'Burn Down the System... Literally', Calls Jesus a 'Black Radical Revolutionary' 06/25/2020 CBN News
While Claiming to be ‘Palestinian’, Rashida Tlaib now says she’s “African American” 06/30/2020 Breaking Israel News
WATCH: CNN Chyron Mocks ‘Independence’ Day, CNN Reporter At Mt. Rushmore Refers To Washington, Jefferson As ‘Slave Owners’ 07/03/2020 The Daily Wire
CNN gushed about Mt. Rushmore when Bernie Sanders was touting it 4 years ago 07/04/2020 BizPac Review
Dem Sen. Duckworth open to ripping down George Washington statues; even CNN was confused 07/05/2020 BizPac Review
CHICAGO SPIRALS: Mayor Blames Historic Spike in Murders, Shootings on ‘Coronavirus’ 07/06/2020 Hannity.com
O’Rourke Blames GOP ‘Death Cult Mentality’ For Spike In Shootings 07/09/2020 LaCorte News
VIDEO: You Will Absolutely Not Believe What Bobby 'Beto' O'Rourke Blames for Spike in Violent Crime 07/09/2020 PJ Media
Lori Lightfoot: ‘Too Many Illegal Guns on Our Street,’ That‘s Why We Need Biden 07/14/2020 Breitbart
CHICAGO MAYOR on MURDERS: President Not Really ‘Committed to Helping Us Deal with Violence’ 07/14/2020 Hannity.com
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Blasted After Massive Hack Hits Platform, Major Accounts Locked 07/15/2020 The Daily Wire
CHICAGO MAYHEM: Shootings Leave 10 People Dead Over the Weekend, 60 Injured Including 10 Children 07/20/2020 Hannity.com
OREGON REP: ‘Portland is Not Out of Control,’ Just ‘Some People Who Have Strong Feelings!’ 07/21/2020 Hannity.com
CNN skips Trump's prepared remarks at revived coronavirus briefing 07/21/2020 FOX News
After Democrat Cities Descend Into Chaos, 'Defunding the Police' Loses Support 07/21/2020 PJ Media
‘Death Cult’ GOP Wants You To Do The Dying 07/22/2020 The Union Journal
Biden confounds when he says Walter Reed nurses used to ‘breathe in his nostrils’ to keep him going 07/23/2020 BizPac Review
The Paranoid Style Gets More Paranoid 07/23/2020 National Review
Dems, media ramp up claim that Trump would use military to 'steal' 2020 election 07/23/2020 FOX News
Creepy Joe Biden, The Sequel: “I Had Nurses at Walter Reed” Who Would “Breathe in My Nostrils” 07/23/2020 WIBC-FM
NEW YORK NIGHTMARE: De Blasio Says Feds ‘Repressing the Right to Protest’ and ‘Made Things Worse!’ 07/23/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Claims Nurses Would ‘Breathe in My Nostrils to Make Me Move’ During Hospital Stay 07/23/2020 Breitbart
Tucker pokes fun at Biden, invites anyone who’s ever ‘blown air into his nostrils’ on the show 07/24/2020 BizPac Review
Will the Nurse Who Allegedly Blew Into Joe Biden's Nose Please Stand Up? 07/24/2020 PJ Media
Pelosi Falsely Suggests She Never Called Federal Officers ‘Stormtroopers’, Appears To Mock Barr’s Weight 07/28/2020 The Daily Wire
‘You Were President Obama’s Right-Hand!’ 07/28/2020 The Armenian Reporter
Barr Shreds Democrats During Hostile Questioning: Democrats Won’t Condemn ‘Mob Violence,’ ‘Attacks On Federal Courts’ 07/29/2020 The Daily Wire
‘It Has To Be The Money’: MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill Floats Trump-Putin Hydroxychloroquine Conspiracy Theory 07/29/2020 The Daily Wire
DEM REP: ‘Right Wing Protests’ Banned, BLM Protests Different Because ‘They’re Observing the Rules’ 07/31/2020 Hannity.com
SEN HIRONO: ‘Factual Evidence’ from Minneapolis Shows ‘White Supremacists’ Have ‘Hijacked Peaceful Protests’ 08/04/2020 Hannity.com
WORST MAYOR EVER: De Blasio Threatens to Fire 22,000 City Workers if Feds Don’t Bail Out NYC 08/05/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden: ‘Unlike the African American Community … the Latino Community Is an Incredibly Diverse Community’ 08/06/2020 Breitbart
New York AG lets down Leftists with ‘big’ announcement she’s suing the NRA, not producing Trump’s taxes 08/06/2020 BizPacReview
Insanity Wrap #22: Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1699 08/06/2020 PJ Media
WATCH: Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Praises Diversity Among Latinos ‘Unlike the African American Community’ 08/06/2020 Space Coast Daily
Crazy as a Soup Sandwich: A Celebration of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline 08/06/2020 WIBC
PELOSI PUZZLES: ‘We Have on Authority, Documents, Virtual, Actual and Hybrid Education, Within Range!’ 08/06/2020 Hannity.com
Biden’s lead over Trump drops, now almost identical to Hillary’s at this point in 2016 08/06/2020 Hot Air
Facebook to suspend pro-Trump super PAC from advertising, committee vows to fight on 08/07/2020 BizPac Review
Media pay for Joe Biden over genetic reviews, keep ‘online power outage’ of most up-to-date dispute 08/08/2020 Writeup 24
MSNBC Virtually Silent Over Biden Gaffes 08/09/2020 PJ Media
COLLEGE ATHLETE: ‘There’s a Risk with Football and Driving a Car, With Faith I Live My Life Without Fear’ 08/12/2020 Hannity.com
Dr. Scott Atlas Should Provide Hopeful Insight on These COVID-19 Topics—Now 08/12/2020 PJ Media
