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6 Examples of Teachers Unions Showing Kids Aren’t Their Priority

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Summary Date Source
Another Revealing School Board Hot Mic Moment: Returning To School Is Like … Slavery 02/25/2021 HotAir
Chicago Teacher’s Union Told Members To Hide Vaccination Status 03/17/2021 HotAir
Teachers Union Prez To CDC: We’re Not Convinced That Your New Three-Foot Distancing Rule For Schools Is Based On Science 03/23/2021 HotAir
Oakland Teachers Refuse To Go Back To Work Despite Getting What They Asked For 03/28/2021 HotAir
San Diego public school teachers to give migrant kids in-person instruction before their own students 03/30/2021 Fox News
LA Teachers Demand Free Child Care Before Returning To In-Person Learning 04/05/2021 LaCorte News
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