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YouTube: How The Company Is Politicizing Its Platform

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Summary Date Source
Conservative PragerU saw 21 one its videos censored 10/12/2016 The Federalist
YouTube made it more difficult to access content deemed "controversial" 09/01/2017 The Sun
YouTube using left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to police content 02/27/2018 The Daily Caller
YouTube is banning videos teaching gun instructional videos 03/21/2018 The Federalist
YouTube is now removing any video in which Alex Jones appears 11/14/2018 Twitter
New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve‘ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host‘s Complaint 07/30/2019 Breitbart
Facebook, YouTube ban mention of alleged Trump-Ukraine whistleblower’s name 11/10/2019 LaCorte News
Removed an interview w/ Dr. Scott Atlas for expressing non-WHO approved Covid opinions 09/13/2020 Avik Roy
YouTube pulls video of Florida governor roundtable with leading epidemiologists 04/09/2021 NBC News
YouTube removed a video of an Asian American Uber driver being attacked by a violent mob 05/16/2021 Inquire More
YouTube removed an interview of a professor explaining why Israeli airstrikes are legal under international law 05/17/2021 Twitter
Senator Ron Johnson kicked off YouTube for agreeing with medical experts 06/12/2021 USA Today
YouTube Censors North Carolina County Government Meeting Where Parents Complained About Masks 07/14/2021 Epoch Times
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