MIKA MELTDOWN: MSNBC Host Loses It On Show While Repeatedly Berating Trump 08/14/2020 The Daily Wire
‘Very Strange’: Trump Slams Biden And Harris For Nixing Questions — And Reporters For Letting Them 08/15/2020 Daily Caller
Eureka! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Plan to Save The USPS! 08/18/2020 WIBC 93.1 FM
Obama Campaign Manager Claims a Second Trump Term ‘Will Be Moscow’s for the Taking’; MSNBC Host Suggests ‘We’ll All Be Speaking Russian’ 08/19/2020 National Review
NO POWER? NO PROBLEM! Governor Newsom Releases List of Tips to Avoid Electricity in California 08/19/2020 Hannity.com
‘It’s Ridiculous’: Jill Biden Snaps When Asked If It’s Okay To Debate Joe Biden’s Cognitive Abilities 08/19/2020 The Daily Wire
Here's Yet Another Graph That Shreds the COVID Lockdown Hysteria 08/20/2020 Townhall
Leftists fume when Trump says he’ll use law enforcement to ensure a fair election at the polls 08/21/2020 BizPac Review
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Fox News' Martha MacCallum Ends Interview After BLM Leader Refuses to Condemn Looting 08/22/2020 CBN News
BLM Activist Warns: ‘You Can Listen To Us Or You Can Get Ran Over,’ ‘We’re Taking That S**t Back’ 08/22/2020 The Daily Wire
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AL’S ANSWER: Gore Blames CoVID, Hurricanes, California Wildfires, New Viruses on Climate Crisis 08/25/2020 Hannity.com
CNN Edits Out Word ‘Violent’ While Covering Protests In Wisconsin 08/25/2020 LaCorte News
AL’S ANSWER: Gore Blames CoVID, Hurricanes, California Wildfires, New Viruses on Climate Crisis 08/25/2020 Hannity.com
Jacob Blake’s Mom Blasts Rioters For Destroying Kenosha, Apologizes To Trump 08/26/2020 The Daily Wire
2 Dead, 1 Gunman Arrested In Kenosha Riots, As Family of Jacob Blake Calls for Calm 08/26/2020 Reason
‘It’s Showing Up in the Polling’: CNN Hosts Worry Dems Will Face Electoral Consequences If They Don’t Address Rioting 08/26/2020 National Review
Jacob Blake’s Mother Expresses ‘Disgust’ With Kenosha Rioters, Apologizes to Trump for Missing Phone Call 08/26/2020 American Greatness
MSNBC MELTDOWN: Melania Trump Address to RNC was a ‘CoVID Spreader Event’ Because People Cheered 08/26/2020 Hannity.com
Don Lemon: This rioting has to stop. It’s showing up in the polling now. Update: Feds going to Wisconsin 08/26/2020 Hot Air
WATCH: CNN Claims Kenosha Protests Are ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’ As City Burns Behind Reporter 08/27/2020 The Daily Wire
Jacob Blake’s Mom Apologizes to Trump on CNN and Asks Rioters To Stop 08/28/2020 WSAU
RAND’S STAND: Sen. Paul Says ‘Idiot’ Rioters ‘Would Have Killed Me’ If Not for DC Police 08/28/2020 Hannity.com
Nancy Pelosi Accuses Salon Of Setting Her Up, Suggests She’s Owed An Apology 09/02/2020 The Daily Wire
Woman At Biden Town Hall: ‘I Was Told To Go Off This Paper But I Can’t. You Need The Truth.’ 09/03/2020 The Daily Wire
Now They’re Trying To ‘Destroy’ The Salon Owner Who Embarrassed Pelosi 09/03/2020 Daily Caller
Biden: Trump’s To Blame For Empty Schools. Cruz: ‘Pssst … Joe … You’re The One Saying Shut Them All Down’ 09/03/2020 The Daily Wire
Joe Biden's Former Stenographer: 'He's Lost a Step' 09/08/2020 PJ Media
Joe Biden: ‘Only Person Calling to Defund the Police Is Donald Trump’ 09/08/2020 Breitbart
WATCH: Al Sharpton Slams ‘Defund The Police’ Movement: Only ‘Latte Liberals’ Think We Don’t Need ‘Proper Policing’ 09/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Rev. Al Sharpton: Abuse and Attack Police at All Times, But Don’t Defund Them 09/09/2020 WIBC
Trevor Noah: Gender Reveal Parties Are ‘Outdated,’ Should Only Happen When Kids ‘Know Their Actual Gender’ 09/09/2020 Faithwire
Fake News: Biden Says Trump Will Take Away Funds From Police 09/11/2020 PanAm Post
SAME OLD PLAYBOOK: Schumer Demands New Briefings on ‘Putin’s Efforts’ to Interfere in 2020 Election 09/11/2020 Hannity.com
Ted Cruz’s scorching blow to Trevor Noah’s take on gender reveal parties ignites firestorm of liberal hate 09/12/2020 BizPac Review
BIDEN: If Trump Wins, ‘Suburbs Will Be Blown Away in Superstorms’ and Other ‘Hellish Events’ 09/14/2020 Hannity.com
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Biden Warns In Climate Change Speech: "How Many Suburbs Will Be Burned," Flooded, Blown Away? 09/14/2020 RealClear Politics
MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: Biden Says US Doesn’t ‘Need Fossil Fuels’ Moments After Arriving in Private Jet 09/15/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Calls His White House Bid The ‘Harris-Biden Administration’ 09/15/2020 Daily Caller
Joe Biden condemns each and every COVID-19 fatality on Trump, states ‘all people’ would certainly live if Trump had actually performed his project 09/18/2020 Publicist Paper
DELUSIONAL DE BLASIO: NYC Has ‘Set a Gold Standard’ in Re-Opening Schools, Praises ‘Heroic’ Efforts 09/18/2020 Hannity.com
