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Canceled! List of Lives Ruined over Acts of Wrongthink

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Items: 7
# Summary Date Source Thought Crime
1 Brendan Eich (Mozilla co-founder, CEO) 04/03/2014 ABC News Supporting traditional marriage
2 Matt Taylor (engineer at European Space Agency) 11/17/2014 The Wilderness Wore a distasteful bowling shirt
3 James Damore (Google engineer) 01/09/2018 Arstechnica Believing in gender differences
4 Jack Murphy (ran charter schools) 01/23/2018 Jack Murphy Live Photographed with Mike Cernovich
5 Kevin Williamson (fired from The Atlantic) 04/20/2018 The Wall Street Journal Opposed abortion
6 Laura Loomer (banned from Twitter) 11/22/2018 NBC News Criticizing Rep. Omar
7 Johannes Läderach (CEO of his eponymous chocolate company) 02/04/2020 The Daily Signal Being pro-life
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