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Everything’s Racist: 102 Things Accused of Advancing ‘White Supremacy’

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Items: 102
Summary Date Source
'OK' Hand Gesture 09/26/2019 npr.org
A non-guilty in the Derek Chauvin case 03/30/2021 foxnews.com
Acronyms 02/02/2021 Newsweek
Advanced math courses 05/05/2021 msn.com
American Flags 06/08/2021 Grabien
An evergreen tree mascot 04/05/2021 foxnews.com
Anglo-Saxons 11/07/2019 Daily Mail
Architecture 07/16/2020 Minnesota Daily
Asking 'How are you?' 06/01/2020 Zora
Atlanta Shootings 03/22/2021 Grabien
BBQ meat 04/24/2021 Sky News
Beer 10/27/2020 Campus Reform
Being nice 12/19/2019 Race2Dinner
Being nice 12/23/2019 dailywire.com
Bicylces 11/16/2021 The Washington Post
Biological sex 06/10/2020 Independent
Birds 06/14/2021 Twitter
Botany 06/19/2020 The Conversation
Boulders 11/23/2020 Washington Free Beacon
Breakfast cereal 06/16/2020 BBC
Breweries 07/26/2019 Boston Globe
Calling fish 'trash' (or 'rough') 07/29/2021 The Federalist
Charles Barkley 08/21/2017 The Root
Charles Dickens 06/30/2020 inews UK
Chess 06/24/2020 The Jerusalem Post
Classic rock 11/03/2021 The New York Times
Classical music 07/16/2020 Washington Post
Climate change 05/14/2020 Vice
Country music 06/05/2020 Rolling Stone
Cows' milk 10/17/2018 The New York Times
Critical Race Theory critics 06/30/2021 Politico
Cross stitching 10/15/2021 Architectural Digest
Cycling 04/27/2017 The Conversation
Dead dogs 07/17/2020 BBC
Diet culture 02/09/2021 shape.com
Dieting 06/04/2020 Scientific American
Disney Rides 01/25/2021 SF Gate
Dress Codes 03/25/2021 Fox News
Earthquakes 01/05/2019 Associated Press
Falling asleep 07/14/2020 Campus Reform
Filibusters 03/18/2021 Axios
Fonts 04/08/2021 CNN
Freeways 06/24/2020 Los Angeles Times
French Cuisine 06/29/2021 RT
Georgia law on mail-in voting 03/26/2021 Grabien
Grammar 07/24/2020 Washington Free Beacon
Horse racing 07/08/2020 Herald Leader
Jogging 05/12/2020 The New York Times
Knitting 02/25/2019 Vox
Libraries 04/18/2019 The Blaze
Maintaining a healthy physique 08/20/2020 CBS News
Makeup 08/03/2020 CBS News
Mary Poppins 02/04/2019 USA Today
Math 10/08/2019 Seattle Times
Meritocracy 02/06/2021 Hot Air
Milk 12/06/2018 huffpost.com
Neckties 02/08/2021 The Guardian
New GOP House Members 01/27/2021 Grabien
Not "fullnaming" famous composers 10/24/2020 Slate
Ontario Public Service 06/04/2021 torontosun.com
Reaction gifs 08/02/2017 Teen Vogue
Roads 11/09/2021 MSNBC
Rural Britain 10/16/2020 thetimes.co.uk
Salt 08/29/2018 BuzzFeed
Sandwiches 09/12/2012 Huffpost
School cancels Halloween parade because event ‘marginalises people of colour’ 10/15/2021 Independent
Science 06/05/2020 University of Sussex
Sheet music 03/30/2021 The Telegraph
Skin care products 06/27/2020 The Guardian
Soap 10/10/2017 The Conversation
Statues of Jesus Christ 06/22/2020 FOX News
Syrup 06/17/2020 NBC News
Teaching table manners 07/05/2020 Today's Parent
The 'Golden Girls' 06/29/2020 The Hill
The 'master' bedroom 07/07/2020 Yahoo!
The 'Oscars' 06/12/2020 NY Post
The Capitol Rotunda 06/27/2021 HotAir
The countryside 06/29/2020 The Sun UK
The Founding Fathers 06/30/2021 The Daily Signal
The Masters golf tournament 06/22/2020 Deadspin
The medal for the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George 07/02/2020 News Break
The ocean 06/30/2021 CNN
The Smurfs 06/03/2011 The Telegraph
The suffragette movement 08/18/2017 Teen Vogue
The term 'American People' 10/27/2020 Campus Reform
Thomas the Tank Engine 07/26/2011 Slate
Toothpaste 06/19/2020 Campaign
Toy Story 4 01/03/2020 The Hollywood Reporter
Traffic accidents 06/28/2021 NBC News
Traffic signals 07/07/2020 Medium
Trying not to be racist 12/01/2017 Babe.net
Using the term 'legal vote' 11/10/2020 Campus Reform
Veganism 08/02/2021 The Daily Mail
Voter ID 06/26/2020 msn.com
Western philosophy 10/31/2017 Aeon
White actors voicing cartoon characters 06/26/2020 Variety
White people not speaking 06/10/2020 The OWP
White people speaking 06/03/2020 Washington Post
Wives 06/01/2018 The New York Times
Women 07/01/2020 Teen Vogue
Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes 02/06/2021 Food & Wine
Yoga 02/07/2015 Decolonizing Yoga
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