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The Ways Roger Goodell Has Politicized the NFL

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Summary Date Source
Tim Tebow was banned from wearing "John 3:16" on his eye black 01/09/2012 The Los Angeles Times
The NFL banned a gun vendor's ad from the Super Bowl 12/02/2013 National Review
The NFL banned off-duty cops from carrying guns to games 03/13/2014 Investors Business Daily
The NFL pleaded with teams to consider signing Michael Sam 09/04/2014 The Daily Caller
The NFL made RG3 turn a "Know Jesus" t-shirt inside out 09/16/2014 Independent Journal Review
Goodell hired former Bill Clinton spox, Joe Lockhart, to handle the league's PR 01/19/2016 The Washington Examiner
Goodell prohibited athletes from honoring 9/11 09/09/2016 The New York Post
Goodell praised NFL athletes for protesting the national anthem 09/11/2016 TODAY Show
The NFL denied the Cowboys' request to honor Dallas police after a mass shooting 11/15/2016 Fox Sports
The NFL warned Texas that its "bathroom bill" would jeopardize future Super Bowls 02/10/2017 The Los Angeles Times
The NFL required the Pentagon to pay the league for military tributes 09/25/2017 Think Progress
Goodell used the league to lobby the Senate to pass the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017 11/05/2017 The Wall Street Journal
The NFL refused a veterans group's "please stand" Super Bowl ad 01/23/2018 The New York Post
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