Nolte: Joe Biden Says ‘All the People Would Still Be Alive’ if Trump Handled Pandemic Differently 09/18/2020 Breitbart
Unhinged Democrats Call for Political Violence if GOP Fills Supreme Court Vacancy Before Election 09/21/2020 American Greatness
WATCH: CNN’s Jeff Toobin Calls Democrats ‘Wimps,’ Says They’ll Fail To Keep RBG Seat Empty 09/21/2020 The Daily Wire
VIDEO: The One Where Joe Biden Says 'I Lost My Line' in the Middle of a Softball Interview 09/21/2020 PJ Media
Watch Schumer Get Heckled During Live Briefing: “You ain’t doing s***!” 09/22/2020 WIBC
PRESS SEC: Dems Are On a ‘Search and Destroy’ Mission, Don Lemon Just ‘Said the Quiet Part Out Loud’ 09/22/2020 Hannity.com
Chuck Schumer Gets Heckled and Doesn't Enjoy It. But You Can. 09/22/2020 PJ Media
Schumer Heckled At Press Conference: ‘You Ain’t Doing S***!’ 09/23/2020 The Daily Wire
Nancy Pelosi Says Joe Biden Should Not Debate Donald Trump: ‘He Has No Fidelity to Fact or Truth… He and His Henchmen Are a Danger to Democracy’ 09/25/2020 Hill Reporter
McMaster Dismisses Wolf Blitzer’s Claim That Military Would Remove Trump If He Doesn’t Concede 09/25/2020 The Union Journal
Gayle King rebukes Pelosi for ‘egregious language’ when she takes comments on Trump/Biden debate too far 09/25/2020 BizPac Review
Gayle King questions Nancy Pelosi's 'insulting' and 'egregious' nickname for Trump allies 09/26/2020 Yahoo!
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Nancy Pelosi Says Republicans Are Trump's Henchmen and Gayle King Suggests the Characterization Is 'Egregious'—Is It Really Though? 09/27/2020 Yahoo!
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Joe Biden, confused, was for the Green New Deal and then against it, in the same debate. AOC chimes in. 09/30/2020 BizPac Review
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SUPERCUT! Jim ‘CAN'T RECALL’ Comey Pretends He Has No Memory of Russia Probe Details 10/01/2020 Hannity.com
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Trump Released From Walter Reed Medical Center, Returning To White House 10/05/2020 The Daily Wire
BIDEN: Trump Should Implement a ‘Mask Mandate Nationwide’ Including ‘Interstate Travel’ 10/05/2020 Hannity.com
[VIDEO] CNN's Brian Stelter Loses It, Compares Trump to a 'Dear Leader' Dictator as He Departs Walter Reed for the White House 10/05/2020 PJ Media
Left’s Response To Trump’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ Tweet Emphasizes How Very Much They Want Fear 10/06/2020 The Federalist
Michelle Obama: “What the President is doing is patently false, morally wrong, and yes, racist” 10/06/2020 Legal Insurrection
Michelle Obama Dishonestly Claims ‘Only a Tiny Fraction’ of BLM Protests Have Been Violent 10/07/2020 Legal Insurrection
Joe Biden: ‘You’ll Know My Opinion On Court-Packing When The Election Is Over’ 10/08/2020 The Daily Wire
Steve Schmidt: That fly that landed on Pence’s head historically has been the mark of the Beast 10/08/2020 Hot Air
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BLAME GAME: NY Governor Blames ‘Staffers’ for Bringing Deadly CoVID Pandemic into Nursing Homes 10/14/2020 Hannity.com
Joe Biden Open to Mandating Coronavirus Vaccine, Will Order Governors to Impose Mask Mandate 10/15/2020 Breitbart
Joe Biden Suggests Police Should Shoot Criminals ‘In The Leg’ Instead Of Shooting ‘To Kill’ 10/15/2020 Daily Caller
TWITTER CENSORS WHITE HOUSE COVID EXPERT—Tech Platform Doesn't Agree With Dr. Scott Atlas's View On Masks 10/18/2020 PJ Media
Andrew Cuomo: Americans ‘Should Be’ Skeptical of Coronavirus Vaccine 10/19/2020 National Review
‘I believed I was not visible’: CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin suspended by New Yorker for allegedly showing penis on Zoom call 10/19/2020 RT
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CUOMO: New York Was ‘Ambushed’ by CoVID-19 Because Trump Used the Term ‘China Virus’ 10/21/2020 Hannity.com
Pelosi Refuses to Answer Reporter’s Question on Hunter Biden: ‘I Don’t Have All Day’ 10/22/2020 Yahoo!
Pelosi Refuses to Answer Reporter’s Question on Hunter Biden: ‘I Don’t Have All Day’ 10/22/2020 National Review
Pelosi When Asked About Alleged Biden Laptop Scandal: ‘I’m Not Answering Your Questions’ 10/22/2020 The Daily Wire
Tapper Grills Pelosi For Refusing To Pass COVID-19 Relief Bill: ‘You Could Take Yes For An Answer’ 10/25/2020 The Daily Wire
Hillary Clinton: 'I Have No Doubt' I Would Have Handled COVID Better Than Trump 10/26/2020 PJ Media
BIDEN SNAPS: ‘I Just Told You Where I’m Going! There Hasn’t Been a Day That’s Not a 12-Hour Day Yet!’ 10/27/2020 Hannity.com
DOJ Expands Probe into Whether New York State Undercounted COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes 10/29/2020 Law & Crime
Biden Suggested Jailing Fossil Fuel Executives to Fight Climate Change in 2019 10/29/2020 Breitbart
Don-Dada Lemon Talks Cutting Trump-Supporting Friends Out of His Life: ‘They’re Too Far Gone’ 10/30/2020 Yahoo!
