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Summary Date Source
Counterintelligence Failure: CIA Officers Sell Secrets to Russia 01/01/1992 Internet Archive
CIA Manuals Detail Torture Methods 08/10/1999 The Baltimore Sun
CIA Computers Used for Wikipedia Edits 08/17/2007 Reuters
CIA Lies About Method of Interrogations to Congress 05/14/2009 BBC News
CIA Covert Program Kept Secret From Congress 07/10/2009 NBC News
CIA Withholds Information from the Intelligence Committee 07/17/2009 Reuters
CIA Docs Detail Brutal "Extraordinary Rendition" Process 09/28/2009 Huffpost
CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA 07/11/2011 The Guardian
FBI agent is sure CIA killed JFK 11/16/2013 CBS News
CIA Searches Senate Committee's Computers 07/31/2014 Washington Post
In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis 10/26/2014 The New York Times
Resignation of CIA officials and agents who would not work for Donald Trump 02/23/2017 NPR
WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents 03/07/2017 New York Times
CIA Clandestine Experiments: MK-Ultra 06/16/2017 History.com
CIA's Use of Extraordinary Rendition 11/06/2018 ACLU
The agency protected agents who committed sex crimes against kids 12/01/2021 BuzzFeed
CIA Belatedly Admits 'Havana Syndrome' Not Caused By Russia Or Other Foes 01/20/2022 ZeroHedge
CIA's Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance Of Americans 02/14/2022 ZeroHedge
The CIA Collected Info On President Trump 02/22/2022 ZeroHedge
CIA Authorization of The Blue Sky Memo 02/23/2022 Wikipedia
Falsely claimed Hunter Biden laptop was 'Russian disinformation' to throw U.S. election 03/28/2022 The Washington Examiner
Likely turned Charles Manson into a murderer 07/27/2022 Martyr Made
Likely made gangster Whitey Bulger more violent 07/27/2022 Martyr Made
CIA Drug Trafficking 09/02/2022 Wikipedia
Documents That Show CIA Operates Outside Its Charter 09/12/2022 Wikipedia
CIA Was Directly Involved in JFK Assassination 12/15/2022 PJ Media
CIA Agents Implicated in Cubana de Aviación Flight 455 Bomb Attack 12/26/2022 Wikipedia
CIA Influences Public Opinion in United Stated and Abroad 12/28/2022 Wikipedia
CIA Involvement in the Kennedy Assassination 01/11/2023 Stone Cold Truth with Roger Stone
Nord Stream Sabotage Was CIA 02/09/2023 ZeroHedge
CIA Abducts Abu Omar 02/11/2023 Wikipedia
Project Mockingbird: CIA Wire Tapping Operation 02/18/2023 Wikipedia
Human Rights Violations By The CIA 02/23/2023 Wikipedia
CIA Effects The Guatemalan Coup D'état 02/25/2023 Wikipedia
Allegations of CIA Drug Trafficking 02/26/2023 Wikipedia
CIA Played Key Role In Nelson Mandela's Arrest & Imprisonment 02/28/2023 ZeroHedge
CIA Covert Operation: Operation Peter Pan 03/06/2023 Wikipedia
CIA Security Failure Results in CIA Officer Injury and Death 03/10/2023 Wikipedia
Iran-Contra Affair: CIA Directs Funds to the Contras 03/15/2023 Wikipedia
CIA Activities in Indonesia 03/16/2023 Wikipedia
With World Focused On Israel, WaPo Boasts CIA Is Behind Brazen Assassinations Of Russians 10/24/2023 ZeroHedge
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