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Hillary Clinton Scandals

Created by Tom (staff)
Contributors: 2
Items: 33
Summary Date Source Year
Money Laundering 04/24/2018 The Federalist 2016
Altering Evidence The Wall Street Journal 2015
Failure to Produce The Wall Street Journal 2015
‘No Classified Material’ The Wall Street Journal 2015
Women’s Rights National Review 2015
$6 Billion Missing The Washington Times 2014
Covered Up Scandals CBS News 2013
Benghazi National Review 2012
Afghan Consulate The Washington Post 2012
Secret Server The Wall Street Journal 2009-2013
Secretary of State Forbes 2009-2013
Boko Haram Judicial Watch 2008-2012
Clinton Foundation Wikipedia 2008
Near-Death Experience The Telegraph 2008
Campaign Finance Violations CBS News 2008
Robert Congel The New York Times 2004
PardonGate BuzzFeed 2001
Norman Hsu Wikipedia 2000
Peter Paul Wikipedia 2000
FALN terrorists’ pardons Wikipedia 1999
ChinaGate Wikipedia 1996
Charlie Trie Wikipedia 1996
Lincoln Bedroom The Washington Times 1996
IRS Abuses Laissez Faire Books 1995-1997
Commerce Dept.’s “pay to play” junkets CNN 1995-1996
Clinton Legal Defense Fund Los Angeles Times 1994
HillaryCare The New York Times 1993-1996
Filegate Wikipedia 1993-1994
Vince Foster files Wikipedia 1993
Travelgate Wikipedia 1993
Rose Law Firm The New York Times 1992-1994
Cattlegate Wikipedia 1978-1979
Whitewater Wikipedia 1970s-1980s