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Women Who've Made False Rape Accusations

Created by Tom (staff)
Contributors: 1
Items: 10
Summary Date Source
An anonymous woman who accused a Wash. police chief 10/27/2018 The Daily Wire
Five unnamed Pa. H.S. girls 10/08/2018 NY Post
Unnamed (accused four Nevada dentists of raping her) 10/02/2018 The Daily Wire
Victoria Price & Ruby Bates ("Scottsboro Boys" accusers) 10/01/1931 Wikipedia
VanDyke Perry accuser 10/01/1991 The Innocence Project
Wanetta Gibson 07/08/2002 The Grio
Emma Sulkowicz ("Mattress Girl") 04/01/2013 Wikipedia
'Jackie' from UVA 04/05/2015 Wikipedia
Tawana Brawley 11/28/1987 Wikipedia
Crystal Gail Mangum (Duke Lacrosse Case) 03/01/2006 Slate
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