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43 Fake Stories Progressives Really Wanted To Be True

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# Summary Date Source
1 Trump calling Charlottesville racists "fine people"
2 Okla. hospitals being overrun with "horse paste" ODs
3 'Russian bounties'
4 Trump overfeeding koi fish in Japan
5 Jussie Smollett
6 Woodward/Bernstein version of Watergate
7 Kavanaugh = gang rapist
8 Whitmer kidnapping plot
9 Hunter Biden laptop = Russian disinformation
10 "Two weeks to flatten the curve"
11 Masks slow the spread
12 Vaccine mandates work
13 Trump rioters bashed Sicknick’s head in with a fire extinguisher
14 Trump rioters brought zipties to the riot
15 “Human activity is creating more extreme weather events”
16 Clarence Thomas = sexual harasser
17 Trump dossier
18 USPS plotting to steal election
19 Trump truckers tried running Biden campaign off highway
20 Trump's impeachment
21 Matthew Shepard
22 Trump tried taking wheel of car during 1/6
23 Rittenhouse
24 Jacob Blake was unarmed
25 George Zimmerman killed an innocent black man
26 Ivermectin is only for horses
27 BYU hurled racist insults at Duke volleyball player
28 Trump rioters were planning to kidnap lawmakers
29 January 6th = "insurrection"
30 Border Patrol on horseback were whipping migrants
31 Trump overpowered Secret Service for wheel of "The Beast"
32 Covid coming from Wuhan virology lab = "conspiracy theory"
33 "Mostly peaceful protests"
34 AR-15s are “weapons of war”
35 Florida passed a bill banning saying "gay"
36 Trump passed a "Muslim travel ban"
37 Trump cleared Lafayette Square for a photo op
38 Trump stored nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago
39 Video exists of Trump peeing on prostitutes
40 Racists committed a hate crime against Bubba Wallace
41 Michael Brown shouting 'Hands up, don't shoot' 08/09/2014 Wikipedia
42 Nick Sandmann 01/18/2019 Wikipedia
43 Officers were killed by protestors on January 6th 07/06/2022 BBC - Autopsy report
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