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Mortifying Media Moments

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Summary Date Source
BuzzFeed "blockbuster" report backfires after Robert Mueller calls it untrue 01/20/2019 Fox News
After Catholic students were falsely accused of accosting a Native American, sparking a national outrage, the Daily News falsely accused some of dressing black face 01/21/2019 New York Daily News
The media fell for a viral hoax that Catholic students tormented a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial (resulting in death threats and more for the students) 01/22/2019 CNN
The media helped amplify Jussie Smollett's fake hate crime 02/16/2019 Grabien News
After spending two years telling viewers that the Russia probe would likely result in impeachment/prison sentences, Robert Mueller vindicated Trump on colluding with Russia 02/22/2019 Grabien News
A CNN reporter contacted random corporations for comment about Trump tweets about Rep. Omar 07/16/2019 CNN
On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, The Washington Post attacked the mission for being "mostly white and male" 07/16/2019 The Washington Post
On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, The NYT praised the Soviets' space program because it was initially more racially diverse 07/18/2019 The New York Times
When Rep. Omar was credibly accused of tax/immigration fraud, the major media attempted to say it's a non-story 07/19/2019 The Daily Beast
On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Nation attacked it for perpetuating "inequality" 07/19/2019 The Nation
Trump Labor appointee forced to resign after Bloomberg portrays sarcastic Facebook post as anti-Semitic 09/03/2019 The Washington Examiner
Media circulated a quickly-debunked "study" claiming hate crimes spike after Trump rallies 09/09/2019 Reason
NYT Botches Rollout of Anti-Kavanaugh Book with Easily Debunked Assault Allegations 09/17/2019 Business Insider
ABC News revealed to have spiked their own Jeffrey Epstein scoop 11/05/2019 Project Veritas
MSNBC Makes Worst Broadcasting Blooper, Anchor Appears to Use Racial Epithet While Covering Kobe Tragedy 01/26/2020 Grabien News
CNN's Lemon: If Dems don't get their way on RBG replacement, "we'll need to blow up the whole system" 09/21/2020 CNN
Chris Cuomo "jokes" (?) about having a small penis 09/22/2020 CNN
NYT headline on French terror attack somehow blames police 10/17/2020 The New York Times
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