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Why does the U.S. have less than half of COVID cases than the CDC's model projected last month? 06/07/2021 HotAir
CDC tightened masking guidelines after threats from teachers union, emails show 09/08/2021 Fox News
Are Vaccine Boosters Widely Needed? Some Federal Advisers Have Misgivings. 10/25/2021 NY Post
CDC Changed the Definition of 'Vaccine' to Accommodate mRNA Shots 11/02/2021 Techno Fog
CDC Emails: Our Definition of Vaccine is "Problematic" 11/02/2021 The Reactionary
CDC Changed Definition of ‘Vaccine’ Because of COVID-19 Vaccines: Emails 11/03/2021 The Epoch Times
Nicole Wallace: Elon Musk "Has Sent Shock Waves Through Much Of The Anti-Disinformation Political Universe" 04/27/2022 RealClearPolitics
Robert Redfield was caught faking data to win government grants but continued unscathed 07/17/2022 bad cattitude
CDC Director Walensky's Husband Received $5 Million in HHS Grants - and That's Just the Start of It 08/06/2022 RedState
Emails Show CDC Removed Defensive Gun Use Stats After Gun-Control Advocates Pressured Officials in Private Meeting 12/15/2022 Reload
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