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Facebook: Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments

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Facebook allowed South Sudan family to auction off 16-year-old girl as child bride: report 11/20/2018 The Hill
XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on Facebook 07/31/2013 The Guardian
Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug 06/23/2013 ZDNet
Facebook glitch exposes info of 6M users 06/21/2013 USA Today
Snowden: Google and Facebook 'misleading' their users 06/17/2013 The Washington Examiner
Facebook and Twitter are magnets for narcissists 06/12/2013 CBC News
Facebook mogul Sean Parker ordered to pay $2.5M after wedding in coastal zone 06/03/2013 Associated Press
Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto 05/26/2013 Natural News
10% of Facebook's users are not human - including Mark Zuckerberg's dog Beast who has 1.5 MILLION followers 05/17/2013 The Daily Mail
Facebook's mobile phone to be discontinued after just one month 05/13/2013 BGR
What Search Warrant? Your Facebook Messages And Private Emails Are Not Safe From FBI Surveillance, Says ACLU 05/13/2013 International Business Times
Can Facebook lead to psychosis? One study says so 05/04/2013 CNET
Facebook Shuts Down Controversial Gun Shop Contest 04/24/2013 KDKA
Man arrested for selling newborn grandson on Facebook 04/25/2013 The London Times
Al Qaeda's Terror Plans Posted on Facebook 04/23/2013 WND
Facebook and State Attorneys General Team Up to Educate Teens and Parents about Privacy 04/14/2013 ABC News
Study: Anxiety and alcohol use linked to Facebook 04/12/2013 CNET
Colin Powell Facebook Page Was Hacked By Same Perp Who Broke Into Bush Family E-Mail Accounts 03/11/2013 The Smoking Gun
Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers 02/27/2013 CNN Money
Facebook Says It Was Hacked, but No User Data Compromised 02/15/2013 CNBC
Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge 12/27/2012 Natural News
Study: Facebook Could Cause Obesity 12/23/2012 CBS Atlanta
Facebook accused of 'dodging tax' by using loophole to channel cash through Cayman Islands haven 12/23/2012 The Daily Mail
Facebook deleted Navy SEALs' posts criticizing Obama on Benghazi 10/30/2012 Breitbart
Facebook accused of taking UK for a ride over taxes 10/10/2012 The Guardian
Facebook Fought SEC to Keep Mobile Risks Hidden Before IPO 10/10/2012 Bloomberg
Jihadists posted threats on Facebook before attacking Benghazi 10/02/2012 The Daily Beast
Facebook flooded with complaints after messages 'bug' 09/24/2012 The London Telegraph
GM to stop advertising on Facebook 05/15/2012 CNN
One in 3 Divorce Filings Contain the Word Facebook 05/21/2012 Smart Money
Refugee from Facebook questions the social media life 08/03/2012 The Washington Post
Prince Harry shuts down his Facebook account 08/26/2012 The Daily Mail
‘Kill Mitt Romney’ Facebook Page Was Online for 17 Days 08/27/2012 The Washington Free Beacon
Kids raped, sodomized on Facebook pages 05/06/2012 WND
Yahoo sues Facebook for infringing 10 patents 03/12/2012 Reuters
How spies used Facebook to steal Nato chiefs’ details 03/10/2012 The London Telegraph
No Women on Facebook Board Shows White Male Influence 02/02/2012 Bloomberg
Facebook Gives Politico Deep Access to Users’ Political Sentiments 01/12/2012 All Things Digital
Lawmakers accuse Facebook of ducking questions on its privacy practices 01/09/2012 The Hill
Facebook locks down 45,000 accounts to stop 'worm' spreading 01/06/2012 The London Telegraph
Author Says Facebook Is Making Us Miserable 12/14/2018 CBS News
Mark Zuckerberg’s private pictures leaked after security breached on Facebook 12/06/2011 Page Six
Facebook investigates wave of explicit spam 11/15/2011 The London Telegraph
Facebook enables Google to index users' comments as search results 11/03/2011 CBS News
Facebook Building 'Shadow Profiles' of Non-Members, Experts Allege 10/21/2011 Fox News
Intel agencies increasingly coopting Facebook for surveillance 09/30/2011 Reuters
Proliferation of Holocaust Denial Facebook Pages Causes Alarm 08/18/2011 The Daily Beast
Thieves use Facebook and Twitter to co-ordinate 'flashrob' raid of Victoria's Secret store 07/26/2011 The Daily Mail
Facebook in new privacy row over facial recognition feature 06/08/2011 The Guardian
Facebook aborts page of unborn baby 06/03/2011 NBC News
Facebook paid PR firm to smear Google 05/12/2011 The Guardian
Facebook Says It Might Block Content in Some Countries 'Too Much, Maybe, Free Speech' 04/20/2011 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook rolls out red carpet for Obama re-election; Zuckerberg on board 04/05/2011 The Mercury News
Facebook sued for $1billion over 'Intifada' page calling for violence against Jews 04/03/2011 The Daily Mail
NYC Family Sues Facebook Over Image Of Daughter’s Corpse 03/28/2011 CBS New York
Doctors Warn About ‘Facebook Depression’ In Teens 03/28/2011 Associated Press
Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media 03/17/2011 The Guardian
Dearborn Republican sues Facebook for shutting down account during election, foiling his 'attempt to overthrow the Dingell Dynasty' 03/09/2011 Michigan Live
Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say US lawyers 03/08/2011 The Guardian
Outrage as Facebook changes its privacy rules AGAIN to share users' phone numbers and home addresses with third party companies 03/02/2011 The Daily Mail
Mark Zuckerberg: I Fear My Facebook Stalker 02/08/2011 TMZ
Dating Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles Without Permission 02/03/2011 Wired
Facebook Bans Kate Middleton 01/24/2011 The Daily Mail
