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Michael Avenatti’s 23 Biggest Embarrassments

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Avenatti's defamation suit against President Trump was dismissed, and Avenatti was ordered to pay Trump's legal bills 10/15/2018 CNBC
Both his coffee company and former law firm owe millions in taxes 10/21/2018 The Daily Beast
While owing money everywhere, Avenatti lived the high life, with a multimillion mansion, private jets, and race cars 10/21/2018 The Daily Beast
Avenatti was evicted from his mansion for failure to pay his lease 10/21/2018 The Daily Beast
With Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey, Avenatti purchased a coffee chain, and then ran it into the ground 10/21/2018 The Daily Beast
Despite being listed as the owner of Global Baristas, Avenatti claims he's not going to pay the $5million in outstanding tax obligations 10/21/2018 The Daily Beast
Avenatti was evicted from his office for nonpayment of rent 10/22/2018 Business Insider
Avenatti was fined $4.85 million for failing to pay a former colleague who successfully sued him 10/22/2018 Business Insider
Avenatti was sued by a business partner after Avenatti borrowed money on his behalf 10/25/2018 TIME
Avenatti said "while male" politicians carry "more weight" than non-whites 10/25/2018 TIME
Avenatti is being referred for criminal investigation after concocting false gang rape claims 10/25/2018 Senate Judiciary Committee
Avenatti's "gang rape" client says he "twisted her words" and she didn't read the statement 10/25/2018 The Daily Beast
Despite being a multimillionaire, Avenatti's 83 year old dad is forced to work full time 10/25/2018 TIME
Avenatti's former law partner successfully sued him for non-payment 10/25/2018 TIME
Another former partner successfully sued Avenatti for nonpayment, and has still not been paid 10/25/2018 TIME
Avenatti has had millions in federal tax liens imposed, and still reportedly owes the IRS money 10/25/2018 TIME
Avenatti is accused of using a coffee chain as a tax avoidance scheme 10/25/2018 TIME
His second wife accuses him of being a bad father to their children 10/25/2018 TIME
He setup a GoFundMe for his biggest client, Stormy Daniels, but didn't give her any of the money 11/28/2018 The Daily Beast
Avenatti filed a defamation claim against Trump -- despite his client requesting him not to 11/28/2018 The Daily Beast
Avenatti put statements out on Stormy Daniels' behalf that she never said or consented to (which other clients accused him of) 11/28/2018 The Daily Beast
Avenatti to lose millions, his Ferrari in divorce settlement: report 12/06/2018 New York Post
Avenatti to give up financial control of law firm after he's accused of hiding millions 02/14/2019 The Los Angeles Times
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