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Chris Hayes Tees Up Warren to Blame 'Long Legacy' of Racism for Her Labor Problems 02/07/2020 NewsBusters
Biden Woos NH Voter By, Er, Calling Her A “Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” 02/10/2020 HotAir
TV Networks, Led By CNN And MSNBC, Have Aired Misleading Bloomberg Ad More Than 70 Times 02/22/2020 The Daily Caller
Supercut Highlights Media Calling Claim That Michael Flynn Was Set Up By FBI A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 05/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Trump Abandons Fussy Kindergardners 05/11/2020 Other People's Videos
CNN slights Mount Rushmore as 'monument of two slaveowners' after extolling its 'majesty' in 2016 07/03/2020 FOX News
Grandfather of slain 11-year-old says BLM ignores ‘black-on-black crime’ 07/06/2020 NY Post
Dems, media ramp up claim that Trump would use military to 'steal' 2020 election 07/23/2020 FOX News
CNN removes the term ‘violent’ from on-air graphic describing protests in Wisconsin 08/26/2020 FOX News
Media watchdog compiles ‘dumbest predictions made about the election’ by anti-Trump pundits 11/03/2020 FOX News
Jon Meacham 'abandoned' rules of journalism as the secret Biden speechwriter on MSNBC's payroll, experts say 11/11/2020 FOX News
Cable news 'commentators' reveal their true colors: TV contributors join the Biden administration - as MSNBC drops analyst Jon Meacham for failing to disclose he was writing Joe's speeches 11/11/2020 Daily Mail
CNN insiders support Jeffrey Toobin firing by New Yorker, predict network will 'dig heels in' and keep him 11/11/2020 FOX News
Journalists fawning over Biden tops ‘20 most mortifying media moments’ of 2020 12/23/2020 Fox News
MSNBC panel laments herd immunity talk, warns of 'decades-long battle' with COVID-19 12/24/2020 The Washington Times
Media watchdog slams Twitter 'Thought Cops' for suspending his account after anti-Cuomo tweet 01/06/2021 Fox News
CNN reporter accused of pushing China propaganda by comparing Hong Kong protesters to Capitol rioters 01/06/2021 Fox News
Tucker Rails Against CNN's Description of US Capitol Riot 01/08/2021 Townhall
Media Montage Video Shows CNN, MSNBC Excusing Leftwing Mob Violence as Buildings Burn in Background 01/08/2021 CNS News
Supercut: Mainstream Media Downplayed Political Violence All Year 01/08/2021 RealClear Politics
Cult expert to CNN: 'All of America needs deprogramming' after Trump years 01/19/2021 Fox News
Was Bill Clinton 'nodding off' at Biden's inauguration? Twitter users speculate 01/20/2021 Fox News
MSNBC Interviewed Lincoln Project Leaders Multiple Times Without Asking About John Weaver Allegations 02/01/2021 Mediaite
Levin: Dems Call Trump an Insurrectionist for 'Fight Like Hell'...After They Said It Numerous Times 02/08/2021 CNS News
CNN goes weeks without any on-air coverage of John Weaver, Lincoln Project scandals 02/18/2021 Fox News
ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts 02/25/2021 Fox News
Critics Slam Biden After He Appears To Forget Name Of Defense Secretary, Pentagon: ‘He’s Not There’ 03/08/2021 The Daily Wire
Peak Absurdity: A ‘Fact-Checker’ Thought they Just Had to Defend Joe Biden on this Particular Stumble 03/10/2021 Townhall
Washington Post’s ‘find the fraud’ correction points to larger issue with agenda-driven anonymous sources 03/16/2021 Fox Wilmington
The Root accused of racism after piece declares ‘Whiteness is a Pandemic’ 03/18/2021 Fox News
CNN, MSNBC erupted over Trump's ramp walk -- but virtually ignore Biden's staircase stumble 03/20/2021 Fox News
Alternate Perceptions of Biden’s Press Conference Reveal Striking Evolutionary Difference Between Conservatives And Liberals 03/26/2021 WIBC
Scarborough Calls Russiagate Skeptics ‘Useful Idiots,’ Suggests They’re on the Kremlin Payroll 03/29/2021 Yahoo!
Trump Unloads On Fauci After Fauci Claims Credit For Developing Vaccine In Record Time 03/29/2021 The Daily Wire
Fauci Tries to Take Credit He Doesn’t Deserve for COVID-19 Vaccine 03/29/2021 Legal Insurrection
Todd Herman Show Notes: 3.29.2021 03/29/2021 Todd Herman Show
Biden's 'Screw America' Terrible Trifecta of Tyranny Begins With 'Vaccine Passports' and a Side of Open Borders 03/30/2021 PJ Media
Watch CNN’s Jim Acosta Justify $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Deal By Bellyaching About Wifi On His Trips Between DC And NYC 04/04/2021 Daily Caller
Eye-rolls & cheers as MASKED bunnies descend on White House to join Biden’s Easter address & greet reporters 04/06/2021 RT
NBC News mocked for saying red states’ lower COVID stats have ‘experts’ dumbfounded 04/09/2021 Fox Wilmington
Biden's UN Ambassador Doubles Down On Anti-America, Chinese Talking Points 04/19/2021 Christianity Daily
The Root accused of racism after piece declares ‘Whiteness is a Pandemic’ 04/21/2021 Gruntstuff
AOC Claims Planned Parenthood “Saves Lives,” But It Killed 350,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year 05/07/2021 Life News
‘Debunked Bunkum’: Poorly-Aging Highlight Reel Shows Trump Critics Mocking Lab-Leak Theory 05/26/2021 Daily Caller
YouTube removes video of Georgia mother criticizing mask mandates for children: 'Medical misinformation' 05/27/2021 Fox News
YouTube pulls mom’s rant challenging mask mandate from conservative account, leaves it up elsewhere 05/27/2021 NY Post
Kamala's Kinsley gaffe on border policy 05/27/2021 American Thinker
Report: YouTube Blocks News Clip of Mother Criticizing Child Mask Mandates 05/28/2021 Breitbart
CNN's Jim Sciutto mocked for gushing over Biden-Putin handshake: 'Body language expert' 06/16/2021 Fox News
Chris Cuomo Asks People To ‘Name One’ Fact That He Denies. The Internet Responds 06/17/2021 Daily Caller
Talking Points, Assemble! — CNN Hosts Launch Scripted ‘You Are White Rage’ Attack Against Tucker Carlson 06/25/2021 Daily Caller
‘White rage’ trends after Milley’s remarks, but ‘Portland All-Stars’ mosaic counters the narrative 06/27/2021 Biz Pac Review
Media critics erupt as outlets continue to gush over Chinese Communist Party anniversary: 'PARTY TIME' 07/01/2021 Fox News
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: ‘About 99%’ of criticism is because I’m a Black woman 07/01/2021 The Washington Times
'You are crazy': McAuliffe slammed for suggesting it's easier for Americans to buy a gun than to vote 07/06/2021 Yahoo!
