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6 Biden Administration: Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments

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Summary Date Source
Biden Opens Term With ‘Dubious’, Norm-Busting Purge at NLRB 01/21/2021 The Washington Free Beacon
Biden Continues To Fire Trump Appointees From Independent Agencies 03/15/2021 HotAir
Biden administration limits what Border Patrol can share with media about migrant surge at border 03/17/2021 NBC
DHS Fires Entire Advisory Council in 'Unprecedented' Purge 03/28/2021 The Washington Post
WaPo: Four Pinnochios for Biden Claim Ga. Bans Early Voting 03/30/2021 The Washington Post
Biden Admin ordered lawmaker to delete photos he took of over-packed border facility 04/04/2021 NY Post
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