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DHS Keeps Predicting Right-Wing Terror that Never Happens

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Summary Date Source
DHS warns of increase in violent extremism amid coronavirus lockdowns 04/23/2020 Politico
DHS warns Capitol Riot will spur redux of violence; emergency extended for months 01/27/2021 Department of Homeland Security
DHS predicts Trump supports will use March 4th, 2021 as another day to riot 02/11/2021 CBS News
DHS, FBI send warning that groups 'discussed plans' for another Capitol attack soon 03/03/2021 MSNBC
DHS warns white supremacists may target Chuavin trial verdict 04/08/2021 ABC News
DHS warns white supremacists may target Tulsa anniversary 05/31/2021 CNN
DHS warns domestic extremists will use Covid restrictions as excuse for attacks 08/13/2021 Business Insider
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