CNN scolds critics of critical race theory, says concerned parents don’t understand what it is 07/07/2021 Fox News
White House admits to ‘flagging problematic posts’ for Facebook, says it’s necessary to fight medical ‘misinformation’ 07/15/2021 RT
Critics Unload on Biden For Awkward Stumbles at CNN Town Hall 07/22/2021 Mediaite
Biden Labeled 'Elderly Man Struggling To Maintain His Faculties' After Town Hall 07/22/2021 Independent Journal Review
Sounds Stalinist? Liberal Media Demands Trump Supporters Undergo Deprogramming 07/22/2021 Townhall
Mainstream media continues to fail US cities amid crime surge: 'They refuse to call out the liberal mayors' 07/26/2021 Fox News
CNN, MSNBC primetime shows ignore breaking news of ex-Sen. Barbara Boxer being attacked, robbed in California 07/27/2021 Fox News
Brian Stelter faces a backlash after claiming that CNN’s public rebuke against Chris Cuomo is a “real punishment.” 08/09/2021 Texas News Today
Brian Stelter faces pushback after claiming CNN's public scolding of Chris Cuomo is 'actual punishment' 08/09/2021 Fox News
'60 Minutes' did not cover Cuomo's scandals during past year leading up to his resignation 08/11/2021 Fox News
Report: YouTube Demonetizes Grabien’s Channel 08/12/2021 Breitbart
YouTube demonetizes Grabien Media 08/13/2021 Reclaim the Net
CENSORED! Grabien Founder Says YouTube Demonetized Company’s Account 08/13/2021 Newsbusters
Mainstream news networks ABC, CBS, NBC ignore worsening border crisis 08/13/2021 Fox News
The confirmation of Hunter Biden’s laptop materials by Politico has sparked criticism over the previous withholding of the story. 09/21/2021 Bollyinside
Yet Another Dr. Fauci Deception for Those of You Keeping Track 09/24/2021 PJ Media
MSNBC avoids covering Chris Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal plaguing CNN 09/24/2021 Fox News
Updated: Speaking of big lies... 09/26/2021 American Thinker
Glenn Greenwald mocks Brian Stelter for suggesting CNN is 'reality-based media' 09/28/2021 Fox News
Hemingway RIPS Twitter for Reported Censorship of Tom Elliot: ‘War on Freedom’ Continues 10/19/2021 NewsBusters
Twitter temporarily suspends media watchdog over critical vaccinations tweet 10/19/2021 Fox News
Media company Grabien suspended on Twitter for quoting congressman 12/27/2021 NEWS NATION usa
Twitter Suspends Media Site’s Account for Posting Video of Congressman Criticizing Big Pharma 01/02/2022 The Epoch Times
Grabien Suspended For Quoting Congressmen On Twitter 01/11/2022 The Next Hint
Flashback: Here Is What the Media and Experts Were First Telling Us About the Vaccine 01/11/2022 Townhall
New Supercut Reminds Us Why CNN's Credibility Is Lower Than Its Ratings 02/04/2022 Townhall
NBC News' Stephen Hayes criticizes Joe Biden for being optimistic in State of the Union speech 03/02/2022 Media matters
Jason Miller's public statements on the 2020 election contradict his deposition to the January 6 committee 03/03/2022 Media Matters For America
Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Defends Record On Child Porn Sentencing 03/22/2022 Daily Caller
On NBC News, Charles Coleman Jr. calls out Republicans' sexist and racist questioning in Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings 03/23/2022 Media Matters For America
Fox News' Jesse Watters Says He's 'Hearing' That Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted 03/26/2022 Independent Journal Review
Experts Notice Fatal Details in North Korea's New Missile Video, Threaten to Expose the Entire Charade 03/27/2022 Independent Journal Review
Saudi television viciously mocks Biden 04/12/2022 American Thinker
Christopher Smart: Tucker Carlson exposes Cox and Romney and the liberal agenda 04/19/2022 The Salt Lake Tribune
Tucker Carlson mocks the idea that the “far right” will continue committing acts of violence at abortion clinics following the end of Roe 05/06/2022 Media Matters For America
Pelosi Gives Bizarre, Borderline Incoherent Response To Roe V. Wade Question, Calls SCOTUS Leak ‘Fake’ Opinion 05/08/2022 Daily Caller
To confiscate guns, Democrats are ready to destroy the courts and the Constitution 06/03/2022 Washington Examiner
Sen. Menendez presses Fed Chair Jerome Powell on diversity among bank presidents, gets slammed on Twitter 06/22/2022 Fox News
Twitter roasts Washington Post's Max Boot for his call to ‘abolish the electoral college’ 07/03/2022 Fox News
Doses, New England Journal of Medicine Study Finds 07/18/2022 FEE Stories
Al Gore blasted for ‘climate denier’-Uvalde shooting comparison: ‘A real sicko’ 07/24/2022 Fox News
Conservatives disgusted after Fauci says his ‘common sense’ advice ‘saved millions’: ‘Zero humility’ 07/26/2022 Fox News
Biden adviser and 'chief gaslighter' Brian Deese denies recession: ‘Virtually nothing signals' downturn 07/28/2022 Fox News
Economist Paul Krugman: "No, It Doesn't Matter" What We Use As The Exact Definition Of "Recession" 07/31/2022 Real Clear Politics
‘Democrats Sided With The American People’: Biden Slams Republicans As He Signs Massive Climate, Tax Bill Into Law 08/16/2022 Daily Caller
Steve Bannon: “We're the law and order party. We have the police's back. The FBI is not police.” 08/16/2022 Media Matters
Steve Bannon says FBI seizing top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago “is what we fought a revolution over” 08/30/2022 Media Matters
Fox News contributor dismisses picture of classified documents in new DOJ filing as a “public relations effort” 08/31/2022 Media Matters
Steve Bannon compares Biden to “Moloch,” the pagan god of child sacrifice 09/02/2022 Media Matters
Steve Bannon warns that “the battle lines are drawn” and the MAGA movement “has not yet begun to fight” 09/02/2022 Media Matters
On MSNBC's The Cross Connection, Angelo Carusone explains how mainstream cable networks are embracing a “shift towards authoritarianism” 09/03/2022 Media Matters
Top Dem Claims Trump’s FBI Criticism Is ‘Potentially’ Incitement To Violence 09/05/2022 Daily Caller
Kamala Harris Is Using Joe Biden As ‘Meal Ticket’ To Become President, Former Dem Leader Says 09/12/2022 Daily Caller
Restoring Sanity And Common Sense’: Hannity Lays Out What He Thinks Is Largest Issue For Midterms 09/12/2022 Daily Caller
Whistleblower Says FBI Warned Twitter About A Chinese Spy In The Company 09/13/2022 Daily Caller
Kamala Harris Appears To Endorse MLK Assassination Conspiracy Theory 09/15/2022 The Washington Free Beacon
Pelosi mocks when life begins – ‘at the candlelight dinner the night before’… huh? 09/15/2022 BPR
AOC scolds male lawmaker for ‘yelling’ at screeching woke House witness, implies he’s an abuser 09/16/2022 BPR
https://hotair.com/headlines/2022/09/20/charlamagne-desantis-is-a-genius-for-exposing-progressive-hypocrisy-n497894 09/20/2022 Hot Air
Tucker Carlson misidentifies and attacks Canadian high school teacher 09/21/2022 Media Matters
AOC Says Because of the ‘Burdens of Capitalism’ People Can’t Have Kids 09/21/2022 Citizen Stringer
Stacey Abrams uncorks bizarre fetal heartbeat conspiracy theory, dragged hard on Twitter 09/23/2022 BPR
‘I Was Deceived’: New York City Residents Blast Biden’s Border Policies 09/27/2022 Daily Caller
Border crisis coverage in past year dwarfed by CBS, NBC, ABC interest in DeSantis Martha’s Vineyard story 09/29/2022 Fox News
Joe Biden: The Wanderer (To the song – many clips – supercut by Grabien) 09/30/2022 General Dispatch
MSNBC analyst whines over the ‘injustice’ of Trump ‘playing golf’ and not rotting in jail with J6 prisoners 10/02/2022 BPR
