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16 Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) Scandals

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After Congress failed to confirm Richard Cordrary to the CFPD, Obama unconstitutionally appointed him to the board anyway. 01/20/2010 The Daily Signal
The CFPB collects intrusive data on consumers in an NSA-like dragnet fashion. 06/11/2013 The Daily Signal
The CFPB's warrantless surveillance of Americans is creating data that will likely be shared with other parts of the federal government. 06/28/2013 Judicial Watch
The CFPB, considered both the most powerful yet least acccountable agency in the government, is intent on keeping things that way. When a congressman attempted attending an advisory meeting, he was refused entry. 03/20/2014 National Review Online
The CFPB's performance reviews have been called racist, as whites were twice as like to receive a top rating than minorities. 03/24/2014 The Washington Free Beacon
The CFPB has a socialist on one of its advisory boards. 04/02/2014 The Washington Free Beacon
A CFPB staffer said racism is pervasive within the agency; a primarily black division is referred to internally as "the plantation" or "cesspool" and that black employees struggle to leave that division. 04/02/2014 Politico
When the House held a hearing on accusations of racism and bigotry within the CFPB, the bureau refused to send anyone to testify. 04/02/2014 Politico
When a CFPB staffer/whistleblower spoke out about "pervasive" culture of intimidation and discrimination, the CFPB Director Richard Cordray personally told her to "back down." 04/03/2014 The Washington Free Beacon
CFPB spent more than $215 million renovating its temporary office ($120 million over its initial estimate), making it one of the most expensive construction projects in the world. 07/02/2014 The Financial Services Committee
The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the CFPB is unconstitutionally structured and violates due process rights. Obama had argued otherwise. 10/12/2016 The Washington Post
CFPB chief Richard Cordrary used a private device to conduct government-related communications while skirting federal record keeping laws. 01/23/2017 The Daily Caller
Obama's top campaign ad firm received nearly $60 million in federal contracts, almost all of which came from the CFPB he setup with Sen. Elizabeth Warren 09/14/2017 The Daily Caller
CFPB was hacked hundreds of times, risking exposing Americans' sensitive financial data 04/12/2018 The Washington Free Beacon
The CFPB collected Americans' financial data without permission, putting it in databases that were later hacked 04/21/2018 NY Post
The CFPB's Richard Cordray directed $44 million in government contracts to his campaign's media firm 09/13/2018 Associated Press
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