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Broward County’s History of Election Scandals

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Summary Date Source
Fellow Democrats accused Brenda Snipes of "“individual and systemic breakdowns ... made it difficult for voters to cast regular ballots” 11/04/2014 Miami Herald
Broward's Snipes Had Official Staffers Campaign on Official Time 07/20/2016 The Broward Beat
Broward Was Sued for Leaving Amendments off the Ballot 10/21/2016 Miami Herald
As of 2014, 103 Percent of Broward's Eligible Voters Were Registerded to Vote (with Thousands over the Age of 100) 07/26/2017 LifeZette
Broward elections supervisor illegally destroyed ballots in Wasserman Schultz race, judge rules 05/14/2018 The Miami Sun Sentinel
Broward County's Snipes Posted Election Results a Half Hour Before Polls Closed, Violating Election Law 11/02/2018 Miami Herald
Broward County Had Problems Printing Mail Ballots in 2018 11/02/2018 The Miami Herald
High school politics class alumni call out problem with Broward absentee ballots that never arrived 11/06/2018 The Miami Herald
Broward claimed it didn't have enough money to notify voters their absentee ballots expired 11/08/2018 The Sun Sentinel
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