UN Official: "We own the science" 10/03/2022 Hot Air
Idahoans Cannot Get Enough of this Funny Joe Biden Video 10/05/2022 KIDO Talk Radio
Dana Loesch brings perspective to Herschel Walker abortion hit piece, ‘I want control of the Senate’ 10/05/2022 BPR
7 Minutes Of Democrats Calling To Defund The Police 10/10/2022 Daily Caller
Democrats Still Denying the Recession Reality 10/10/2022 Clay & Buck
Lawlessness Will Be Critical to the Red Wave 10/10/2022 Clay & Buck
Heckler scolds comedian for being a Biden voter, confrontation escalates into beer-throwing spat 10/10/2022 BPR
Dems Getting Nervous About New York, Oregon Races 10/11/2022 Clay & Buck
Joe Biden Addresses Possible Prosecution Of Son Hunter 10/12/2022 Daily Caller
Psaki steamrolls NBC’s Kristen Welker for asking about feds potentially charging Hunter Biden 10/12/2022 BPR
White House Hate Crime Hoax: Border Agents Didn’t Whip Migrants 10/13/2022 Clay & Buck
Candace goes there! Claims being ‘straight white male’ today is like being black during segregation 10/15/2022 BPR
Election-Denier Abrams Lies Again in Debate vs. Kemp 10/18/2022 Clay & Buck
Trump Trashed Colorado’s Republican Senate Nominee Joe O’Dea — But O’Dea Asked For It 10/18/2022 The Federalist
Biden crushed for draining US oil reserves, denying his administration ‘slowed’ oil production 10/19/2022 Fox News
Majority of Americans Now Realize BLM Made Everything Worse for Everyone 10/21/2022 Clay & Buck
Tucker Carlson: Evan McMullin Is A Democrat Who Is Lying To Utah Voters 10/23/2022 The Federalist
MSNBC’s obsession with 'fascism' blasted as 'constant fear-mongering' as network uses term 1,614 times in 2022 10/24/2022 Fox News
Joe Biden Is Literally Falling Asleep On The Job 10/24/2022 The Federalist
NY Supreme Court Reinstates Employees Fired for Being Unvaxxed As Biden Gets 5th Shot 10/25/2022 Clay & Buck
Pennsylvania Focus Group on Jan. 6th Shocks MSNBC 10/25/2022 Clay & Buck
Amber Athey: Biden endorses trans but women are ‘born this way’ 10/25/2022 Spectator World
Study: On Air, MSNBC Has Used 'Fascism' or 'Fascist' 1,614 Times So Far in 2022 10/25/2022 mrcNewsBusters
Another Economically Illiterate Democrat Senator 10/27/2022 Clay & Buck
De Facto President Klain: GOP Will Make Inflation Worse 10/27/2022 Clay & Buck
Steve Bannon promises to threaten “every member of Congress” “by bayonet” if they don’t fall in line 10/27/2022 Media Matters
Evan McMullin Lies About Campaign’s Use Of Democrat Fundraising Machine 11/01/2022 The Federalist
‘Where Is Nancy?’: Biden Compares Attack On Paul Pelosi To January 6 11/02/2022 Daily Caller
Tim Ryan Says He Supports Natural Gas. His Record Says Otherwise 11/02/2022 The Federalist
NBC Deletes Report With Revelations About Paul Pelosi Attack 11/04/2022 Free Beacon
Kinzinger insists DeSantis not 'the future of the Republican Party' despite midterm gains 11/09/2022 Fox News
Bill Maher’s Insight on the Appeal of Ron DeSantis 11/14/2022 Clay & Buck
What Sunny Hostin Says the Biden DOJ Leaked to Her 11/17/2022 Clay & Buck
Quentin Tarantino Reveals Why He Never Confronted Harvey Weinstein 11/18/2022 Daily Caller
Ex-DC cop Michael Fanone fantasizes about police brutality while arresting Trump: ‘I hope he resists!’ 11/20/2022 BPR
Kevin McCarthy promises to keep Reps. Omar, Swalwell and Schiff off foreign affairs and intelligence committees 11/21/2022 American Thinker
Kimmel shows off 'YE TRUMP' bumper sticker after Mar-a-Lago dinner 11/29/2022 The Focus
Twitter Dropped Its COVID ‘Misinformation’ Policy, But No One Noticed Until Now 11/29/2022 Daily Wire
Nobody Asked For A J6 Video Game, But Pelosi’s Probe Is Making Its Report An ‘Interactive Version’ Anyway 12/01/2022 The Federalist
Ana Navarro records petty swipe inside Trump’s former hotel: ‘The witch is dead…and my ass is in here’ 12/02/2022 BPR
Idaho Murders: Why Hasn't President Biden Sent His Condolences? 12/02/2022 KIDO Talk Radio
As New York Crime Rages, DA Bragg Pursues Trump 12/07/2022 Clay & Buck
Charlie Kirk: “If you're a WNBA, pot-smoking, Black lesbian, do you get treated better than a United States Marine?” 12/08/2022 Media Matters
Right-wing media echo Russian state TV in attacks on Brittney Griner 12/09/2022 Media Matters
ABC, CBS, And Other Corporate Media Black Out Coverage Of ‘Twitter Files’ Story 12/13/2022 The Federalist
Shameful silence of legacy media on Twitter Files may be a boon for truth-telling smaller media sources 12/13/2022 BPR
There's Something Missing Amid the Release of the Twitter Files 12/13/2022 Townhall
U.K. Santa Brings the Kids a Really Lousy Gift 12/13/2022 Clay & Buck
Twitter files: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS blackout coverage of Elon Musk leaks – Fox News 12/13/2022 Inferse
Legacy Media Avoiding Twitter Files: Grabien Founder 12/14/2022 NTD
‘Twitter Files’ Cause Media Meltdown 12/15/2022 the Trumpet
Joy Reid’s Ridiculous Question for Tiny Fauci 12/16/2022 Clay & Buck
Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh Score Slap Shots On NHL After League’s Trans-Pandering Tweet 12/22/2022 Daily Wire
Mike reviews a Grabien montage of the most mortifying media moments of 2022 12/23/2022 The Mike Gallagher Show
‘I Don’t Know What To Say’: CNN Panelists Left Shocked After Mass Shooting Suspect Revealed To Be ‘Non-Binary’ 12/23/2022 Daily Caller
Justin Trudeau appears on Canadian drag queen television show 12/27/2022 American Thinker
Are These The Top 5 Worst Media Moments Of 2022? 12/28/2022 TheDC Shorts, YouTube
CDC Director Honors ‘Suffering And Sacrifice’ Of Men Experimented On Without Consent 12/30/2022 Daily Caller
Democrats Refuse To Cheer Martin Luther King Jr. On House Floor 01/04/2023 The Federalist
Biden Shuffles Down to the Border, Blames Trump 01/09/2023 Clay & Buck
Late-Night Comics Mock Their Man Biden 01/13/2023 Clay & Buck
‘Morning Joe’ Fakes Just Enough Outrage Over Biden’s Illegal, Dangerous Handling Of Classified Docs Before Excusing Him 01/16/2023 The Federalist
Sen. Ron Johnson runs to Fox News to whine about Meet the Press interview 01/17/2023 Media Matters
Tucker Carlson: Assault weapons “are not a threat to anybody” 01/17/2023 Media Matters
Daily Caller Reporter Breaks Down Why Reparations Face Massive Legal Challenges 01/17/2023 Daily Caller
Charlie Kirk: “I don't believe Black History Month is worth the kind of full month that it is, at all” 01/20/2023 Media Matters
Meet President George Santos 01/21/2023 Power Line
M&M’s Pulls ‘Spokescandies’ After Supposed Controversy : ‘Sales Dipped After Going Woke’ 01/23/2023 Daily Wire
Newsmax host suggests viewers contact Congress after DirecTV dropped the channel 01/25/2023 Media Matters
Bannon guest Julie Kelly: January 6 “was probably the biggest instance of police brutality that this country has seen since the Civil Rights movement” 01/26/2023 Media Matters
Karine Jean-Pierre tells 'both sides to de-escalate' after being told of the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that killed 7 01/28/2023 American Thinker
MSNBC Host Urges Dems to Defund, Abolish Police 01/30/2023 Clay & Buck
Behold the face of obsessive white guilt 01/30/2023 American Thinker
Newsmax host says he “might” moderate a presidential debate 02/01/2023 Media Matters
Steve Bannon on Speaker McCarthy's remarks after meeting with Biden about debt limit: “It's the best I've ever seen McCarthy” 02/01/2023 Media Matters
Hunter Biden Backed Into a Corner 02/03/2023 Clay & Buck
