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Inconvenient COVID Facts

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Per the CDC, for those under 24, the chance of dying in a car crash is 10x more likely than dying from Covid 03/01/2021 bloomberg.com
Per the CDC, of the 378K death certificates listing Covid in 2020, only 20,792 listed just Covid (as in, no comorbidities) 03/31/2021 cdc.gov
Per the CDC, there were just 7,772 deaths from Covid alone from Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021 among those under 74. In 2019, there were 2x as many murders (18,551) in the same age category 03/31/2021 cdc.gov
In many regions, lockdowns led to more than 2x as many deaths from suicide than there were from Covid 08/17/2021 medrxiv.org
Data now show increasing the pace of currently available vaccinations will not stop the spread of Covid, as Israel — where at least 78 percent of those eligible are vaccinated — has demonstrated 08/20/2021 npr.org
Multiple studies show natural infection confers greater protection than vaccines 08/25/2021 medrxiv.org
Per the CDC, among the 73 million children in America, just 1,790 were hospitalized w/ Covid between Aug. 2020 - Aug. 2021. Of those, the number who died was EIGHT. 09/03/2021 cdc.gov
America's self-appointed Covid savior, Dr. Anthony Fauci, repeatedly lied under oath about his role in sending China U.S. tax dollars that funded “gain-of-function” research that likely led to the global outbreak of Covid19 09/06/2021 theintercept.com
Per the CDC, there is no known study showing masks help stop the spread of Covid 09/09/2021 CDC
70 percent of Covid deaths in UK are vaccinated 10/21/2021 Public Health England
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