Dave Matthews: Trump rallies show ‘contempt’ for ‘his greatest followers’. 10/30/2020 The Washington Newsday
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Pelosi suggests Trump is a domestic enemy, declares Dems were given a ‘mandate’ by voters 11/06/2020 BizPac Review
Tucker Carlson will be 2024 GOP frontrunner, says Lincoln Project’s co-founder 11/07/2020 BizPac Review
Schmidt from the Lincoln Project: Carlson could be the top candidate for the GOP in 2024. 11/08/2020 The Washington Newsday
Cuomo: ‘Bad News’ that Pfizer Announced Vaccine Results before Biden Assumes Office 11/09/2020 Yahoo!
Cuomo: It’s “bad news” that Pfizer announced these vaccine results before Biden takes office 11/09/2020 Hot Air
Rhodes: ‘Foreign Leaders Already Having Phone Calls with Joe Biden,’ Same Act for Which Michael Flynn Was Investigated 11/09/2020 Breitbart
Jon Meacham 'abandoned' rules of journalism as the secret Biden speechwriter on MSNBC's payroll, experts say 11/11/2020 FOX News
Biden Covid-19 adviser pitches national lockdown, warns US will be hitting 200,000 cases a day — DHT USA News 11/11/2020 DHT News
Cable news 'commentators' reveal their true colors: TV contributors join the Biden administration - as MSNBC drops analyst Jon Meacham for failing to disclose he was writing Joe's speeches 11/11/2020 Daily Mail
CNN insiders support Jeffrey Toobin firing by New Yorker, predict network will 'dig heels in' and keep him 11/11/2020 FOX news
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightoot Issues Stay-at-Home Advisory Amid Rise in COVID Cases 11/13/2020 eurweb
Fauci Tells Americans ‘Now Is The Time To Do What You’re Told’ During Discussion On Coronavirus Pandemic 11/13/2020 Daily Caller
Disgrace: House holding dinner for new members — indoors — while urging public to sacrifice Thanksgiving; Update: Event “modified” 11/13/2020 Hot Air
The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan rips 'leftist' media, 'crying' anchors: Gotta 'suck it up,' 'be less partisan' 11/14/2020 FOX News
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Dr. Fauci to America: Time to ‘Do What You’re Told’ 11/14/2020 Legal Insurrection
Fauci: We should probably wear masks and social distance even after being vaccinated 11/16/2020 Hot Air
Seriously? John Brennan Laments Biden Will Have to 'Repair the Damage' Trump Did in the Middle East 11/18/2020 PJ Media
California Medical Association reps & maskless guests were at Newsom dinner that BROKE Covid-19 advice — DHT USA News 11/19/2020 DHT News
Joe Biden Bumbles Through Appearance, Vows to ‘Dictate’ to Companies 11/19/2020 Breitbart
Snopes Cries 'Mostly False' for Accurate Attack on Cuomo's Vaccine 'Bad News' 11/19/2020 NewsBusters
Ilhan Omar ripped for botching Bible scripture in attempt to school Marco Rubio, defend Ga. Dem candidate 11/19/2020 BizPac Review
WATCH: Biden’s Teleprompter Fails, Gaffe-O-Matic Brain System Takes Over 11/20/2020 93.1 WIBC
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‘The Avengers’: Biden’s cabinet picks literally billed as ‘superheroes,’ Rubio and Cotton add perspective 11/25/2020 BizPac Review
Yamiche Alcindor swoons: Biden’s cabinet picks are “superheroes to come and save us all” 11/25/2020 Hot Air
USA Today mocked after 'fact check' claims calling out Dems for COVID hypocrisy is 'missing context' 12/02/2020 Fox News
Biden Compares Wearing A Mask To Sacrifices In World Wars, Korean War 12/03/2020 Daily Caller
Journalists Turn on Free Expression 12/07/2020 National Review
New York Could Mandate Coronavirus Vaccine With Proposed Legislation 12/09/2020 Daily Caller
Top Congressional Leader Calls For Swalwell To Be ‘Removed From Congress’ After Chinese Spy Bombshell Story 12/09/2020 The Daily Wire
So, Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Real After All, Huh? 12/10/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC Jerk: GOP 'Out to Make Sure the Pandemic Kills as Many People as Possible' 12/10/2020 NewsBusters
YouTube Censors a Guy for Posting Video of a Democrat's Threat of Violence 12/11/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC Host Yasmin Vossoughian: Republicans Want COVID to “Kill as Many People as Possible” 12/11/2020 Life News
PRESSLEY: CoVID Targets Minorities Due to ‘Transportation Deserts and Food Apartheid Systems’ 12/11/2020 Hannity.com
YouTube deletes reposted video of Michigan Democrat state Rep. Cynthia Johnson’s threats of violence 12/13/2020 Reclaim the Net
MSNBC medical analyst: Don't travel or stop wearing masks until summer, even after getting vaccine 12/15/2020 Fox News
Bill Gates: the worst of COVID-19 is yet to come 12/15/2020 Somag News
Doctor tells MSNBC: After you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t be traveling or taking off your mask 12/15/2020 Hot Air
Pelosi Scolds ‘Faith-Oriented’ People Who ‘Don’t Believe in Science’ 12/21/2020 Yahoo! News
