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Russian Diplomats Who Have Died Suddenly

Created by Tom (staff)
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Summary Date Source
Mirgayas Shirinsky (Russian ambassador to Sudan) 08/23/2017 The New York Times
Oleg Erovinkin 01/27/2017 The London Telegraph
Sergei Krivov (Consular deputy commander in NYC) 02/15/2018 BuzzFeed
Andrei Malanin (Russian consul in Greece) 01/09/2017 The Mirror
Alexander Kadakin (Russian ambassador to India) 01/26/2017 The Hindu
Vitaly Churkin (Russian ambassador to the U.N.) 02/21/2017 CBS News
Peter Polshikov 11/13/2016 The Mirror
Andrei Karlov (Russian ambassador to Turkey) 12/19/2017 The New York Times
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