Facebook blocks Roger Ebert's blog for 'abusive content' 01/21/2011 AdWeek
Facebook Apps Allowing Access to Numbers, Addresses 01/17/2011 PC Mag
Facebook raises $500 million from Goldman, Russian investor 01/02/2011 The New York Times
Facebook 'accidentally outing gay users' to outside firms through targeted ads 10/22/2010 The Daily Mail
Facebook apps found to transmit personal data 10/18/2010 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook down for second day in a row 09/23/2010 CNN
Facebook users 'are insecure, narcissistic and have low self-esteem' 09/09/2010 The Daily Mail
3 Colombian teens on Facebook hit list killed in past 10 days 08/24/2010 CNN
Facebook Glitch Exposed Private Chats 05/05/2010 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook 'linked to rise in syphilis' 03/24/2010 The London Telegraph
"Koobface" virus turns up on Facebook, impacting millions 12/05/2008 Reuters
For the first time, researchers say Facebook can cause depression 11/18/2018 Market Watch
Fending off accusations it allowed fake news to fester, Facebook hired a firm to create fake news attacking its critics 11/15/2018 The New York Times
Instagram Censors Pro-Israel Voice Who Criticized Linda Sarsour 11/14/2018 NewsBusters
Facebook forced out an exec after he donated to an anti-Hillary Clinton group 11/11/2018 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook lured advertisers by inflating ad-watch times up to 900 percent: lawsuit 10/17/2018 The Mercury News
Facebook Cleans House – Purges Several Top Conservative Pages Four Weeks Before Election 10/12/2018 Gateway Pundit
Facebook had a company wide meeting to chastise an exec who went to the Brett Kavanaugh hearing (who is his longtime friend) 10/05/2018 Axios
Facebook blocked users who reported on CNN contacting Yale alumni, looking for dirt on Brett Kavanaugh 10/26/2018 Halsey News
Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information 09/26/2018 Gizmodo
Facebook's new home gadget has a camera that follows you around 09/21/2018 Fast Company
Facebook accessed its users' financial data via Messenger's interfacing with financial institutions 09/18/2018 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook is secretly scoring its users on a 'trust' scale 08/21/2018 Variety
FB-owned Instagram suspended the account of a conservative comedy group, 'Toughen Up America' 06/20/2016 Breitbart
FB-owned Instagram suspended conservative commentator Lauren Southern's account (they later said it was a "mistake") 08/15/2018 Breitbart
FB-owned Instagram removed conservative journalist Tommy Robinson's account (they later said it was "in error") 08/07/2018 Breitbart
FB-owned Instagram permanently suspends veteran-owned business for criticizing NFL kneelers 08/27/2018 Breitbart
Facebook Censors Articles from Conservative Outlets About Manafort, Cohen 08/23/2018 PJMedia
Facebook Flagged the Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech 07/05/2018 The Federalist
Facebook banned paid ads from a pro-life film produced by MLK's niece 01/18/2018 The Christian Post
Facebook gave some companies special access to additional data about users’ friends 06/08/2018 The Wall Street Journal
Facebook shared users' data with Chinese firms known to share data with its government 06/06/2018 Axios
Facebook removed the event page for white nationalist 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville one day before it took place 08/14/2017 Business Insider
Facebook survey asked if 'adult man' should be allowed to request 'sexual pictures' from 14-year-old 05/05/2018 CNBC
A study found that the more you use Facebook, the worse you feel 04/10/2017 Harvard Business Review
Facebook accused of introducing extremists to one another through 'suggested friends' feature 05/05/2018 The Telegraph
Facebook banned U.S. ads urging Ireland to keep its abortion ban 05/09/2018 National Review Online
Facebook fired multiple employees for snooping, stalking users 05/02/2018 Vice
Facebook stole biometric data from millions of Americans 04/16/2018 Bloomberg
Facebook rejected a campaign announcement from a Republican Mich. candidate 04/11/2018 Fox News
Facebook removed Voice of Europe content, claimed it was an 'accident' 04/11/2018 Voice of Europe
Facebook fired Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, reportedly over his pro-Trump views 03/30/2017 Tech Crunch
Facebook blocked two dozen Catholic pages without explanation 07/18/2017 Catholic News Agency
Facebook blocked conservative black personalities "Diamond and Silk" 04/10/2018 The Washington Post
Facebook blocked a Fox News reporter after he boasted of being politically incorrect 06/29/2013 The Washington Post
Facebook deactivated a page for 'Chic-fil-A Appreciation Day' 08/13/2012 National Review
Facebook banned a German historian for saying "Islam is not a part of German history" 04/09/2018 PJMedia
Facebook assisted the Vietnamese government crack down on dissent 04/10/2018 BuzzFeed
Facebook’s ‘favors’ for Obama campaign may have violated federal law 03/28/2018 The Daily Signal
Facebook was caught suppressing conservative stories in its 'Trending' section 05/09/2016 Gizmodo
Facebook enabled advertisers to reach ‘Jew haters’ 09/14/2017 ProPublica
An analyst discovered Facebook inflating its ad reach by millions 09/06/2017 CNBC
Facebook shut down an anonymous group used by its Trump-supporting employees 08/16/2017 Business Insider
Facebook shut down the page of a user who mocked Mark Zuckerberg 08/13/2017 The Hollywood Reporter
UN: Facebook had a 'role' in Rohingya genocide 03/13/2018 Al Jazeera
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