Is Our Government Totally Broken? COVID 'Relief' Bill Strongly Suggests Yes. Yes, It Is Broken. 12/21/2020 PJ Media
The Only Thing Missing From This Absolute Cluster of a 'COVID Relief' Bill Is $ for Shrimp on a Treadmill. Trump Should Veto It 12/21/2020 PJ Media
Insanity Wrap #111: Kamala Harris Says Refusing to Call Fake Doctor Biden 'Doctor Biden' Is Un-American 12/21/2020 PJ Media
$10m for Pakistan ‘gender programs’? ‘America First’ trends in furious response to pork-filled Covid ‘relief’ bill 12/22/2020 BizPac Review
The COVID Relief Bill Contains What?! 12/22/2020 Ricochet
Pakistani 'gender programs,' horse-racing integrity, climate monitoring in Tibet: Just a few of the ridiculous things thrown into the COVID relief omnibus package 12/22/2020 The Blaze
‘One-horse pony’: Joe Biden continues to baselessly insist Hunter allegations are ‘Russian disinformation’ 12/22/2020 RT
Nancy Pelosi Claims ‘Faith-Oriented’ People Stalled Aid Package Because They ‘Don’t Believe In Science’ 12/22/2020 The Daily Wire
Journalists fawning over Biden tops ‘20 most mortifying media moments’ of 2020 12/23/2020 Fox News
'I Can't Believe He Would Run Me Over!' Warnock's Wife Says GA Dem Senate Candidate 'Crossed the Line' In Newly Released Police Vid 12/23/2020 PJ Media
MSNBC panel laments herd immunity talk, warns of 'decades-long battle' with COVID-19 12/24/2020 The Washington Times
Why Frederick Douglass, JFK, and Sam Adams Saw the Second Amendment as a Right That Preserves All Others 12/27/2020 FEE Stories
Kamala Harris Pre-Election Anecdote Apparently Plagiarized from 1965 MLK Interview 01/05/2021 National Review
NY Times Blasted for Pro-China Story 01/05/2021 Newsmax
‘So Nasty’: Joy Behar Snaps At Meghan McCain, Telling Her She ‘Did Not Miss’ Her During Maternity Leave 01/05/2021 The Daily Wire
Joy Behar Tells Meghan McCain She ‘Didn’t Miss’ Her While She Was on Maternity Leave From ‘The View’ 01/05/2021 Us Magazine
Joy Behar Trends on Twitter for telling ‘The View’ Meghan McCain ‘I didn’t miss you’ on maternity leave 01/05/2021 BollyInside
Media watchdog slams Twitter 'Thought Cops' for suspending his account after anti-Cuomo tweet 01/06/2021 Fox News
Tom Elliott @tomselliott .@JoyVBehar tells @MeghanMcCain: “I did not miss you” while you were off on maternity leave. “Zero!” 01/06/2021 KOH AM 780
Shots Fired Inside Capitol, Rioters Storm Senate, Members Of Congress Don Gas Masks 01/06/2021 The Daily Wire
CNN reporter accused of pushing China propaganda by comparing Hong Kong protesters to Capitol rioters 01/07/2021 Fox News
Tucker Rails Against CNN's Description of US Capitol Riot 01/08/2021 Townhall
Supercut: Mainstream Media Downplayed Political Violence All Year 01/08/2021 RealClear Politics
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CNN openly trying to ban Fox News, Newsmax, OAN from airwaves with Dem stamp of approval 01/08/2021 BizPac Review
Biden, Harris Inject Race Into Non-Racial Riots at Capitol Hill, Lie About BLM Riots 01/08/2021 Legal Insurrection
Media parrots Biden’s narrative vilifying police, pushing race into to Capitol riots 01/09/2021 BizPac Review
WaPo Columnist Says ‘Cult’ Trump Supporters Need To Be ‘Deprogramed’ 01/12/2021 Daily Caller
GOP digital operatives aim to avoid "deplatforming" 01/13/2021 Axios
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Says Congress Must ‘Rein In’ Media Environment 01/13/2021 Daily Caller
Pelosi, Who Pushed Through ‘Non-Gendered Language’ Rules Change, Calls Herself ‘Wife … Mother … Grandmother …Daughter’ 01/13/2021 The Daily Wire
AOC’s suggestion of commission to 'rein in' media slammed as ‘wholly un-American’ 01/14/2021 Fox News
Andrew McCabe Says Trump’s Message Condemning Rioters Was ‘Dog Whistles’ For Supporters 01/14/2021 Daily Caller
Pelosi, Who Pushed Through ‘Non-Gendered Language’ Rules Change, Calls Herself ‘Wife … Mother … Grandmother …Daughter’ 01/14/2021 Canada Free Press
‘Wholly Un-American’: Ocasio-Cortez Slammed For Advocating Congressional Clamp Down On Media 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
‘Shut Up! Shut Up!’ How Is Don Lemon Still Employed As An Objective Journalist? 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
WATCH: Don Lemon Says Trump Supporters Are On The Side Of Nazis And The Klan 01/15/2021 WIBC
‘Ministry of Truth’: Red flags over AOC’s proposed commission to ‘rein-in’ media disinformation 01/15/2021 BizPac Review
Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue: The Left ‘Weaponized’ Pandemic To ‘Shutdown Economy’ For ‘Political Gain’ 01/15/2021 The Daily Wire
Remember When Hollywood Said It Was 'Patriotic' and 'Heroic' to Overturn Trump's Election? 01/17/2021 PJ Media
Nobody Called Obama and Hillary Seditious When They Demanded Electoral College Results Be Overturned 01/17/2021 PJ Media
Dem Rep. Says Pro-Trump Guardsmen Are ‘Suspect,’ Should Be Vetted as Potential Threat 01/18/2021 Yahoo!
