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8 Times Snopes Tried and Failed to ‘Fact Check’ Grabien’s Tom Elliott

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Summary Date Source
Snopes tried fact-checking whether Obama actually flaunted an erection; admitted it was hard to tell 10/12/2016 Grabien News
Snopes was forced to fact-check itself after after a failed fact-check on an Elliott report on the NFL's national anthem policy 09/25/2017 Grabien News
Snopes forced to admit Elliott's fact check of AOC was correct 04/02/2019 Snopes
Snopes accidentally proved Elliott's report on AOC's photo stunt was accurate 06/28/2019 Grabien News
Snopes grudgingly admits Elliott's report on Biden likening his experience w/ black athletes to "The Green Mile" was "correct" 11/03/2020 Snopes
Snopes carries water for Gov. Cuomo, fact-checking a red herring in place of what Elliott reported 11/17/2020 Snopes
Snopes face-plants in failed bid to fact check Elliott flashback clip 01/29/2021 Snopes
Snopes forced to admit that Biden did in fact appear to forget his secretary of Defense's name 03/09/2021 Snopes
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