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48 Times American Businesses Caved to Chinese Demands

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# Summary Date Source
1 Producers behind Red Dawn remake swapped Chinese flags and insignia for North Korean ones for fear of losing out on billion-dollar box office 11/23/2012 Daily Mail
2 ‘Star Wars’ China Poster Sparks Controversy After Shrinking John Boyega’s Character 12/04/2015 Variety
3 Cisco’s Latest Attempt to Dodge Responsibility for Facilitating Human Rights Abuses: Export Rules 04/18/2016 Electronic Frontier Foundation
4 Tibet Supporters Protest Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' over Changed Character 11/03/2016 NBC News
5 Marriott sacks employee who ‘liked’ Twitter post from Tibet independence group 01/13/2018 South China Morning Post
6 How China Infiltrated U.S. Classrooms 01/16/2018 Politico
7 Gap apologizes for China T-shirt that didn't include Taiwan 05/15/2018 CNN
8 Apple’s iCloud partner in China will store user data on servers of state-run telecom 07/18/2018 The Verge
9 US airlines just gave into China's 'Orwellian' demands over Taiwan — here's every company that's done the same 07/25/2018 Business Insider
10 US universities self-censor in fear of offending China 09/04/2018 The New Republic
11 Tom Cruise’s leather jacket in the ‘Top Gun’ sequel shows just how crucial China is as a movie market 07/19/2019 CNBC
12 Calvin Klein, Coach, Fresh, among other companies apologizing over Hong Kong tensions 08/16/2019 What's on Weibo
13 Taiwan hotel cuts ties with Marriott in protest at caving in to Beijing in naming row 08/16/2019 South China Morning Post
14 The stakes are too high for Apple to spin the iPhone exploits 09/06/2019 The Verge
15 Revealed: how TikTok censors videos that do not please Beijing 09/25/2019 The Guardian
16 Disney officially blocked Winnie the Pooh in HONG KONG 10/04/2019 Reddit
17 Apple rejects Hong Kong protest map from App Store, relents under pressure 10/06/2019 Digital Trends
18 Apple bows to China by censoring Taiwan flag emoji 10/07/2019 Quartz
19 Vans shoes face boycott calls after company removes design referring to Hong Kong protests 10/07/2019 The Hill
20 NBA's reaction to Morey tweet differs in English, Chinese 10/07/2019 Associated Press
21 Brooklyn Nets owner, Alibaba co-founder Tsai decries Houston Rockets GM's Hong Kong tweet 10/07/2019 Reuters
22 Nike Removes All Houston Rockets Related Products From Their China Webstore 10/08/2019 Fadeaway World
23 Tiffany removes advert over Hong Kong controversy 10/08/2019 Yahoo!
24 Hearthstone Pro Banned By Blizzard After Calling For Hong Kong Liberation During Stream 10/08/2019 IGN
25 Internal Memo: ESPN Forbids Discussion Of Chinese Politics When Discussing Daryl Morey's Tweet About Chinese Politics 10/08/2019 Deadspin
26 Apple removes ‘Quartz’ news app from Chinese App Store at request of the government 10/09/2019 9to5
27 Sixers fan supporting Hong Kong ejected from preseason game amid NBA-China controversy 10/09/2019 ABC News Philadelphia
28 Washington Wizards Security Confiscate "Free Hong Kong" Sign from Fans 10/09/2019 Twitter
29 ESPN acknowledges China's claims to South China Sea live on SportsCenter with graphic 10/10/2019 Reddit
30 Apple Safari browser sends some user IP addresses to Chinese conglomerate Tencent by default 10/10/2019 Reclaim the Net
31 Apple Told Some Apple TV+ Show Developers Not To Anger China 10/11/2019 BuzzFeed News
32 Exclusive: CEO of world’s largest e-sports firm ESL warns staff not to discuss Hong Kong protests 10/12/2019 Hong Kong Free Press
33 Report: Apple told Apple TV+ creators to avoid portraying China ‘in a poor light’ 10/12/2019 9to5
34 In 2017 Apple removed virtual private networks (VPNs) from its App Store because they allowed Internet users to evade government censorship 10/14/2019 NLPC
35 South East Asia angered after Dreamworks animated film "Abominable" includes scene depicting China with "nine-dash line" 10/16/2019 Reuters
36 Twitter Says Beijing’s Coronavirus Lies Are Just Fine 03/23/2020 Daily Beast
37 YouTube Censors Criticism of China 05/26/2020 Washington Free Beacon
38 Zoom closes account of U.S. based activist after Tiananmen event 06/10/2020 Axios
39 YouTube strips rising media company Epoch Times of ability to monetize video content 01/26/2021 Just the News
40 Apple helps China conduct surveillance on its citizens, suppress dissent, and promote Chinese propaganda 05/17/2021 The New York Times
41 Google & YouTube are removing videos and channels of Uyghurs & family members of people who have been disappeared in Xinjiang 07/01/2021 Reuters
42 Twitter blocks account of foreign policy expert that mocked Xi Jinping 07/07/2021 HotAir
43 LinkedIn blocks U.S. journalists' profiles in China 09/30/2021 Axios
44 Apple took down a Quran app and a Bible app in China on the request of Chinese officials 10/15/2021 Business Insider
45 Hollywood ‘removes black actress’ from Dune poster in China 10/26/2021 The Times UK
46 ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ Gay Dialogue Removed in China, Warner Bros. Says ‘Spirit of the Film Remains’ 04/12/2022 Variety
47 Disney removes ‘Simpsons’ episode with China ‘forced labor’ reference from Hong Kong 02/07/2023 NBC News
48 Disney pulls "Simpsons" episode airing in Hong Kong over "forced labor" reference, report says 02/07/2023 CBS News
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