Was Bill Clinton 'nodding off' at Biden's inauguration? Twitter users speculate 01/20/2021 Fox News
John Brennan Says Biden Admin. ‘Moving in Laser-Like Fashion’ against Pro-Trump ‘Insurgency’ 01/21/2021 Yahoo!
SWALWELL: Senate Must Convict Trump Because ‘Country Can’t Give Him Another Chance’ to Run in 2024 01/25/2021 Hannity.com
If You Thought the First Impeachment Was a Circus, Just Wait for Impeachment 2.0 01/25/2021 PJ Media
Rule by Decree: Joe Biden Sets Record for Executive Orders in First Week 01/25/2021 Breitbart
Biden Reinstates Trump’s “Xenophobic” Travel Ban 01/26/2021 WIBC
Gov. Cuomo Says ‘Incompetent Government Killed People’ While NY Has Second Highest COVID-19 Death Rate 01/26/2021 Daily Caller
WATCH: Joe Biden Once Said Democracy Needs ‘Consensus.’ He Signed 32 Executive Orders His First Week 01/27/2021 The Daily Wire
Andrew Cuomo: Incompetent government led to a lot of unnecessary deaths from COVID, you know 01/27/2021 Hot Air
FLASHBACK: Biden Said You Don't Legislate by Executive Order 'Unless You're a Dictator' 01/27/2021 PJ Media
FLASHBACK: Candidate Biden Says ‘You Can’t Legislate by Executive Order Unless You’re a Dictator’ 01/27/2021 Hannity.com
Biden Appoints Susan Rice To Drive Racial Politics Deep Into Federal Bureaucracy 01/27/2021 Legal Insurrection
Pelosi: The ‘Enemy Is Within’ the House of Representatives 01/28/2021 Independent Journal Review
'Is This His Confession?' Cuomo's 'Incompetent Government Kills People' Comment Boomerangs Hard 01/28/2021 PJ Media
Actor George Takei Feeling ‘Smug’ About Flurry of Biden Executive Orders 01/28/2021 Breitbart
Friday Short Cuts 01/29/2021 The Patriot Post
The One Twitter Thread Shatters the Myth of Andrew Cuomo on COVID 01/29/2021 Townhall
Court-Packing First Step – Joe Biden Forming Commission to Study Supreme Court Reform 01/31/2021 Legal Insurrection
Biden’s Press Sec Mocks ‘Conservative Twitter’: ‘I Am Going To Circle Back’ 02/01/2021 The Daily Wire
Left Wing Media Is Gearing Up For An All Out War On Fox News Now That Biden Is In Office 02/01/2021 Daily Caller
Jen Psaki strikes back at 'conservative Twitter' after viral 'circle back' montage 02/01/2021 Washington Times
Here’s What Each Of Biden’s 42 Executive Orders Will Actually Do 02/01/2021 The Daily Wire
CUOMO SNAPS: Governor on Nursing Home Deaths, ‘Who Cares? They Died!’ 02/01/2021 Hannity.com
BRAIN FREEZE! CNN Blames Massive Winter Storm, 2 Feet of Snow in NYC on ‘Global Warming’ 02/01/2021 Hannity.com
Jen Psaki Faces Backlash For ‘Disgraceful’ Remark Appearing To Mock Branch Of U.S. Military 02/02/2021 The Daily Wire
Video Resurfaces Of Kerry Defending Private Travel To Iceland To Receive Environmental Award 02/03/2021 LaCorte News
Stelter Ignores Recent CNN Slump while Trying to Dunk on Fox News 02/03/2021 National Review
THIS IS CNN: Network Anchor Apologizes for Calling ‘South African’ Strain of CoVID ‘South African’ 02/03/2021 Hannity.com
Trump’s attorneys have the perfect troll tactic for the impeachment 02/07/2021 American Thinker
Maxine Waters Denies Ever Using Violent Rhetoric Toward Trump, Administration Officials 02/08/2021 Townhall
Trump’s Defense Team Will Show Clips Of Democrats Urging Violence In 2020: Senator 02/08/2021 The Daily Wire
Biden Airlifts the Goalposts on School Reopening: 1 Day a Week! 02/09/2021 Reason
OBSESSION: Clapper Says Biden Must Limit Trump’s Intel Briefs Because He May ‘Weaponize’ Them 02/09/2021 Hannity.com
Randi Weingarten Says D.C. Schools Should Close for Extra Cleaning If Anybody Catches COVID-19 02/10/2021 Reason
‘BOLD AGENDA?’ Press Sec Says Goal is to Have ‘In School Teaching’ At Least ‘One Day Per Week’ by April 02/10/2021 Hannity.com
Critics Slam Biden Over Report He Is Considering Travel Restrictions Against Florida, Other States 02/11/2021 The Daily Wire
White House Suspends Deputy Press Secretary For Allegedly Sexually Harassing, Threatening Reporter 02/12/2021 The Daily Wire
Steve Schmidt tells Bill Maher Lincoln Project is ‘most successful Super PAC’ in tame interview, as even McCain pours the hate on 02/13/2021 RT
‘God Herself’: Rep. Eric Swalwell Claims God Is Female 02/14/2021 The Daily Wire
Democrat Congresswoman: ‘Truth Commission’ Needed For ‘Common Narrative,’ ‘Look At’ Right-Wing Media 02/15/2021 The Daily Wire
Biden Administration: ‘We Don’t Know At This Point’ When Life Will ‘Return To Normal’ From Pandemic 02/17/2021 The Daily Wire
GOP Senators Demand Probe Into Cuomo's "Possibly Criminal" Handling Of COVID Death Data 02/18/2021 zerohedge.com
Watch: Biden Adviser Struggles To Explain Similar COVID Numbers In CA, FL Despite Opposite Approaches 02/18/2021 zerohedge.com