Biden admits ‘people looked at me like I was nuts’ as he slams ‘extreme’ MAGA Republicans: ‘They’re nuts!’ 02/05/2023 BPR
Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec says the Chinese spy balloon shows the “overall emasculation of the United States” 02/06/2023 Media Matters
Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Suck-Up 02/06/2023 American Thinker
Biden Defends Tax Code from MAGA Republicans Who Want to Fix It 02/06/2023 Clay & Buck
‘Yes Or No’: Nancy Mace Presses Ex-Twitter Censor On Collusion With Gov 02/08/2023 Daily Caller
Matt Gaetz Presses Dem Witness On ‘Revolving Door’ Between FBI ‘Senior Officials And Lobbying’ 02/09/2023 Daily Caller
Biden Breaks with Super Bowl Tradition, Won’t Talk to Fox 02/10/2023 Clay & Buck
‘Biden’s In Great Shape’: Schumer Throws His Support Behind President Biden 02/12/2023 Daily Caller
KJP’s latest train wreck: Can’t explain NORAD and calls our cold neighbor to the north ‘Canadia’ 02/13/2023 American Thinker
‘When They Say Woke, They Mean Black’: Joy Reid Blasts DeSantis’ Education Policy 02/15/2023 Daily Caller
‘You Can Never Really Catch Him’: Chris Hayes Says Pence Uses The ‘Taco Bell-Pizza Hut’ Theory Of VP Immunity 02/15/2023 Daily Caller
Charlie Kirk: “I'm backing Trump” 02/15/2023 Media Matters
Revealed: How Fox prime-time hosts and executives attacked Fox reporters who fact-checked Trumpworld’s 2020 election lies 02/21/2023 Media Matters
Steve Bannon reportedly refuses to pay his former lawyers. Yet he says he flies on private planes. 02/21/2023 Media Matters
Biden hit for boasting of growing up in Polish community during Poland visit: 'I thought he was Puerto Rican' 02/21/2023 Fox News
Biden hit for boasting of growing up in Polish community during Poland visit: 'I thought he was Puerto Rican' 02/21/2023 Fox Bangor
Biden hit for boasting of growing up in Polish community during Poland visit: 'I thought he was Puerto Rican' 02/21/2023 MSN
Right-wing media outlets are endorsing border militias as a tool to curb immigration 02/23/2023 Media Matters
Charlie Kirk: Putin “has shown and demonstrated some extraordinary restraint” during Ukraine invasion 02/24/2023 Media Matters
Biden Reacts To Marjorie Taylor Greene Calling Him A ‘Liar’ 02/28/2023 Daily Caller
CNN ridiculed for suggesting 'wealthy' Supreme Court is biased against student loan debtors: 'Worst tweet' 02/28/2023 Fox Bangor
CNN ridiculed for suggesting 'wealthy' Supreme Court is biased against student loan debtors: 'Worst tweet' 02/28/2023 Fox News
Internet recoils as Biden talks of nurse doing things 'I don't think you learn in nursing school': 'So gross' 03/01/2023 Fox Bangor
‘An Unbelievable Show Of Force’: Sen. Hawley Goes After Merrick Garland For Arrest Of Pro-Life Father 03/01/2023 Daily Caller
Steve Bannon: Sen. Joe McCarthy is “one of the greatest Americans in the history of this country” 03/01/2023 Media Matters
The Media's Dishonest "No Evidence" Standard 03/03/2023 Tipp Insights
Tucker Carlson Indicts Nancy Pelosi For January 6 Security Failures 03/03/2023 The Federalist
New J6 Tapes Show Brian Sicknick Walking Around After Dems Claimed He Was Murdered 03/06/2023 The Federalist
John Heilemann Demanded Examples of MSNBC Dishonesty. Here Are a Few Choice Favorites 03/06/2023 National Review
In a private text, Tucker Carlson called Trump skipping Biden’s inauguration “destructive.” That’s not what he said on his show. 03/07/2023 Media Matters
Senate Republicans Cave To Dem Propaganda About J6 Tapes 03/07/2023 The Federalist
Don Lemon’s Fit Over Tucker Carlson’s Access To The J6 Tapes Is Pathetic 03/08/2023 The Federalist
Ranking Democrat Accuses ‘Twitter Files’ Reporters of Endangering Employees by Exposing Censorship 03/09/2023 National Review
Biden Official Calls Banking System ‘Resilient’ Amid SVP Collapse 03/12/2023 Daily Caller
‘They Are Killing Americans’: Kennedy Says Biden Doesn’t Care About Mexican Drug Cartels 03/12/2023 Daily Caller
Everything You Need To Know About Tucker Carlson’s J6 Tapes 03/13/2023 The Federalist
Right-wing media blame wokeness for Silicon Valley Bank failure 03/13/2023 Media Matters
Biden Claims He Started Supporting Same-Sex Marriage In High School. History Says Otherwise 03/14/2023 Daily Caller
‘We Don’t Want To See This War Escalate’: John Kirby Reacts To Russian Fighter Jet 03/14/2023 Daily Caller
J6 defendant who walked into Capitol through an open door, spent less than a minute inside, and left when asked by a Capitol cop faces prison 03/15/2023 American Thinker
Former Axios Reporter, Joy Reid Say DeSantis Admin ‘Bullied’ Him For Calling Press Release ‘Propaganda’ 03/16/2023 Daily Caller
‘The Country Be Damned’: Adam Schiff Accuses Tucker Carlson Of Lying 03/16/2023 Daily Caller
Only One White House Reporter Asked KJP About New Biden-China Revelations Before She Walked Out Of The Room 03/17/2023 Shore News
Professor Turley exposes the incredible weakness of the Trump indictment 03/19/2023 American Thinker
Charlie Kirk: “You must call on every attorneys general and every DA to say ‘we are going to investigate the Democrat crime mafia’” 03/20/2023 Media Matters
Fox host Pete Hegseth calls for Republicans to run on getting “rid of the Federal Department of Education.” 03/24/2023 Media Matters
Gun-grabber hypocrisy 2: NPR gushes over trans group arming up and forming gun club 'Rainbow Reload' 03/24/2023 American Thinker
Charlamagne takes Trump’s warning as a threat to paint DeSantis as secretly gay 03/24/2023 BPR
MSNBC show of Jen Psaki faces blowback over her new show 03/28/2023 Weekly Blitz
Tucker decries 'trans movement targeting Christians,' FBI denies Nashville terror link as perp's 'manifesto' remains hidden 03/29/2023 American Thinker
Prog icon Cenk Uyger tells trans people to 'get guns' because 'right wing lunatics are going to attack them' 03/29/2023 American Thinker
‘They are a menace’: DeSantis targets ‘Soros-backed’ left-wing prosecutors 04/02/2023 BPR
Steve Bannon suggests that he, Donald Trump, and Miles Guo were indicted for criticizing the Chinese government 04/04/2023 Media Matters
A right-wing smear campaign against a lawyer investigating Trump makes the leap from right-wing fever swamps to CNN 04/07/2023 Media Matters
‘He Keeps His Word’: Two Months Later, White House Says Biden Still Plans To Visit East Palestine 04/10/2023 Daily Caller
In bout of nostalgia for the 90s, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk says anti-trans slur on YouTube 04/10/2023 Media Matters
Biden Says He ‘Plans To Run’ In 2024, Not ‘Prepared To Announce It Yet’ 04/10/2023 Daily Caller
Tucker Carlson Accuses Corporate Media Of ‘Covering Up’ What The Leaked Pentagon Docs Actually Reveal 04/13/2023 Daily Caller
New audio shows Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo followed Trump campaign directives to promote January 6 04/14/2023 Media Matters
Larry Elder Announces He’s Running For President In 2024 04/20/2023 Daily Caller
New York's Eric Adams goes obnoxious, touting his plant-based diet 04/21/2023 American Thinker
With a COVID vaccine reckoning coming, Canada's PM Justin Trudeau tries a 'limited hangout' 04/26/2023 American Thinker
CNN's Sappy Saenz Laments GOP 'Seized' on Biden's Card with Press Question in Advance 04/27/2023 mrcNewsBusters
Mainstream Media Cheering Section for Left 05/01/2023 Newsmax
CNN's top-rated host takes on Fauci 05/02/2023 American Thinker
‘They Covered It All Up’: Jesse Watters Unloads On Biden Family Over FBI Documents Alleging Bribery 05/04/2023 Daily Caller
