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Parkland: Ways the Government Screwed Up

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Summary Date Source
Agent pointed out security lapses at Stoneman Douglas before shooting, but no action was taken 06/09/2018 NBC Miami
An Obama era edict discouraging schools from disciplining students resulted in Cruz not being expelled 03/01/2018 RealClearInvestigations
Authorities wanted Cruz institutionalized before massacre, but never acted 03/18/2018 Associated Press
Deputy who refused to help children during attack now enjoying $60,000/year pension 03/13/2018 The Daily Mail
When FBI was warned in Jan. Cruz may shoot up school, the warning was not passed along to Miami field office 02/23/2018 The New York Times
Two years before the attack, the sheriff's office was warned Cruz said he would shoot up his school 02/23/2018 The New York Times
On Nov. 30th, a Mass. man warned sheriff's office Cruz may soon become a school shooter 02/23/2018 The New York Times
Around Thanksgiving, Cruz called 911 on himself 02/23/2018 The New York Times
Three months before attack, on Nov. 29th, a Cruz family member warned the sheriff's office 02/23/2018 The New York Times
Tipster told the FBI Cruz was 'set to explode' on Jan. 5th, 2018 02/23/2018 The New York Times
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