“Two Weeks To Stop The Spread” Was A Lie. It Was Better Than This. 02/18/2021 The Hayride
Biden COVID Adviser Can’t Explain Why CA And FL Have Similar Numbers Despite Different Approaches 02/18/2021 The Daily Wire
THAT’S THE PLAN? Press Sec Says Admin Can’t Say ‘When Everybody Will Feel Normal Again’ 02/18/2021 Hannity.com
Nancy Pelosi Is Stuck On Stupid, So Of Course Russel Honore Now Runs Capitol Security 02/19/2021 The Hayride
Report: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Pushing ‘Anti-Racist’ Initiative in Math 02/19/2021 Legal Insurrection
This Film Was 'a Multimillion-Dollar Contribution to Joe Biden' Meant 'to Sway the Election' 02/25/2021 CBN News
As Some Democrats Warn About Border Crisis, Biden’s DHS Head Downplays It: ‘We Are Not Saying Don’t Come, We Are Saying Don’t Come Now’ 03/01/2021 The Daily Wire
FBI Director Wray: Agency ‘Can’t Yet Disclose’ Sicknick’s Cause of Death 03/02/2021 Legal Insurrection
Stephen Colbert Finally Turns Against Andrew Cuomo 03/02/2021 PJ Media
WHITE HOUSE to MIGRANTS: ‘We’re Not Saying Don’t Come, We’re Saying Don’t Come Now!’ 03/02/2021 Hannity.com
NY Governor Cuomo Responds To Misconduct Allegations: ‘I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately’ 03/03/2021 The Daily Wire
FBI Director Wray refuses to confirm how Officer Sicknick died, but quick to deny Antifa Jan 6 role 03/03/2021 BizPac Review
‘NORMAL’ BY 2022? Biden Says Vax for All Adults in May, But Return to Normal By ‘Next Year’ 03/03/2021 Hannity.com
PRESSLEY: High School Juniors ‘Possess Wisdom and Maturity,’ Should Vote in Federal Elections 03/04/2021 Hannity.com
CA Rep. Zoe Lofgren Released Social Media Report on GOP Members Who Objected to Vote Certification 03/05/2021 Breitbart
WATCH: Biden Appears Lost, Forgets What The Pentagon Is Called And Who His Defense Secretary Is. 03/08/2021 WIBC
Critics Slam Biden After He Appears To Forget Name Of Defense Secretary, Pentagon: ‘He’s Not There’ 03/08/2021 The Daily Wire
In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon's Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name 03/09/2021 zerohedge.com
Did Biden Forget Defense Secretary Austin’s Name? 03/09/2021 Snopes
Watch: President Biden Appears To Forget The Name Of His Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin 03/09/2021 RealClear Politics
‘You’ll Get There’: Joe Manchin Says He’s Forgotten Names Too, Says Biden ‘Hasn’t Missed A Step’ 03/09/2021 Daily Caller
WATCH: Biden Aide Blocks Reporters From Asking Him Questions About His ‘Crisis At The Border’ 03/09/2021 The Daily Wire
Your Guide Todd Herman’s Stack of Stuff 03/09/2021 The Rush Limbaugh Show
CNN’s Don Lemon uses royal interview to push racism narrative 03/09/2021 Accuracy In Media
'Weekend At Biden's?' Handlers Shut Down Yet Another Q&A After Public Appearance 03/10/2021 zerohedge.com
Peak Absurdity: A ‘Fact-Checker’ Thought they Just Had to Defend Joe Biden on this Particular Stumble 03/10/2021 Townhall
No Data, No Evidence, ‘You’ve Got To Make A Judgment Call’: Fauci On Restricting Travel For Those Fully Vaccinated 03/10/2021 The Daily Wire
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Claire McCaskill Is Upset ‘Trumpers’ Will ‘Cost Lives’ By Coming Out In Opposition To Vaccine Passports 04/26/2021 The Daily Wire
Stanford Medical Professor On DeSantis: COVID Success Because He’s ‘Very Well Informed,’ Better Than ‘Most Epidemiologists’ 04/26/2021 The Daily Wire
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Washington, D.C. Mayor Defends Ban on Dancing at Weddings 05/05/2021 National Review
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Unemployment Rate INCREASES, Numbers ‘Way Worse Than Expected’. Talk Of Inflation Grows. 05/07/2021 The Daily Wire
AOC Claims Planned Parenthood “Saves Lives,” But It Killed 350,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year 05/07/2021 LifeNews
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Some House Republicans now refusing to wear masks, defying Pelosi rule 05/18/2021 Hot Air
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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: ‘About 99%’ of criticism is because I’m a Black woman 07/01/2021 The Washington Times
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Ex- Sen. Claire McCaskill says Capitol riots were worse than Benghazi 07/02/2021 The Madison Leader Gazette
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'You are crazy': McAuliffe slammed for suggesting it's easier for Americans to buy a gun than to vote 07/06/2021 Yahoo!