‘How Is That Not A Crime?’: Joy Reid Blames Subway Passengers For Not Helping Jordan Neely 05/04/2023 Daily Caller
Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Mandating Punishment for Antisemitic Crimes 05/04/2023 Parkland Talk
Steve Bannon guest Mike Davis says Proud Boys seditious conspiracy convictions were about “trying to take out Trump” 05/05/2023 Media Matters
Warner Bros. CEO’s comments raise serious questions about how well-equipped CNN is to confront the dangers of Donald Trump 05/05/2023 Media Matters
‘This Ain’t The Guy’: Joy Reid Slams DeSantis, Calls Him Unelectable 05/05/2023 Daily Caller
Supercut: Grabien News made this AWESOME Supercut for gaslighting – The Dems doing it over and over…. Over Gas stoves lol 05/05/2023 Whatfinger Daily
KJP roasted for comparing debt ceiling debate to monthly car payment: 'So how about student loans?' 05/09/2023 Fox News
Newly-revealed texts between Tucker Carlson and his rumored replacement Jesse Watters reveal their contempt for the truth 05/09/2023 Media Matters
Bill Maher clashes with Dr. Phil as comic’s Trump Derangement Syndrome gets the best of him 05/09/2023 BPR
RFK Jr. breaks yet another taboo, this time with profound Second Amendment implications 05/10/2023 American Thinker
The threat of Tucker + Twitter to the progressive media oligopoly has got them scared 05/11/2023 American Thinker
Steve Bannon calls CNN's Trump town hall “the humiliation of the mainstream media” 05/11/2023 Media Matters
Steve Bannon compares migrants at the southern border to battles during the War of 1812 05/12/2023 Media Matters
Biden once again takes no questions, chuckles as press is shooed away following Title 42 expiration 05/13/2023 BPR
CNN’s primetime lineup quickly pivots from dismissing Durham report to ignoring it 05/17/2023 Fox News
Fox News desperately needs new blood 05/18/2023 American Thinker
Buttigieg inadvertently undercuts entire argument on climate change doomsday: ‘Dumba** owned himself’ 05/19/2023 BPR
Speaker of Texas House Badly Slurs Words While Presiding Over Session in Viral Clip 05/21/2023 Mediaite
‘They Don’t Respect Anyone’: Rep. James Comer Slams FBI For Refusing To Turn Over Biden Documents 05/22/2023 Daily Caller
Jesse Watters Labels LGBTQ+ Nuns Organization a ‘Hate Group’ 05/23/2023 Daily Beast
‘Try To Chop Our Heads Off’: Jesse Watters Slams Machete-Wielding Professor For Threatening Reporter 05/23/2023 Daily Caller
DeSantis Says There’s ‘A Role’ For Federal Government In Restricting Abortions 05/24/2023 Daily Caller
DeSantis Argues Military ‘Has Become Politicized’ With Focus On ‘Gender Ideology’ 05/24/2023 Daily Caller
‘They Could Both Die’: Megyn Kelly Issues Stark Warning In Possible 2024 Trump Vs. Biden Rematch 05/24/2023 Daily Wire
Lincoln Project ‘grifter’ Rick Wilson suggests Trump could be ‘dead or in jail’ and still win GOP primary 05/28/2023 BPR
People are now fed up with obnoxious climate protest disruptors — and fighting back 05/30/2023 American Thinker
Bannon credits Dem Jeffries for playing McCarthy like a fiddle during debt negotiations 06/03/2023 BPR
Even Joe Scarborough Knows Democrats, Not Americans, Want Late-Term Abortion 06/05/2023 The Federalist
‘A Sleeper Issue’: Fox News Personalities Discuss Biden Bribery Allegations 06/05/2023 Daily Caller
Bannon calls for MTG, other 148 GOP lawmakers to be primaried over debt ceiling vote 06/06/2023 BPR
New whistleblower insists UFOs have landed here and the US government has them 06/06/2023 American Thinker
‘This Is What We Are Up Against’: California Mother Speaks Up Against School District’s ‘Age Inappropriate Curriculum’ 06/07/2023 Daily Caller
Right-wing media cheer on House Freedom Caucus’ temper tantrum that’s paralyzing the House floor 06/08/2023 Media Matters
‘Denigration Of The Presidency’: Joy Reid, Chris Hayes React To Trump Indictment 06/08/2023 Daily Caller
California Bill Would Redefine 'Infertility' To Give Men Access to Pregnancy Treatments 06/08/2023 Free Beacon
DeSantis responds to indictment of his opponent: ‘I think there needs to be one standard of justice in this country’ 06/10/2023 BPR
Foreign national in Biden bribery scheme kept 17 recordings of phone calls with Joe and Hunter, Sen. Grassley reveals 06/13/2023 BPR
White House Post of Graph Bragging About Inflation Going Down Completely Blows Up in Its Face 06/14/2023 Independent Journal Review
Finally a Little Accountability on Child-Masking 06/14/2023 National Review
California state senator urges parents to 'flee California' 06/15/2023 American Thinker
Greasy Gavin vs. Doddering Joe Video 06/17/2023 American Thinker
Fetterman joins Biden for tour of I-95 dressed like a dumpster dweller, mangles POTUS intro 06/18/2023 BPR
‘How Do We Make Certain This Doesn’t Happen Again?’: House Intel Chief Teases Upcoming John Durham Testimony 06/18/2023 Daily Caller
Mike Pence AGAIN ducks question on if he’d pardon Trump when cornered by Chuck Todd 06/18/2023 BPR
‘Can You Imagine If That Was A Conservative?’: Tim Scott Slams Joy Behar During Town Hall 06/20/2023 Daily Caller
‘Never Taken An Easier Vote’: GOP Reps Slam Adam Schiff After Censure Vote 06/21/2023 Daily Caller
Boebert Tries to Downplay Fight With MTG During Hannity Interview 06/22/2023 The Daily Beast
Chris Christie Doubles Down On Opposing Child Sex Change Procedure Ban 06/22/2023 Daily Caller
Congress erupts into a Schiff show after he’s censured; House Dems chant ‘shame! shame! shame!’ 06/22/2023 BPR
Charlie Kirk suggests that the CEO of OceanGate “killed himself and his customers with wokeness” 06/22/2023 Media Matters
AG Merrick Garland blasts critics who ‘have chosen to attack the integrity’ of the DOJ 06/24/2023 BPR
Biden Flees After Brushing Off Hunter Question 06/26/2023 Daily Caller
Bombshell revelation: Hunter paid for secret $300/month 'global phone' used by VP Biden while in office 06/26/2023 American Thinker
Biden: 'I sold a lot of state secrets' 06/27/2023 American Thinker
'Temper:' Biden shouts at reporter asking about his involvement in Hunter's 'Chinese shakedown' messages 06/28/2023 Fox Bangor
MAGA boos Lindsey Graham off the stage at Trump rally in South Carolina 07/02/2023 BPR
Karine Jean-Pierre: Racial preferences are an 'important constitutional right' 07/08/2023 American Thinker
Biden Hits Beach in Gaudy Swim Trunks 07/09/2023 BPR
Joe Rogan Pans MSNBC With Just Two Words as "Neo-Nazi" Fitness Article Resurfaces 07/10/2023 Daily Caller
Charlie Kirk: The left wants men to be “metrosexual betas” with “no muscle mass” 07/11/2023 Media Matters
MTG demands Biden dump ‘unreliable partner’ NATO, stop footing the bill to defend other countries 07/12/2023 BPR
Chris Wallace presses RNC boss to say Biden wasn’t legitimately elected 07/13/2023 BPR
Freak-out over GOP lawmaker saying ‘colored people’ on House floor 07/14/2023 BPR
RFK Jr. Says Trump Is "The Most Successful Debater" Since Lincoln-Douglas 07/14/2023 Daily Caller
Joe Scarborough says Biden ‘is so sharp’ and even wife Mika Brzezinski has a hard time with it 07/15/2023 American Thinker
Will Cain Says Transgender Athlete Phenomenon Is "Insanity" 07/15/2023 Daily Caller
Prickly Pence may have sunk his own White House bid, implodes during grilling by Tucker 07/15/2023 BPR
Fox News repeatedly hosts white nationalist-approved “Student for Ye” organizer 07/17/2023 Media Matters
NBA Star Enes Kanter Slams Alleged Ties To China In The Biden Administration 07/17/2023 Daily Caller
