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Robert Mueller: The 19 Biggest Scandals and Controversies in His Career

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Summary Date Source
Mueller's point man on the anthrax investigation was accused of misconduct in the Ruby Ridge standoff; was accused of leaking information about the anthrax probe to help the FBI politically 08/24/2002 The Washington Post
Mueller sought and received funds from a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, to oversee an FBI effort to retrieve an American in Iran (Deripaska has since turned up in the Trump probe) 09/01/2009 The Hill
Robert Muellers FBI protected mobster Whitey Bulger and thwarted investigations into his activities. 03/01/2011 New American
Mueller conspired with Comey to help the latter assume the role of attorney general while John Ashcroft was hospitalized so they could help obstruct an anti-terrorism domestic surveillance program 05/21/2017 RealClearPolitics
Mueller, while serving as a U.S. attorney in Boston, once tried to entrap a defense attorney 10/17/2017 Harvey Silverglate
When Mueller served in the DoJ's criminal division, he quashed an investigation showing FBI agents framed an innocent man with murdering his family 10/17/2017 Harvey Silverglate
Mueller's chief investigator in the Russia probe, Andrew Weissmann, was frequently accused of bending the law to win convictions (which are often overturned) 10/19/2017 The Hill
In 1979, Mueller bungled and ultimately lost the feds' case against 33 Hells Angels 11/24/2017 LA Times
When an internal FBI investigation into the counterterrorism unit Mueller created was effectively worthless, his associates had it buried 11/24/2017 The Los Angles Times
Mueller was tasked with negotiating the release of Edward Snowden from Russia; he made no progress 11/24/2017 The Los Angeles Times
Under Mueller, the FBI concealed evidence showing FBI agents warned headquarters pre-9/11 about suspicious Arabs in flight school (which went unheeded) 01/29/2018 The Hill
Under Mueller, the FBI inspector general said agents abused the PATRIOT Act to unconstitutionally spy on thousands of innocent Americans 01/29/2018 The Hill
The Electronic Freedom Foundation found that under Mueller, the FBI committee "tens of thousands of violations of federal law, regulations, or executive orders" 01/29/2018 The Hill
At the FBI, Mueller repeatedly signed Foreign Intel Surveillance Court orders demanding phone companies turn over records on all Americans 01/29/2018 The Hill
Despite personally authorizing the mass surveillance of innocent Americans, Mueller told the Senate no such surveillance occurred 01/29/2018 The Hill
Mueller bungled the FBI's high-profile anthrax investigation, spying on and falsely accusing two innocent Americans and ultimately refused to apologize 02/08/2018 The Federalist
Mueller is accused of using the Russia probe to cover up FISA abuse in the Obama Administration 03/13/2018 Tablet
When a Clinton White House official, Sandy Berger, was caught destroying and removing classified material, Mueller's FBI gave him a slap on the wrist 04/19/2018 The Federalist
Despite knowing who leaked Valerie Plame's identity to a reporter, Mueller tasked a special counsel to investigate the Bush Administration for years, eventually ensnaring a non-leaker with a process charge 04/19/2018 The Federalist
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