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Anthony Fauci: Scandals, Controversies, Hypocrisies, Flip-Flops

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Summary Date Source
Fauci says he was lying to Americans about masks 06/12/2020 The Street
Fauci: I've been lying to you about herd immunity 12/24/2020 The New York Times
Fauci flip flops again, now tries defending Harris’ “starting from scratch” talking point on vaccines 02/16/2021 Tom Elliott
EcoHealth Alliance chief thanked Fauci in email last year for criticizing the lab-leak theory 06/02/2021 HotAir
State Dept. officials investigating gain-of-function research thought pushback 'smelled like a cover-up' 06/03/2021 Vanity Fair
Emails Reveal Fauci's NIAID Gave Wuhan Institute of Virology $826K for Bat Coronavirus Research 06/11/2021 Judicial Watch
Fauci: Look, we've always said people should keep an open mind about the lab-leak theory 06/16/2021 HotAir
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