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CNN Medical Expert Urges We Must Make Life ‘Hard’ For Unvaccinated, Test Them Twice-Weekly 07/12/2021 The Daily Wire
Psaki Jumps To Defense of Hunter Biden, Says President's Son 'Has the Right To Pursue an Artistic Career' 07/12/2021 Independent Journal Review
Gov. Abbott: Dems Who Fled Texas Over Voting Bill Will Be Arrested 'Once They Step Back Into the State' 07/13/2021 Independent Journal Review
White House admits to ‘flagging problematic posts’ for Facebook, says it’s necessary to fight medical ‘misinformation’ 07/15/2021 RT
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The Morning Briefing: Drunk Uncle Biden Struggles With English, Truth at Town Hall 07/22/2021 PJ Media
'The experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, uh, um, uh, it's going to be, or excuse me': Biden loses his thoughts on vaccines, flubs answer on his foreign policy work and falsely tells town hall you WON'T get COVID if you have the shot 07/22/2021 Daily Mail
Critics Unload on Biden For Awkward Stumbles at CNN Town Hall 07/22/2021 Mediaite
ANALYSIS: Four Major Stories That Were Considered ‘Disinformation’ Until They Weren’t 07/22/2021 Daily Caller
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Amid fervid vaccine push, liberal media figures renew call to ‘deprogram’ Trump supporters 07/23/2021 Biz Pac Review
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Mainstream media continues to fail US cities amid crime surge: 'They refuse to call out the liberal mayors' 07/26/2021 Fox News
Recurring Tucker Carlson Guest Calls Capitol Police Officer Fanone a ‘Crisis Actor’ 07/27/2021 Mediaite
ESPN Writer Disturbed by American Flags at Olympics, Cites 'Rise of White Nationalism' 07/27/2021 Independent Journal Review
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‘Freudian Slip’: Biden Confuses Trump and Obama, Claims He Drove 18-Wheeler 07/28/2021 Legal Insurrection
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Brian Stelter faces a backlash after claiming that CNN’s public rebuke against Chris Cuomo is a “real punishment.” 08/09/2021 Texas News Today
Brian Stelter faces pushback after claiming CNN's public scolding of Chris Cuomo is 'actual punishment' 08/09/2021 Fox News
Doctor On MSNBC Claims There Could Be ‘Tent Cities Of Sick Adolescents’ Due To Delta Variant 08/09/2021 Daily Caller
Fauci Silent on Obama 'Maskless' Birthday Bash, but Chastises Bikers Gathering Outdoors in South Dakota 08/10/2021 CBN News
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Inflation rate in the United States has hit a 30-year high 09/17/2021 KUSI
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Beto Preparing Run For TX Governor Despite Being Gun Grabber, Church Taxer, Border Wall Destroyer 09/19/2021 The Daily Wire
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Trump Savages Biden as Soon as He Finishes Golf Swing: 'You Think Biden Can Hit a Ball Like That?' 09/23/2021 Independent Journal Review
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Biden's 'Build Back Better' Agenda Will Kill 5.3 Million Jobs, Cut Average Families' Income by $12,000: Study 09/28/2021 Independent Journal Review
The National School Boards Association calls on the Biden administration to consider parental protests to be "a form of domestic terrorism." Let's have some fun and completely obliterate this, shall we? 10/02/2021 Not the Bee
Hemingway RIPS Twitter for Reported Censorship of Tom Elliot: ‘War on Freedom’ Continues 10/19/2021 NewsBusters
Twitter suspends media watchdog over critical vaccinations tweet 10/20/2021 Fox News
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Biden Refers To Famous Pitcher As ‘Great Negro.’ Obama Signed Law Banning Government From Using ‘Negro’ 11/11/2021 The Daily Wire
‘The Epitome Of White Privilege’: The Media’s Worst Reactions To The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial 11/12/2021 The Daily Wire
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KAMALA: Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan ‘Is Not Going to Cost Anything... We’re Paying for It!’ 11/12/2021 Sean Hannity
https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/11/jennifer_rubin_of_the_wapo_and_msnbc_calls_on_media_to_stop_treating_republicans_as_normal.html 11/14/2021 American Thinker
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Lauren Boebert calls Ilhan Omar a 'jihad-squad member' 11/17/2021 Washington Examiner
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Bill Maher Calls Out Double Standard: 'I Mean, if Don Jr. Had Done What Hunter Biden Had Done' 11/18/2021 Independent Journal Review
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Google-Owned YouTube Threatens To Ban Users Who Question Mask Effectiveness 12/01/2021 The Federalist
MSNBC Analyst Claims GOP Attacks Fauci Because if COVID Goes Away It Will Be 'Bad' for Them 12/02/2021 Independent Journal Review
Watch: Alec Baldwin Says He Does Not Feel Guilty for Fatal Shooting on 'Rust' 12/03/2021 Independent Journal Review
Germany Is Doing a Very Dark Historical Throwback Concerning Its COVID Vaccine Policy 12/03/2021 Townhall
Obama academy vaccinated child without consent, mother claims 12/08/2021 RT - Breaking News
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Child vaccinated by Obama Academy without consent, mother affirmations 12/08/2021 AsumeTech
Fauci Tells CNN It’s ‘A Matter Of When, Not If’ Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Changes 12/08/2021 The Daily Wire
https://www.dailywire.com/news/fauci-sometimes-we-have-to-put-communal-responsibility-ahead-of-individual-preferences-and-mandate-vaccines 12/08/2021 The Daily Wire
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Papers, Please: Fauci's Advice for Holiday Gatherings Is Outrageous 12/09/2021 Townhall
'Climatologist' Drops an Insane Take on Severe Weather 12/14/2021 Townhall
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SCHUMER: CBO Score Confirming Biden’s Budget Will Add Billions to the Debt is ‘A Fake’ 12/14/2021 Sean Hannity
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