Jordan, Comer Discuss New Witness Who Backs Whistleblowers 07/17/2023 Daily Caller
Megyn Kelly and Trump back on good terms: ‘He could not have been nicer or more generous’ 07/18/2023 BPR
Donald Trump Slams DOJ, Target Letter As 'Disgrace' 07/18/2023 Daily Caller
Trump Says Biden Family 'Compromised' Over Alleged Business Dealings with Foreign Countries 07/18/2023 Daily Caller
John Kerry All But Laughed Out of China Following Climate Change Trip 07/19/2023 Townhall
IRS Whistleblower Says Hunter Biden's Attorneys Made 'False Statements' and 'Threatened' Procescutors 07/19/2023 Daily Caller
Ex-NY Post Editor Who Broke Hunter Biden Story Laughs About Falsehoods From Ex-Intel Officials 07/20/2023 Daily Caller
DeSantis Travels to Utah Not Idaho 07/20/2023 KIDO Talk Radio
The most inexplicable chant surfaces in Berlin demonstration 07/24/2023 American Thinker
MSNBC guest mocked for floating 9/11-style response to right wing threats: 'Utterly oblivious' 07/26/2023 Fox News
Navy Veteran Says UFO Sightings Were 'Frequent' Among Crew Members 07/26/2023 Daily Caller
Judge Threatens To Sanction Hunter Biden's Lawyers After Team Member Allegedly 'Misrepresented' Her Identity to Court 07/26/2023 Daily Caller
'Ugh': Joy Reid, Guest Lose It Over DeSantis' Comments On Basketball Players 07/26/2023 Daily Caller
Scary moment Mitch McConnell suddenly FREEZES up on podium. Was it a stroke? 07/27/2023 BPR
Fox ‘Straight News’ Anchor Defends RFK Jr. After Karl Rove Calls Him a ‘Nut’ 07/27/2023 The Daily Beast
'It Is Shameful': Sol Wisenberg Tees Off On Hunter Biden's 'Incredibly Sleazy' Plea Deal 07/27/2023 Daily Caller
Fox News’ Lawrence Jones falsely claims Trump’s legal team wasn’t subpoenaed over Mar-a-Lago footage 07/28/2023 Media Matters
Staff of Sen. Feinstein, 90, spins humiliating moment she has to be reminded by them how to cast vote 07/28/2023 BPR
Montage: 2019 coverage of ‘brave’ whistleblowers vs 2023 ‘so-called’ whistleblowers will ‘BLOW YOUR MIND’ 07/28/2023 American Wire
‘An Unwavering Warrior’: Trump Touts Economy, Trade, Border Security Among Accomplishments In Pitch To Iowa Voters 07/28/2023 Daily Caller
'Back to His Basement': Ron DSantis Mocks Joe Biden Promises to Send Him On 'Permanent Vacation' 07/28/2023 Daily Caller
Fox News guest says migrants should “go back to where they came from because they serve no purpose here” 07/31/2023 Media Matters
Here's How Trump Can Turn New Charges To His Advantage 07/31/2023 Daily Caller
Tucker Carlson biographer: Tucker Carlson loyalists at Fox News are complaining to me about how the network is run 08/01/2023 Media Matters
'The Deep State is Afraid of Him', Congressman Fulcher on Trump 08/02/2023 KIDO Talk Radio
Kamala rejects DeSantis invite for sit-down to discuss her distortion of Florida history standards 08/02/2023 BPR
Eric Trump Slams Democrats For 'Lie After Lie' Aimed At Taking Donald Trump 'Out Of The Race' 08/02/2023 Daily Caller
Charlie Kirk floats Rep. Byron Donalds or Sen. Ron Johnson as Donald Trump’s vice president 08/03/2023 Media Matters
'They're Obsessed With Him': Lara Trump Slams Democrats' 'Third World Communist Tactics' 08/04/2023 Daily Caller
Chicago's Mayor Johnson scolds reporter for calling mass looters a 'mob,' says 'large gathering' is 'appropriate' 08/04/2023 American Thinker
Doug Burgum Rips ABC News To Its Face For Ignoring Hunter Biden Scandals 08/06/2023 Daily Caller
Trump's Lawyer Says Pence Will Be 'Out Last Witness' If He Testifies In Capitol Riot Case 08/06/2023 Daily Caller
Mitch McConnell booed and heckled with chants of ‘RETIRE’ and ‘DITCH MITCH’ at local event 08/07/2023 BPR
Chris Christie Slams DeSantis' Answer On Trump's 2020 Election Claims 08/07/2023 Daily Caller
Right Wing Takes Aim at U.S. Women’s Team After Nasty World Cup Loss 08/08/2023 Daily Beast
Fox Panelist Says Voters 'Back On Board' With Trump Despite Charges 08/08/2023 Daily Caller
Steve Bannon and guests have a meltdown over defeat of Ohio's Issue 1 ballot initiative 08/09/2023 Media Matters
‘Don’t call him a fat pig’: Trump fires back at Christie in battle of savage barbs 08/09/2023 BPR
Chris Christie Rips Trump For Potentially Skipping Debates, Touts Poll Numbers 08/09/2023 Daily Caller
Father Raided By FBI Rails Against Christopher Wray, Crackdown On Religious Liberty 08/10/2023 Daily Caller
Megyn Kelly defends Trump’s savage jab at Christie: ‘I’d rather somebody called me a fat pig than a criminal’ 08/11/2023 BPR
Kaitlan Collins Presses Abbe Lowell on Hunter Investigation 'Linking Back' To Joe Biden 08/11/2023 Daily Caller
Mike Pence’s sassy response to Hunter Biden investigation update 08/12/2023 BPR
Laura Ingraham Blasts Top Democrats For Decline of Major Cities 08/14/2023 Daily Caller
Pete Hegseth Slams Chaos In San Francisco 08/15/2023 Daily Caller
Critics Drag Top Democrat Election Denier For Giddy Reaction To Trump Indictment 08/16/2023 Daily Wire
Former Trump Adviser Blasts Indictments As "An Open Vendetta" By Dems Who Want To "Influct As Much Pain As Possible" 08/16/2023 Daily Caller
Tulsi Gabbard Slams Apparent Lack of Government Effort in Hawaii 08/16/2023 Daily Caller
Scarborough Demands Hunter Biden's Lawyer Explain Millions in Foreign Business Dealings 08/18/2023 Daily Caller
MMA Star Says Trump Would Thrash Biden in Hypothetical Fight 08/18/2023 Daily Caller
Vivek Ramaswamy Dumps Cold Water On Possible VP Selection 08/19/2023 Daily Caller
Comer: Hunter Biden Was Copied On Government Emails Pertaining to Ukraine While Biden Was VP 08/20/2023 Daily Caller
Trump crushes hope he may join GOP debate 08/21/2023 BPR
Jesse Watters Says Framing Of Hunter Allegations As "Father Loving His Drug-Addicted Son" is "Psychological Warfare" 08/21/2023 Daily Caller
Rand Paul Predicts GOP Candidates Won't Stand 'A Chance' Unless They 'Go After' Trump During Debate 08/23/2023 Daily Caller
Ex-Trump Adviser Says GOP Debate Was A 'Sh*tshow' Even Without Former President 08/24/2023 Daily Caller
Vivek Slams Politicians for Supporting Ukraine Over Hawaii, Southern Border 08/24/2023 Daily Caller
Fox Panelists Slam Trump Indictment After Surrender 08/24/2023 Daily Caller
Laura Ingraham Blasts Dems' Excitement Over Trump Surrender 08/24/2023 Daily Caller
GOP Primary Debate Was A Dud For Americans Worried About Leftist Destruction Of The Nation 08/24/2023 The Federalist
Christie whines about Fox News moderators after being booed into oblivion during GOP debate 08/25/2023 American Wire
Charlie Kirk on Trump surrender: “Getting a mug shot, that's an act of violence” 08/25/2023 Media Matters
Realtor Says Biden's Economy Has 'Priced Out' Young Home Buyers Working Multiple Jobs 'Just to Pay the Rent' 08/25/2023 Daily Caller
ohn Kerry shredded for ugly rant accusing global warming skeptics of threatening humanity 08/27/2023 BPR
Fox News Guests Slam Democrats' Attempt to 'Disqualify' Trump From Election Ballots 08/28/2023 Daily Caller
Biden Alcohol Czar Threatens Americans With Canada-Style Beer Limits of Two Per Week 08/29/2023 The Washington Free Beacon
Charles Payne Breaks Down Why Americans Feel So Gloomy About the Economy 08/30/2023 Daily Caller
Meet the Canadian Psychiatrist MSNBC Is Using To Defend School Shutdowns 08/31/2023 The Washington Free Beacon
Piers Morgan Blasts Schools, Companies For Catering To 'Tiny Minority of Activitists' 08/31/2023 Daily Caller
Vivek Ramaswamy Misleads on Polling Numbers 09/01/2023 Check Your Fact
Dave Portnoy pizza review goes horribly off the rails 09/01/2023 BPR
