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Documenting The Perversion of Public Education in America

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Summary Date Source
Philadelphia schools requiring 5th graders to celebrate 'black communisum' 02/11/2021 City Journal
Oregon promotes teacher program that seeks to undo 'racism in mathematics' 02/12/2021 Fox News
NYC public schools call on white parents to denounce themselves 02/18/2021 City Journal
Buffalo schools claims 'all white people' perpetuate systemic racism and forces kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children 02/23/2021 Christopher Rufo
The Arizona Department of Education has created an "equity" toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children "remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness" by age five 03/02/2021 Christopher Rufo
A high school football coach was fired after questioning "critical race theory" in his daughter's middle school 03/09/2021 The Federalist
Calif. "ethnic studies" program, based on Marxist 'pedagogy of the oppressed' calls for 'countergenocide' against White Christians 03/10/2021 Christopher Rufo
San Francisco School Board Member: Many Asians Use ‘White Supremacist Thinking’ To ‘Get Ahead’ 03/19/2021 HotAir
School District Tells Teachers To Ignore White Parents’ Criticism Of Race Teaching Because They Benefit From System 03/19/2021 LaCorte News
San Fran School Board VP Won’t Resign Over Anti-Asian Tweets, Blames Trump 03/22/2021 LaCorte News
Illinois School District Pays Speaker $175 A Minute To Criticize White People 03/22/2021 The Federalist
A Sacramento public school teacher attacked parents wanting schools re-opened as white supremacist bullies 03/29/2021 Reopen California Schools
A Professor Pushed Back Against 'White Fragility' Training. The College Investigated Her for 9 Months. 04/05/2021 Reason
Manhattan high school teacher publicly shamed for questioning anti-racism ideology 04/13/2021 Bari Weiss
Head of Grace Church School: 'We're demonizing white people for being born' 04/20/2021 HotAir
In the Name of Equity, California Will Discourage Students Who Are Gifted at Math 05/04/2021 Reason
Montgomery County Public Schools Spent $454,000 on ‘Anti-racist System Audit’ 05/19/2021 Judicial Watch
NYC principal under fire for email imploring staff to support Palestinians 05/21/2021 NY Post
California Public School Gives Third Graders Assignment About ‘Place on Gender Spectrum’ 05/28/2021 The Daily Signal
NJ school district removes all holiday names from academic calendar 06/11/2021 NY Post
Parents at $57K-a-year all-girls Manhattan school attended by Gwyneth Paltrow reject apology from principal after students were shown video mocking white women 07/06/2021 The Daily Mail
Ohio High School Book Prompts Kids to 'Write a Sex Scene You Wouldn't Show Your Mom'... Mayor Demands Resignations 09/14/2021 Akron Beacon Journal
‘Are You Transgender?’: Virginia School Survey Asks Students About Gender, Sex, Intimate Family Details 10/19/2021 The Daily Caller
2 California Teachers Accused of Encouraging Student’s Clandestine Gender Transition 12/16/2021 The Daily Signal
This Washington High School Is Instructing Teachers To Avoid Saying ‘Biologically Male’ 09/20/2022 Free Beacon
Teachers' Union LGBTQ+ affiliate goes way way too far 09/22/2022 Hot Air
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