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Campus Craziness: Tales from the Fall of the Modern University

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Summary Date Source
Professor Defends a Woman Accused of a Sex Crime, University Forces Him to Undergo Sexual Harassment Training 09/18/2018 Reason
New Harvard policy may require ‘moderators’ for ‘controversial’ speakers 09/19/2019 The College Fix
Yale Will Eliminate a Beloved Introductory Art Class for Being Too White, Male, and Western 01/27/2020 Reason
Smith College Admins, National Media Torment School Staff After Fake Complaint of Racism 02/24/2021 The New York Times
A student asked a question about microaggressions, UVA told him to get counseling and then kicked him off campus 04/09/2021 HotAir
Cornell Students Defend Racially Segregated Rock Climbing Course 05/04/2021 The Washington Free Beacon
Penn State Bans Words 'Freshmen,' 'Junior,' 'Senior,' 'Upperclassmen' 05/14/2021 Campus Reform
Many universities have more diversity staff than professors 07/27/2021 The Heritage Foundation
Med schools are now denying biological sex 07/27/2021 Bari Weiss
Univ. of Wisc.'s Black Student Union said a 42-ton rock offended them so the university moved it 08/25/2021 HotAir
Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes 09/07/2021 NY Post
UCLA professor suspended, labeled a racist because he refused to grade black students more leniently 09/30/2021 Bari Weiss
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