Analyst Breaks Down How US Adversaries Are 'Taking Advantage' of Bidenomics 09/05/2023 Daily Caller
Bill Maher chides striking writers over ‘kooky’ demands: ‘they believe you’re owed a living… you’re not’ 09/06/2023 BPR
Nikki Haley Says Potential Of Kamala Harris Presidency ‘Should Scare All Of Us’ Amid Rising Tensions With China 09/06/2023 Daily Caller
Sol Wisenberg Says Hunter’s Legal Argument May Contradict Joe Biden’s Previous Claim 09/06/2023 Daily Caller
Sol Wisenberg Says Georgia Grand Jury ‘Didn’t Understand The Law’ 09/08/2023 Daily Caller
Ramaswamy Declares Life Begins At Conception After Previously Pointing To Six-Week Mark 09/09/2023 Daily Caller
‘The Word: How We Translate the Bible—and Why It Matters’ by John Barton 09/10/2023 Free Beacon
Tulsi Gabbard Rips Biden, Harris Over ‘Gross’ 9/11 Memorial Behavior, Calls For New Leadership 09/11/2023 Daily Caller
CNN Host Grills Joe Manchin On Whether He’d Run Against Biden For Democratic Nomination 09/11/2023 Daily Caller
Biden's 'John Wayne' quote confuses social media: 'Nobody' knows 'what he's mumbling about' 09/11/2023 Fox News
JD Vance Says US’ ‘Blank Check’ Spending Focus On Ukraine Is ‘Massive Strategic Victory’ For China 09/12/2023 Daily Caller
US Attorney Appeared To Block Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor From Charging Him In Tax Case, IRS Whistleblower Notes Show 09/13/2023 Daily Caller
Nancy Pelosi Dodges Answering If Kamala Harris Is The ‘Best Running Mate’ 3 Times In 1 Minute 09/13/2023 Daily Caller
CNN Analyst Predicts ‘Legal’ Hurdles In Hunter Case Over Second Amendment, Proof Of Addiction 09/14/2023 Daily Caller
Gavin Newsom Defends Biden’s ‘State Of Mind,’ ‘Absolutely’ Endorses Harris 09/18/2023 Daily Caller
Kayleigh McEnany Rips Fetterman As An ‘Empty Sweatshirt’ 09/19/2023 Daily Caller
Garland Admits He Did Not Know About David Weiss’ Work With Beau Biden 09/20/2023 Daily Caller
Merrick Garland Refuses To Discuss Meetings With Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor 09/20/2023 Daily Caller
Democrats Kept Repeating One Big Lie During Garland’s Testimony 09/21/2023 Daily Caller
Dave Portnoy Blasts ‘Garbage’ Media After Phone Call For Alleged Hit Piece 09/21/2023 Daily Caller
Lauren Boebert Responds To ‘Heartbreaking’ Surveillance Video Of Theater Date 09/22/2023 Daily Caller
Top Dem declines to commit to Kamala as ‘the future of the Democratic Party’ 09/25/2023 BPR
Joey Diaz Blasts Bob Menendez As ‘Felony Stupid’ 09/25/2023 Daily Caller
Pelosi Dismisses ‘Fake Distraction’ Biden Inquiry, Says ‘You Just Can’t Be Impeaching’ Over ‘Difference Of Opinion’ 09/25/2023 Daily Caller
Former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calls Viktor Shokin a “completely crazy person” 09/25/2023 Media Matters
Ron DeSantis Says Trump’s ‘Printing Of Trillions’ Caused Inflation And Biden Only ‘Added Gas To The Fire’ 09/26/2023 Daily Caller
A former Ukrainian president went on Fox News and debunked the network’s impeachment claims. 09/27/2023 Media Matters
Larry Elder Breaks Down The Democrats’ Dilemma With Feinstein’s Seat 09/29/2023 Daily Caller
Biden impeachment and potential shutdown expose GOP's shift to extremism under right-wing media's influence 09/30/2023 Media Matters
Hannity, Stephen A. Smith Praise Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Romance 10/02/2023 Daily Caller
Matt Gaetz Blasts Kevin McCarthy For Paving Dems’ ‘Yellow Brick Road,’ Reveals His ‘Number Two’ Choice For Speaker 10/02/2023 Daily Caller
Nancy Mace Dodges Naming Her Pick For Next Speaker After Voting To Oust McCarthy 10/03/2023 Daily Caller
Resumption of Student Loan Repayments May Force College Grads To Dip Into 'Fun Budget,' Media Warn 10/04/2023 Washington Free Beacon
Missouri AG Calls For ‘Wall Of Separation’ Between ‘Tech And State’ 10/04/2023 Daily Caller
Chris Christie Rips Trump Over Legal Woes, Says ‘He Should Not Be Speaker’ 10/05/2023 Daily Caller
Trump Reveals The One Issue That ‘Really’ Makes Dems ‘Go Crazy’ 10/06/2023 Daily Caller
Are You Gonna Eat That? Review of Food Labels and Their Meaning 10/08/2023 Washington Free Beacon
Rand Paul Warns Of Retaliating Too Quickly Against Iran 10/09/2023 Daily Caller
Fmr Official Explains Why He’s Not Surprised By University’s ‘Delayed’ Hamas Attack Comment 10/10/2023 Daily Caller
Left-Wing Pundit To Primary Biden Despite Being Ineligible To Run Under Constitution 10/11/2023 Daily Caller
Rep. Steve Scalise's speakership would be “disastrous,” “it cannot happen” 10/12/2023 Media Matters
DeSantis Accuses Dems Of Trying To ‘Kneecap’ Israel 10/16/2023 Daily Caller
Former FBI Agent Slams Dems’ ‘Extremely Dangerous’ View That US Should ‘Take In Anyone’ After Hamas Attacks 10/17/2023 Daily Caller
Former WH Press Secretary Torches Biden For ‘Blunders’ On Israel Trip 10/18/2023 Daily Caller
Dem State Rep Says It’s ‘Hurtful’ Biden Hasn’t Sought ‘Justice’ For Palestinians In Wake Of Terror Attack 10/23/2023 Daily Caller
Rothman on Fox News: ‘China, Russia, Iran Want to End American Dominance’ 10/23/2023 National Review
Trump Says ‘Jesus Christ’ Is The Only One Who Can Get 217 Votes For Speaker 10/23/2023 Daily Caller
Ernst Blasts Biden: ‘Been So Actively Appeasing Iran Instead Of Standing Up To Them’ 10/24/2023 Daily Wire
Anti-Israel Demonstrators Harass Jewish Students In Library Of Cooper Union College 10/26/2023 Daily Caller
Mike Pence drops out of GOP race, says ‘not my time’ – Trump quick to covet his endorsement 10/29/2023 BPR
Newsom called out after running over Chinese kid during basketball game 10/30/2023 BPR
Tulsi Gabbard, Laura Ingraham Blast Dems, VP For Response To Israel-Hamas War 10/31/2023 Daily Caller
Hawley shreds Mayorkas over self-righteous response to DHS employee’s pro-Hamas post 11/01/2023 BPR
Biden Family Demands One Of Its Most Powerful Footsoldiers To Turn Up The Heat On Key Corruption Witness 11/07/2023 Daily Caller
Bannon’s “War Room” is the media home of Project 2025 and Trump’s retribution plans 11/09/2023 Media Matters
Fox News hosts notice media’s obsession with Trump-Hitler comparisons 11/15/2023 BPR
Rep. Mike Lawler Urges Fellow Republicans To Expel George Santos From Congress 11/17/2023 Daily Caller
Fox Guest Breaks Down ‘Big Problems’ Biden Is Facing On All Fronts Ahead Of 2024 Election 11/17/2023 Daily Caller
‘The View’ co-host Ana Navarro calls for Latinos to punish Univision over Trump interview 11/21/2023 BPR
Companies Abandoning DEI Efforts Since Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision 11/27/2023 Free Beacon
Clark Kirk Says “Black crime is a major issue in our country” 11/28/2023 Media Matters
Newsom Hits DeSantis from the Right in Fox News Debate, Adopts Trump Talking Points 11/30/2023 National Review
Biden jokes that he could ‘blow up the world’ rips ‘Congressman Trump’ in latest gaffe fest 11/30/2023 BPR
California’s Record Of Felonies, Feces, And Failure Should Kill Newsom’s Political Career But It Won’t 12/01/2023 The Federalist
The Fight Against Sexualizing Kids Doesn’t Just Win Debates, It Wins Elections 12/01/2023 The Federalist
Portland Public Schools Must Now Consider Race, Gender Identity When Disciplining Students 12/02/2023 Free Beacon
Tyranny of the Minority: Why American Democracy Reached the Breaking Point' 12/03/2023 Free Beacon
Riley Gaines slaps down ‘Squad’ Dem over ‘transphobic’ accusation 12/06/2023 BPR
Illegal Migrant Thanks Biden After Crossing Into US 12/06/2023 Daily Caller
Christie Slams DeSantis for Refusing to Say Whether Trump Is Fit for Office 12/06/2023 National Review
