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Twitter: Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments

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Summary Date Source
Twitter informs critics of radical Islam that they have broken Pakistani laws 12/04/2018 OpIndia
A prominent Twitter user's account was hacked, the hackers demanded a ransom; Twitter said no rules were broken 12/03/2018 Arts Journal
Twitter Permanently Bans Feminist For Writing That ‘Men Aren’t Women’ 11/25/2018 The Federalist
Twitter is banning users for referring to people by their born names 11/23/2018 Pink News
Twitter CEO upsets Hindu nationalists during India visit 11/20/2018 The Guardian
Laura Loomer banned from Twitter after criticizing Ilhan Omar 11/22/2018 NBC News
Twitter blocked a progressive from asking about trangenderism 11/15/2018 Twitter
Account That Doxxed Tucker Carlson Is Back On Twitter (in Violation of Twitter Rules) 11/14/2018 The Daily Caller
Twitter ‘gave Saudi Arabia information about journalist who ended up dead’ 11/09/2018 Metro UK
Fox News stopped tweeting after Tucker Carlson's home was attacked; the company said Twitter wasn't responsive to removing violent threats against their host 11/09/2018 Mediaite
Twitter banned a popular conservative account for saying trans people she be prayed for 11/08/2018 T. Crown's Musings
Twitter permanently banned a gay conservative for referring to 'Chelsea Manning' as 'Bradley Manning' 10/15/2018 Twitchy
Ron Paul Institute Director, AntiWar Editor Suspended from Twitter 08/07/2018 Breitbart
Conservative actor James Woods' account was locked after tweeting a meme 09/23/2018 The Hollywood Reporter
Twitter bug exposed direct messages to third-party developments 09/21/2018 TechCrunch
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Conservative employees 'don’t feel safe to express their opinions' 09/16/2018 The Hill
Twitter blocked tweet referring to 'illegal aliens,' says immigration group 09/12/2018 The Washington Examiner
Benghazi Survivor Kris Paronto Forced to Delete Tweet Claiming Obama Didn't Actually Kill Bin Laden 09/09/2018 The Daily Caller
Twitter: Saying Dana Loesch's Kids Need to Be Murdered Does Not Violate Rules 08/27/2018 The Daily Caller
Twitter is “shadow banning” prominent Republicans like the RNC chair and Trump Jr.’s spokesman 07/25/2018 VICE
Twitter repeatedly reneged on Trump ad campaigns during the 2016 campaign 11/19/2016 The Verge
Twitter is making it harder to follow "far right" Twitter users 07/23/2018 The Daily Beast
Twitter permanently banned the conservative street artist "Sabo" 04/13/2018 Breitbart
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