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Chris Hayes Tees Up Warren to Blame 'Long Legacy' of Racism for Her Labor Problems 02/07/2020 NewsBusters
Biden Woos NH Voter By, Er, Calling Her A “Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” 02/10/2020 HotAir
TV Networks, Led By CNN And MSNBC, Have Aired Misleading Bloomberg Ad More Than 70 Times 02/22/2020 The Daily Caller
Supercut Highlights Media Calling Claim That Michael Flynn Was Set Up By FBI A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 05/09/2020 The Daily Wire
Trump Abandons Fussy Kindergardners 05/11/2020 Other People's Videos
CNN slights Mount Rushmore as 'monument of two slaveowners' after extolling its 'majesty' in 2016 07/03/2020 FOX News
Grandfather of slain 11-year-old says BLM ignores ‘black-on-black crime’ 07/06/2020 NY Post
Dems, media ramp up claim that Trump would use military to 'steal' 2020 election 07/23/2020 FOX News
CNN removes the term ‘violent’ from on-air graphic describing protests in Wisconsin 08/26/2020 FOX News
Media watchdog compiles ‘dumbest predictions made about the election’ by anti-Trump pundits 11/03/2020 FOX News
Jon Meacham 'abandoned' rules of journalism as the secret Biden speechwriter on MSNBC's payroll, experts say 11/11/2020 FOX News
Cable news 'commentators' reveal their true colors: TV contributors join the Biden administration - as MSNBC drops analyst Jon Meacham for failing to disclose he was writing Joe's speeches 11/11/2020 Daily Mail
CNN insiders support Jeffrey Toobin firing by New Yorker, predict network will 'dig heels in' and keep him 11/11/2020 FOX News
Journalists fawning over Biden tops ‘20 most mortifying media moments’ of 2020 12/23/2020 Fox News
MSNBC panel laments herd immunity talk, warns of 'decades-long battle' with COVID-19 12/24/2020 The Washington Times
Media watchdog slams Twitter 'Thought Cops' for suspending his account after anti-Cuomo tweet 01/06/2021 Fox News
CNN reporter accused of pushing China propaganda by comparing Hong Kong protesters to Capitol rioters 01/06/2021 Fox News
Tucker Rails Against CNN's Description of US Capitol Riot 01/08/2021 Townhall
Media Montage Video Shows CNN, MSNBC Excusing Leftwing Mob Violence as Buildings Burn in Background 01/08/2021 CNS News
Supercut: Mainstream Media Downplayed Political Violence All Year 01/08/2021 RealClear Politics
Cult expert to CNN: 'All of America needs deprogramming' after Trump years 01/19/2021 Fox News
Was Bill Clinton 'nodding off' at Biden's inauguration? Twitter users speculate 01/20/2021 Fox News
MSNBC Interviewed Lincoln Project Leaders Multiple Times Without Asking About John Weaver Allegations 02/01/2021 Mediaite
Levin: Dems Call Trump an Insurrectionist for 'Fight Like Hell'...After They Said It Numerous Times 02/08/2021 CNS News
CNN goes weeks without any on-air coverage of John Weaver, Lincoln Project scandals 02/18/2021 Fox News
ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts 02/25/2021 Fox News
Critics Slam Biden After He Appears To Forget Name Of Defense Secretary, Pentagon: ‘He’s Not There’ 03/08/2021 The Daily Wire
Peak Absurdity: A ‘Fact-Checker’ Thought they Just Had to Defend Joe Biden on this Particular Stumble 03/10/2021 Townhall
Washington Post’s ‘find the fraud’ correction points to larger issue with agenda-driven anonymous sources 03/16/2021 Fox Wilmington
The Root accused of racism after piece declares ‘Whiteness is a Pandemic’ 03/18/2021 Fox News
CNN, MSNBC erupted over Trump's ramp walk -- but virtually ignore Biden's staircase stumble 03/20/2021 Fox News
Alternate Perceptions of Biden’s Press Conference Reveal Striking Evolutionary Difference Between Conservatives And Liberals 03/26/2021 WIBC
Scarborough Calls Russiagate Skeptics ‘Useful Idiots,’ Suggests They’re on the Kremlin Payroll 03/29/2021 Yahoo!
Trump Unloads On Fauci After Fauci Claims Credit For Developing Vaccine In Record Time 03/29/2021 The Daily Wire
Fauci Tries to Take Credit He Doesn’t Deserve for COVID-19 Vaccine 03/29/2021 Legal Insurrection
Todd Herman Show Notes: 3.29.2021 03/29/2021 Todd Herman Show
Biden's 'Screw America' Terrible Trifecta of Tyranny Begins With 'Vaccine Passports' and a Side of Open Borders 03/30/2021 PJ Media
Watch CNN’s Jim Acosta Justify $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Deal By Bellyaching About Wifi On His Trips Between DC And NYC 04/04/2021 Daily Caller
Eye-rolls & cheers as MASKED bunnies descend on White House to join Biden’s Easter address & greet reporters 04/06/2021 RT
NBC News mocked for saying red states’ lower COVID stats have ‘experts’ dumbfounded 04/09/2021 Fox Wilmington
Biden's UN Ambassador Doubles Down On Anti-America, Chinese Talking Points 04/19/2021 Christianity Daily
The Root accused of racism after piece declares ‘Whiteness is a Pandemic’ 04/21/2021 Gruntstuff
AOC Claims Planned Parenthood “Saves Lives,” But It Killed 350,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year 05/07/2021 Life News
‘Debunked Bunkum’: Poorly-Aging Highlight Reel Shows Trump Critics Mocking Lab-Leak Theory 05/26/2021 Daily Caller
YouTube removes video of Georgia mother criticizing mask mandates for children: 'Medical misinformation' 05/27/2021 Fox News
YouTube pulls mom’s rant challenging mask mandate from conservative account, leaves it up elsewhere 05/27/2021 NY Post
Kamala's Kinsley gaffe on border policy 05/27/2021 American Thinker
Report: YouTube Blocks News Clip of Mother Criticizing Child Mask Mandates 05/28/2021 Breitbart
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