Norah O'Donnell asks if Donald Trump's promise to be a dictator was “a joke” 12/06/2023 Media Matters
20% of Young Americans Think Holocaust Is a Myth 12/08/2023 Free Beacon
Trump trolls Christie with an extremely unflattering photo after terminal disease diagnosis 12/12/2023 BPR
Juan Williams Repeats False Claim That Biden Lost His Son In Iraq 12/13/2023 The Federalist
Tom Elliott Drops a Laundry List on Dems Claiming There's 'No Evidence' of Biden Wrongdoing 12/14/2023 Twitchy
MSNBC Guest Says Trump In Second Term Could ‘Turn Off The Internet’ 12/14/2023 Daily Wire
Claudine Gay Plagiarism Victim Posts Seven-Point Plan for Fixing Harvard 12/21/2023 Free Beacon
John Kirby Dodges Reporter’s Question About Migrants Given Court Dates In 2031 12/21/2023 Daily Caller
Supercuts Video of 10 Most Mortifying Media Moments of 2023 12/24/2023 Power Line
John Kerry defends Joe Biden against ‘ageism’ of critics 12/24/2023 American Wire
Christmas and the Boy Reader 12/24/2023 Free Beacon
House Republicans say Biden may be guilty of obstruction 12/28/2023 BPR
Mayorkas Cites Climate Change As ‘Root Cause’ Of Border Crisis 01/03/2024 Daily Caller
Donald Trump to Sean Hannity in 2023: A president receiving money from China would be “compromised” 01/04/2024 Media Matters
REVIEW: 'The Once Upon a Time World: The Dark and Sparkling Story of the French Riviera' 01/07/2024 Free Beacon
Mehdi Hasan Quits MSNBC After Show Cancellation 01/09/2024 Fox News
REVIEW: 'The Dish: The Lives and Labor Beneath One Plate of Food' by Andrew Friedman 01/14/2024 Washington Free Beacon
Steve Bannon blows his stack after Speaker Johnson says Biden’s presidency is God’s will 01/18/2024 BPR
Mother Who Lost Daughter to Fentanyl Rips Mayorkas for Skipping Impeachment Hearing 01/18/2024 National Review
Sean Hannity Downplays the S&P Hitting A Record High 01/22/2024 Media Matters
Inside the Left's Spurious Legal Strategy To Take Down Oil and Gas Producers 01/22/2024 Free Beacon
Romney accuses Trump of trying to undermine Biden on border bill 01/26/2024 BPR
Trump lawyer speaks out after defamation trial 01/27/2024 BPR
Joe Rogan has no regrets that he moved out of California 01/30/2024 BPR
Biden Says He Wants to Avoid ‘Wider War.’ Fox Host Calls Him a ‘Wuss’ 01/30/2024 Daily Beast
Congressional Candidate Says Biden EPA Has Acted Like ‘Gestapo,’ Mistreated Residents In East Palestine Cleanup 02/01/2024 Daily Caller
Trump lawyer Boris Epshteyn Talks to Steve Bannon 02/08/2024 Media Matters
Fox News praises vigilante group for a takedown of "migrant shoplifter;” Law Enforcement Says Neither Description Was True 02/08/2024 Media Matters
Sean Hannity issues correction for falsely labeling a Times Square bystander a criminal 02/08/2024 Media Matters
In Presser Insisting He’s Mentally Fit, Biden Says Mexico’s President Is Calling Shots In Gaza 02/08/2024 The Federalist
Kirby says Israel taking actions to protect civilians that ‘I’m not sure our own military would take’ 02/14/2024 BPR
Megyn Kelly says only good to come from rising campus antisemitism is opening the eyes of Jewish people 02/24/2024 BPR
The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College’ 02/25/2024 Washington Free Beacon
Donna Brazile erupts at Reince Priebus over Trump’s ‘racist’ remarks about black voters 02/26/2024 BPR
Nothing says equal justice quite like Letitia James’s daily updates of Trump’s debt clock 02/27/2024 Restoring America
Journalist Who Exposed Secret Tucson Migrant Hotel Speaks Out: ‘Super Secretive’ Business 02/27/2024 The Federalist
Tucker says his lawyers warned that Biden regime could arrest him for Putin interview 02/28/2024 BPR
Jake Tapper Blames Police, Not Crime, For Increased Traffic Deaths 02/28/2024 The Federalist
Eco zealot gets treated like a ragdoll by security after accosting Sen. Manchin 03/02/2024 BPR
AG Garland vows to fight voter ID laws 03/04/2024 BPR
‘The View’ hosts’ reactions to Katie Britt’s SOTU rebuttal 03/09/2024 BPR
Chris Cuomo opens up in sit-down with Tucker 03/12/2024 BPR
Colbert Gaslights Viewers on Hur Testimony to Protect Biden 03/14/2024 Hollywood in Toto
CNN Legal Analysts Predict Letitia James’ Likely First Target If Trump Doesn’t Post Bond 03/25/2024 Daily Caller
Pro-Life Lawyer And Doctor Give Live Fact-Check Of CNN’s Kaitlan Collins On Abortion Pills 03/27/2024 The Federalist
Joe Scarborough Rips ‘Women On Fox News’ In Rant Defending His Conservative Credentials 03/28/2024 Daily Caller
Joe Rogan accuses Israel of genocide, plays the Holocaust card 03/28/2024 BPR
Pro-Tips for the Protestants 03/31/2024 Free Beacon
Jean-Pierre gaslights about Biden’s Easter Day transgender blasphemy 04/02/2024 BPR
MSNBC Panel Suggests SEC Should Wage Lawfare Campaign Against Trump For Truth Social Stock Boom 04/02/2024 The Federalist
‘The Daily Show’ Mocks Jesus In Defense Of ‘Trans Day Of Visibility’ 04/04/2024 Daily Wire
Billionaire Mark Cuban dodges question asking if he pays his ‘fair share’ of taxes: ‘I pay what I owe’ 04/15/2024 NY Post
National Guard Official Says Mark Milley’s Jan 6. Warnings Led To Deployment Delay 04/17/2024 Daily Caller
Man Sets Himself On Fire, Dies Outside Trump Trial 04/19/2024 Daily Caller
US Sanctions Iranian Cyber Army and Militant Groups That Have Kidnapped Americans 04/23/2024 Free Beacon
CNN Panel Says Trump Prosecution May Be Making ‘Misstep’ By Showing ‘Salacious’ Headlines 04/23/2024 Daily Caller
Mike Johnson Fires Back At Rowdy Pro-Palestinian Protesters During University Speech 04/24/2024 Daily Caller
‘The View’ Co-Hosts Suggest Backlash To College Protests Is ‘Far-Right’ And Media Ploy 04/29/2024 Daily Caller
Republicans Flip-Flop On Campus Free Speech To Support Antisemitism Bill 05/02/2024 Daily Caller
Swing-State Voters Tell MSNBC That Trump Trial Will Not Cause Them To Support Biden 05/15/2024 Daily Caller
New NBC documentary promotes ‘LGBTQI+ tolerance’ with focus on gayness among animals 05/17/2024 BPR
Biden calls discriminatory DEI policies the ‘core strength’ of America 05/20/2024 BPR
AOC Admits Lawfare Is An ‘Ankle Bracelet’ Keeping Trump From Campaign Trail 05/22/2024 The Federalist
How Racial Preferences, Supposedly Outlawed in California, Have Persisted at UCLA 05/23/2024 Free Beacon
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James Carville not a big fan of his party’s messaging 05/27/2024 BPR
Silicon Valley School District Prepares 'Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive' Curriculum Makeover 05/29/2024 Free Beacon
US Labor Department trashed for post about helping 'menstruators thrive at work': ‘Insulting’ 06/01/2024 Fox News
REVIEW: 'Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren't Growing Up' by Abigail Shrier 06/02/2024 Free Beacon
Jonathan Turley Blasts DOJ For Using ‘Deepfake’ Possibility As Reason For Not Releasing Biden Interview Audio 06/03/2024 Daily Caller
CNN Data Guru Says More Foreign-Born Voters Back Trump Over Biden 06/04/2024 Daily Caller
Jonathan Turley Says Hunter Biden Should Have Pled Guilty To Gun Charges 06/04/2024 Daily Caller
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Press Repeats Gaza Hospital Fiasco By Parroting Hamas Propaganda On IDF Hostage Rescue 06/10/2024 The Federalist
CNN Panel Pushes Back When Former Biden Admin Official Spins Called Off Press Briefing 06/11/2024 Daily Caller
Andy McCarthy Says David Weiss Is ‘A Joke’ For Slow-Walking Hunter Biden Case 06/11/2024 Daily Caller
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